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shannon day (@myalldayparty) Instagram Profile Photo myalldayparty

shannon day

Today was the best day. 🖤 Second chances are rare- every day of the past twelve years has been a gift. My second chance gift from God. I unwrap it every single day and try to make the most of his offering. Mental health anguish is an unbearable pain that understandably steals too many lives before they get the chance to fulfill their potential. If you’re suffering from the dark grips of mental un-wellness please ask for help. Tomorrow could be the day that turns it all around and you get your second chance gift. It’s worth fighting for. I promise. LIFE IS GOOD. #secondchances #



Anna Bellucci (@annadareslook) Instagram Profile Photo annadareslook

Anna Bellucci

UTILA 07-14 October 2018 We said our goodbyes, Sonia and I, and parted ways. On my way to Coxen Hole and the ferry dock I met Anthony, my taxi driver, who told me a little more about the island and offered to give me a full tour for free - too little too late Anthony! But I guess never say never, right? The ferry ride was an experience altogether, as the storm had just passed us the waves were still meters in hight and dept, and with each wave my bum would be lifted half a meter from the seat. I am not even exaggerating... it was like the most exhilarating and exciting rollercoaster ride ever, for the first 5 minutes - my journey was over a hour though, and together with the waves I had to tame also Rommell, the local boat crewman, who really really wanted to chat. As I stepped out of the boat my stomach thanked the gods, and together we ventured out to seek Captain Morgan's Dive Centre, which would have been my crash pad for the next few days. Very easy to find actually and convenient, half way between the dock and the public beach...I got a double bed in an empty dorm (again! I love travelling during low season) and I settled down just in time to take a walk to de public beach and have a late dip before sunset. Families sharing food under the umbrellas, groups of teenagers on their scooters and dozens of boys (were there some girls as well?) playing ball on the dirt road as a sign read 'no ball games on the beach'; all locals, maybe a few expats already blended in... The next day I decided to join the local beach cleaning which awarded me with an extra free night in the dorm and free water for the day as a sign of appreciation - I swear I didn't know! The van never came by though to pick me up, so I decided to make my way to Pumkin Hill beach on my own, looking for a bit of hiking in the surrounding. They warned me about the mosquitos in the area, so I stocked up with repellent, bought a snack and off I went... 🇭🇳 #secondchances