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One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few. . . ofinstagram

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shell photography


Cypraea tigris🐚 • I Have selected the best cypraea tigris species for you from my collection and placed the specimens with the most variety of pattern and color next to each other for you. I think the Cypraea tigris really is a wonderful cowry! how do you think about that? • • The tiger cowry, is the most widely known and recognized species in the cowry family if not the entire shell world! It has four accepted subspecies: lorenzi, pardalis, tigris and schilderiana. The species has an extremely broad range and incredible diversity in size and pattern, especially across the subspecies. • (The black and white specimen are a lot rarer than the other ones on that photo. The tigris at the top left has a large black spot in the pattern) The white specimen is the C. Tigris Pardalis they have normally a white dorsum with black dots. But what can also happen is that this subspecies is almost completely white, which is otherwise rare. They have a limited range of the Western Pacific from Southern Japan to the Philippines to Australia. • • • • • • • • 🐚 #🐚 ofinstagram

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Photography By Mitzi Mandel

I just got home from a much-needed girls’ trip to Sanibel Island, one of the best shelling spots in the world. Thanks to @treasureseekersshelltours and @mi_shellin for an incredible trip to Kice and Shell Islands. Check out some of my finds!

shell photography (@shelllphotography) Instagram Profile Photoshelllphotography

shell photography


The Spirula Spirula is a species of a deep water squid he is the only extant member of the Genus spirula🐚 • The squid of the spirula only occurs in salt water and is capable of changing color. He moves on by pumping water into his mantle and pressing it out again through the siphon. The squid is a carnivore and its food consists mainly of fish, crabs • The spirula (Ram's Horn Squid) is the only living species of this familly. The general name for this squid comes from the fact that the internal shell is rolled up. Which is often washed ashore on tropical and subtropical coasts. • During the day the spirula rests at around 550-1000m depth, rising at night to feed at around 100-300m. The function of their light organ is unknown, as unusually it aims upwards, the opposite of most midwater animals which produce light from below to cancel their silhouette. • This small squid lives in mid-water depths of the open ocean like south Africa, Indonesia, Gulf of Mexico • 23MM. From Canary Islands, Fuerteventura. He belong to the Spirulidae family. • • • • • • 🐚 #🐚 ofinstagram