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Давид Штывола (@ukrainian.rocker) Instagram Profile Photoukrainian.rocker

Давид Штывола

 Instagram Image by Давид Штывола (@ukrainian.rocker) with caption : "Охранник отдыхает😆😆 #dog, #relax, #night, #sleep, #sharpei, #family, #home, #pet" at Svetlovodsk - 1959084785003815812

Охранник отдыхает😆😆 , , , , #sharpei, , ,

GIRLS GONE WILD 🐺🐈 (@shakkamiko_wild) Instagram Profile Photoshakkamiko_wild


The PNW ReportShareDownload13

For I’m sharing 2 creatures of ours that passed. 1.) Vega Shakkas bestfriend. They were two peas in a pod but we sadly lost Vega to a blown disc in her back. 2.) Tudy my first foster raccoon from work, she was so special but sadly before being released into the wild she got intussusception, where the intestines fold into themselves. Both of these creatures were dear to our family and Shakka had special bonds with them both. They are missed greatly everyday 🖤