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nashiko (@ykmy_lp79) Instagram Profile Photoykmy_lp79


 image by nashiko (@ykmy_lp79) with caption : "*(yamaguchi_trip)
#空 #すすき #自然 #夕暮れ #光 #秋色 #秋吉台 #山口県 #山口旅行 #ファインダー越し" - 1934636278751740973

*(yamaguchi_trip) . もうすっかり冬ですが、秋の風景を。 今度はゆっくり歩きたい秋吉台。 風が気持ちよかったなあ。 . . #silvergrass


Jessica Zhang (@yuwooter) Instagram Profile Photoyuwooter

Jessica Zhang

Another delay for post. Wanna go back to Tong Chong for food and shopping next time👻. #silvergrass


 Instagram Image by Chica (@morpho_rhetenor_helena) with caption : "月夜に照らされたススキ

Silver grasses in moonlight 🌙

#moonlight #月夜 #月夜に照らされて #silvergrass #ススキ #ふたご座流星群2018" at Iwade, Wakayama - 1934206911708822128

月夜に照らされたススキ Silver grasses in moonlight 🌙 #silvergrass

Historic London Town & Gardens (@historiclondontown) Instagram Profile Photohistoriclondontown

Historic London Town & Gardens

 Instagram Image by Historic London Town & Gardens (@historiclondontown) with caption : "#BotanistsLens: Misinterpreted Miscanthus

Ornamental grasses usually are misinterpreted for their invasive habits. Lets" at Historic London Town and Gardens - 1934173831535080037

: Misinterpreted Miscanthus Ornamental grasses usually are misinterpreted for their invasive habits. Lets talk about Miscanthus sps today. It is commonly referred to as Silver Grass, Chinese silver grass, or Maiden grass. It is native to Japan, China and Korea. Over 50 ornamental forms or cultivars of Miscanthus sinensis are sold in the nursery trade, including selections with green and yellow foliage and various flower colors. This is a warm season grass, so its most active growth occurs in summer. It will remain standing in winter and can act as good winter interest. Flowering time is mid-summer into early autumn (usually July to September) and varies from cultivar to cultivar. The tiny flowers are held in tassel-like clusters that are held above the foliage and the clusters vary in color, depending on cultivar. Best growth is in moist soils and full sun. In the fall, when flowers are conspicuous, usually October, is a good time to look for self-seeded plants. Existing, ornamental plantings should be watched carefully for self-seeding into nearby gardens, woodlands, or natural areas. So why buy Miscanthus and how can you keep it from spreading? Well, Miscanthus is self-incompatible; this means one individual plant, grown in isolation, without another species or cultivar, cannot usually develop seed. Self-seeded, individual plants of the species, which have invaded natural areas, are each a unique individual genotype, so two of these plants easily set seed. Once established, Miscanthus is very low maintenance and very drought tolerant. Other than adding beautiful ornamental value to rather barren winter garden beds, ornamental grasses engage in all the senses; they sway in the wind, they have motion, they make a sound and the tall feathery light flower clusters, are an absolute delight to gaze at! . . . . #silvergrass