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Ella's World (@ellasworldblog) Instagram Profile Photoellasworldblog

Ella's World

 image by Ella's World (@ellasworldblog) with caption : "That's right, boys and girls. 
Sex and contraception is super important and it's time we opened up and talked about it. " - 2050716258248188367

That's right, boys and girls. Sex and contraception is super important and it's time we opened up and talked about it. A bit of a rant post, but one I'd really like you all to think about. Plus, once you read it, you'll be rewarded with an entertaining video at the end (link below) . . . . . . . . . . #sexeducation


再思社區健康組織 (C. H. O. I. C. E) (@choicecare) Instagram Profile Photochoicecare

再思社區健康組織 (C. H. O. I. C. E)

 Instagram Image by 再思社區健康組織 (C. H. O. I. C. E) (@choicecare) with caption : "人人經痛嘅原因都可不同!只要針對個人體質,配合食療,趕走經痛無難度! 
-經前或經期頭2天下腹經痛 -經血紫暗色,有較多或較大血塊(大於$1硬幣),血塊排出疼痛可減 -經前有乳房脹痛
適合食療:  玫塊花大麥陳皮茶" at 再思社區健康組織 - 2050712414623621741

人人經痛嘅原因都可不同!只要針對個人體質,配合食療,趕走經痛無難度! 第一類﹕氣滯血瘀型經痛: -經前或經期頭2天下腹經痛 -經血紫暗色,有較多或較大血塊(大於$1硬幣),血塊排出疼痛可減 -經前有乳房脹痛 適合食療: 玫塊花大麥陳皮茶 材料:玫塊花6粒、大麥5克、陳皮5克 做法:焗15分鐘可飲用、經前連續5天,日1杯。 第二類﹕寒凝血瘀型經痛: -經期下腹冷痛,熱敷能減輕疼痛 -平時手足冰冷,經期加劇 -經血紫暗色,有較多或較大血塊 適合食療: 紅糖薑茶 材料:生薑15克切片,紅糖適量 做法:生薑加水3.5碗煮15分鐘加紅糖適量、即可,經期可飲用。 第三類﹕氣血不足型經痛 -月經中期(第3天後後)或經期完結後小腹輕微疼痛,按下腹時能緩解疼痛。 -月經量少,色淡、質薄如水。 -平時易氣短、頭暈、易攰等。 適合食療: 黨參雞湯 材料:黨參15克、紅棗15克、桂圓15克、薑2片,雞半隻。 做法:雞洗淨切塊,去皮,氽水。黨參、紅棗(去核)、桂圓肉、薑連雞於入2公升水煮滾後,慢火煲2小時。加鹽調味即成。 經期及經後每周飲用1-2次。 資料來源﹕Sunday more〈好Life〉經痛分三類型!中醫推介3款經痛食療對症下藥 *以上資料僅供參考, 進食前請衡量個人身體狀況。如有疑問, 請求醫。 ----------- #sexeducation _---------- 再思社區健康組織性健康諮詢; 免費、不記名、保密愛滋病病毒/梅毒快速測試 電話: 3188 9024 whatsapp: 6351 9487 Wechat: choicehealth


Kalindi Jordan (@kalindijordan) Instagram Profile Photokalindijordan

Kalindi Jordan

 image by Kalindi Jordan (@kalindijordan) with caption : "🌟LONDON DATES 🌟I am excited to be offering a flurry of events in London in June - 

🌟LONDON DATES 🌟I am excited to be offering a flurry of events in London in June - LIBIDO, INTIMACY AND SEXUAL VITALITY, How to maintain a healthy, happy sex life Evening talk Our lives are becoming increasingly full with so many demands on our attention and time, within this it can be to easy to forget the importance of our romantic relationships, their need for attention, focus and nurture. Due to this the sweetness of intimacy can be lost or at least very fleeting. Healthy intimacy awakens our senses to our sensual and sexual vitality, it opens us to the yearning for connection, sexual appetite and sharing of tender time together. When our libido wains we often can feel a lack of lustre for life, therefore dimming our creative potential. In this evening workshop I will bring the fundamental important components that we need to maintain sexual desire and attraction with ourselves primarily and with our beloved. Sexual energy is your creative life force, we need to be in attentive, connected, aligned and in tune to create the life journey we desire. Booking Link : SEXUALLY EMPOWERED WOMEN - KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, WHAT YOU NEED AND WHAT YOU CAN HAVE! WEEKEND WORKSHOP Sat, Jun 8, 2019 10:00 Sun, Jun 9, 2019 17:00 What does being sexually empowered mean? To me it means to have a relationship of depth with how my body works and feels, What makes me open to pleasure and what closes me to pleasure. An embodied wisdom - who am I as a sexually alive woman? Where am I shielded and protecting? If I am what can I do about it? What new ways are there around sexual energy and sensuality. This workshop is an invitation to take a look at what is the potential for you to be experiencing within your sexual intimacy. What you can do to change what you are experiencing into a new reality and depth. Our sexual nature holds a sacred, natural and creative potency that we often miss. During this weekend, as a group of women we will explore different topics around sex, sensuality, what do we want and how do we invite it to happen. BOOKING LINK -

Integrated Men’s Health (@integrated_menshealth) Instagram Profile Photointegrated_menshealth

Integrated Men’s Health

This work can be very confronting, even on the good days. Researching for my book has opened my eyes further to the impact p0rn0graphy is having on society. . 📚 Chapter 3 - Addressing S€xual Violence . A female university student describes her experience of p0rn-effected men: . “Being told that my gag reflex was too strong. Bullied into submitting to facials. I didn’t want to. He said (jokingly) that he’d €jaculate on my face while I was asleep. He wasn’t joking – I woke up with him w*nking over me. Bullied into trying an*l. It hurt so much I begged him to stop. He stopped, then complained that I was being too sensitive. He continued to ask for it. Constant requests for threesom*s. Constant requests to let him film it. Every single straight girl I know has had similar experiences. Every. Single. One. Some have experienced far worse. Some have given in, some have resisted, all have felt guilty and awkward for not “giving him what he wants.” (**From the article “Never Again? Addressing Sexual Violence Must Include Pornography” by Melinda Tankard Reist) . More on this in my book: “What No One Told You About P0rn0graphy” . Click here ▶️ . 🚹 Catherine Lyell Mens Health & Porn Addiction Specialist . . . #sexeducation