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 image by Bruno E. (@sempreingirome) with caption : "#sleeping #dog #all #togheter" - 1960564927514877096
Michael Braccio (@michaelbraccio) Instagram Profile Photomichaelbraccio

Michael Braccio

Stretches for Neck Pain . Waking up with neck pain is probably one of the worst feelings. You wake up, try to turn your head, and you get that sharp pain in the neck. . This is typically caused by sleeping in a position that compresses the joints in the neck throughout the night. Think about if you sat through a movie (like watching Avatar two times in a row…. Maybe three). But instead of all the seats facing straight forward, they are angled to the side. By the end of the Avatar marathon, you would have pain and stiffness on one side of your neck. . Using a lacrosse ball for the upper trap muscles can help to decrease the pain and stiffness in the neck. Pin the lacrosse ball between the top of your shoulder and a wall. Gently lunge into the wall, using your back foot for pressure. . There are two movements that we can do while in this position. . The first is to try and bring our ear down towards our shoulder. . The other is to try and rotate our head away from the wall. . Try to do this for 15-30 seconds periodically throughout the day to decrease the pain and stiffness! . #sleeping

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Briina H.

 image by Briina H. (@briinaloove) with caption : "#cute #puppy #akita-kangal #instadog🐶 #girl #einhornliebe🦄 #pink #sleeping" - 1960564281239921580
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Pablo The Ridgeback 🐶

 Instagram Image by Pablo The Ridgeback 🐶 (@pablotheridgeback) with caption : "I think I’m finally friend with a cat. I hope so, he doest stop punching me in the face. 😪🙄 #dog #doggo #cat #nermal #pa" at Bratislava, Slovakia - 1960564239555646178

I think I’m finally friend with a cat. I hope so, he doest stop punching me in the face. 😪🙄 #sleeping