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Bhavin Desai (@_bhavin_desai_) Instagram Profile Photo_bhavin_desai_

Bhavin Desai

If biking is your passion, set aside time to enjoy a good ride.The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. #roadbike

Alejandro Marsal (@alexmarsal88) Instagram Profile Photoalexmarsal88

Alejandro Marsal

 Instagram Image by Alejandro Marsal (@alexmarsal88) with caption : "TINDERAZO!" at Cadaqués - 1962934042152579129
Cadaqués ReportShareDownload111


🚲Chandigarh cycling club🚲 (@chandigarhcyclingclub) Instagram Profile Photochandigarhcyclingclub

🚲Chandigarh cycling club🚲

 image by 🚲Chandigarh cycling club🚲 (@chandigarhcyclingclub) with caption : "Chandigarh Cycling Club back ❤️Bacha Log Racing Shivalik III is here with New Zest and zeal. Again for us all the partic" - 1962933915819809000

Chandigarh Cycling Club back ❤️Bacha Log Racing Shivalik III is here with New Zest and zeal. Again for us all the participants are winners. We ll provide all participants with custom designed medals, certificates and Sumptuous Breakfast post ride. All participants must wear helmets. One of the parents of participants will have to be present at the venue all the time. Breakfast for one parent will be provided too. Age group - Under 12 Different age groups ll be created according to number of participants. Distance for Race - 1, 3 & 5 kms as per age groups. Participation fees is ₹500/-. Entry closes on - 24th january 2018 at 2359hrs Race coordinates will be shared with you on whatsapp. Parents will have to sign waiver form before start of race on race day. On the spot registration fees will be Rs 2000/- Contact 9888950070 *Conditions apply @gurjusjit &@brarmisha #roadbike

BIKESHOP BF- Dustin White (@dustinwht) Instagram Profile Photodustinwht

BIKESHOP BF- Dustin White

 Instagram Image by BIKESHOP BF- Dustin White (@dustinwht) with caption : "‘Spencer’

The more of these TrainerRoad workouts I do, the more I’m interested in the names or namesake of the workout." at West Broadway - 1962933760328685176

‘Spencer’ The more of these TrainerRoad workouts I do, the more I’m interested in the names or namesake of the workout. Who is Spencer? Like my brother, Spencer (@old_spencer)? Like The Spencer Davis Group and an homage to the tune “Give me some lovin’”? • On the subject of the Spencer Davis Group and that particular song, Coach Chad put together a bunch of v02 max intervals that on the outset, I thought were going to be too much for my legs to handle. But after the warm up, I felt okay and focused up to the task at hand. After finishing the 3rd (of the 5) interval I was feeling pretty good about myself that I bumped up the intensity another +3% and conquered the remain two intervals. • What I wasn’t expecting was how difficult the 15mins of ‘cool down’ were after those intervals. I found it to be the hardest part of the workout, in fact. Cutting the target power by 1/2 and just spinning easy was difficult. I was revved up for ‘difficult/strenuous’ but to have this basic and prolonged cool down — truly a great reminder to just accept the process of what the workout layout was and just spin down.

Irina (@bgimk) Instagram Profile Photobgimk


 Instagram Image by Irina (@bgimk) with caption : "Village Bratsigovo church ⛪️ 🚴🏻‍♀️" at Bratsigovo - 1962932644594827385

Village Bratsigovo church ⛪️ 🚴🏻‍♀️

アナキン Anakin (@anaxvxkin) Instagram Profile Photoanaxvxkin

アナキン Anakin

 image by アナキン Anakin (@anaxvxkin) with caption : "「メッセンジャーになりませんか??」 •

自分の自転車で都心を自由に走ってみませんか??め" - 1962932467368580156

「メッセンジャーになりませんか??」 • サイクレックスではメッセンジャーを大募集しています! 週2〜3からでも全然オーケー!フルタイムメッセンジャーも勿論大歓迎!普通に食えてけます💴💴💴 自分の自転車で都心を自由に走ってみませんか??めっちゃめちゃ楽しいですよー! 個人的には本当に世界中の色々な人と出会えるのが一番楽しいですねー🤗 もし何か創作活動されてるのであれば、活動の幅が広がること間違いなし!むしろそういう人達こそメッセンジャーやるべきだと思ってます🙋‍♂️そんな僕もフォトグラファーとして雑誌の仕事とかしながらメッセンジャーやってます🤗 自転車、服装は最低限のルールはありますが基本的には自由です🙆‍♂️ 楽しいこと、大変なこと沢山書きたいですけど長くなるので興味がある人はDMやコメントしてください!めっちゃ待ってます🤗 #roadbike