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Starfishfingers (@starfishfingers) Instagram Profile Photostarfishfingers



Mr S made drunken prawns and stir-fried clams following @themeatmensg's vids, and I am one happy customer.

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大阪の谷町四丁目の中華居酒屋『AJITO(アジト)』さん😋本格四川料理がいただける中華居酒屋さんでした😄「雲白肉」も「麻婆豆腐」も四川特有のスパイスが効いた、大変美味しい逸品でした😋 #shaoxingwine

周遊記SumMan (@summan_iristravel) Instagram Profile Photosumman_iristravel


 image by 周遊記SumMan (@summan_iristravel) with caption : "My lover cook chicken wings with Shaoxing wine❤️😚yummy!!!
#chickenwings #yummy#shaoxingwine #cook #花雕醉雞翼 #第一次整很成功#食唔停口#越" - 2001565693086382837

My lover cook chicken wings with Shaoxing wine❤️😚yummy!!! #shaoxingwine

rhebird (@rheb1rd) Instagram Profile Photorheb1rd


Leftovers tortilla soup. Started with a can of tomatoes cooked down with #shaoxingwine and and and a couple whole cloves of garlic stirring frequently for like an hour. Then the spices, whole and black pepper quickly roasted in a pan then ground with Mexican oregano, garlic powder sweet onion powder and chili powder. Then cook down some and for a few minutes stir in the freshly ground spices and then add the stewed tomatoes then this crazy veggie broth I made with lightly roasted and shallots mushroom caps and broth, peppercorns mustard seeds a few cloves of garlic and seasoned with and all brought to a simmer and then tightly covered and steeped (not boiled) at the lowest possible temp on the stove for only about 45 minutes (otherwise it overcooks and gets funky). All the soup stuff (veggies, tomatoes, spices and broth) mixed together simmers for about 15 minutes and then I blended it a bit with some for a more uniform texture. Then I had these so I deep fried them and now they're soaking up this like a mf. Cilantro sprig and lime wedge for I ain't gonna eat them lol

Grace Ho (@gracehowl) Instagram Profile Photogracehowl

Grace Ho


Most authentic Shanghainese cuisine I’ve had in a while. Worth booking a table at this original Jesse restaurant. The 酒酿圆子 glutinous rice balls in wine lees were to die for! #shaoxingwine