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Qiqi (@q1hwa) Instagram Profile Photoq1hwa


 image by Qiqi (@q1hwa) with caption : "'S [ Ro'0t ]
• (( #qisroot )) 🍍
• #rp #rpw #roleplayer #roleplayerindonesia #root" - 1937532997247387360

'S [ Ro'0t ] • • (( )) 🍍 • • #root

Julian's Juicebox (@julians_juicebox) Instagram Profile Photojulians_juicebox

Julian's Juicebox


The ‘Dreamsickle’ consists of Carrots, Oranges & Lemons & Ginger which makes for energizing and purifying juice! 🥕🍊🍋 • The carrots as most of us know are great for your eyes 👀 and also contain high amounts of Vitamin A which is great for bone strength 💪🏽💪🏽 • The orange and lemon citrus gives the juice a nice twist as far as taste and has a cleansing effect on the body pulling and tugging toxins out of you! • Ginger has so many benefits it would take forever to list them but the most popular is it’s ability to reduce inflammation. Ginger adds heat to the body loosening ul@that mucus stuck to the artery walls. The citrus will come through and get that stuff out for ya 🤗👌🏽 • • • • • #root

Naomi Callysta Oudrel (@naomico__) Instagram Profile Photonaomico__

Naomi Callysta Oudrel

 image by Naomi Callysta Oudrel (@naomico__) with caption : "Root:3
#root #roleplayerindonesia #rp" - 1937531837037231843
kim taehyung (@daventae) Instagram Profile Photodaventae

kim taehyung

 image by kim taehyung (@daventae) with caption : "#root" - 1937531179638324568