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isas:3 (@izas15) Instagram Profile Photoizas15



❤️Kiribaku💕 Este es el ship más puro y hermoso que es conocido😅, la verdad es que es mi OTP y realmente espero que se vuelva canon en BNHA. Este dibujo era para el 14 pero no supe organizarme y me atrase🤷. #ship

Ocean | Freediving | Travel (@saltnomads) Instagram Profile Photosaltnomads

Ocean | Freediving | Travel

 Instagram Image by Ocean | Freediving | Travel (@saltnomads) with caption : "The abyss is calling.💧| Photo by @joshmunoz" at Sea Tiger shipwreck - 1984645130079210414

The abyss is calling.💧| Photo by @joshmunoz

S T E V E (@stevenpick06) Instagram Profile Photostevenpick06


 image by S T E V E (@stevenpick06) with caption : "This was pretty epic! Looking at this beauty from a far, knowing in a few moments, we'd be up close and personal!
" - 1984644228797778952

This was pretty epic! Looking at this beauty from a far, knowing in a few moments, we'd be up close and personal! . . . . . . . #ship

Michael & Lupita (@michaelupita) Instagram Profile Photomichaelupita

Michael & Lupita


I hope y'all are still awake. I made a "movie trailer". It was a bit difficult, mostly bc Lupita didn't really give me much to use for this hahaha but this was really fun! Enjoy. Here's the movie synopsis: When Eli loses his potent passion for film, he seeks out a way to step out of his comfort zone & rekindle his love for the arts. Not knowing where his career was heading, he decides to run away from it all, to escape from his spiraling life. He immediately books a flight to Kenya, a place he holds dear to his heart, where he comes across an unusual, yet beautiful soul. Aluna. She walks with such grace, such elegance, something Eli had never seen before, almost as if she were simply a dream. Eli is enthralled with Aluna within a single moment, & his plan to revive his passion for film drifts far from his mind. In three weeks of being in East Africa, he hopes to catch the attention of Aluna. Little does he know, by the end of his visit, he will find his true passion, his true purpose for living. . . . NONE of these clips are mine! No copyright intended. #ship