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Thomas Rabenstein (@thomasrabenstein) Instagram Profile Photothomasrabenstein

Thomas Rabenstein

 Instagram Image by Thomas Rabenstein (@thomasrabenstein) with caption : "Vorschau auf den nächsten Roman.
#ebook #kobo #applebooks #kindle #googleplay #sciencefiction #spa" at Stuttgart, Germany - 2026406818045008985

Vorschau auf den nächsten Roman. NEBULAR 64 - ABADDON. #spaceopera

S. Pettit (@tumbledheroes) Instagram Profile Phototumbledheroes

S. Pettit


Time lapse of creating a comic book page #spaceopera

La Mari/M. L. Tishner (@mltishner) Instagram Profile Photomltishner

La Mari/M. L. Tishner

 image by La Mari/M. L. Tishner (@mltishner) with caption : "Day 20⠀
#aprillitwrit19 – #meetthewriter - so we have quite a few new faces so it is the perfect opportunity to intro" - 2026378886497061931

Day 20⠀ -⠀ - so we have quite a few new faces so it is the perfect opportunity to introduce myself: my ne is Marisa but I go by Mari. I a Peruvian-American writer living in Southern Germany. Up until last week I was a pug owner (still reeling from the loss of my best friend, Abner the ). I currently finishing up my #spaceopera The God Queen that will hopefully be published in the fall of this year ☺️ tell me 3 things about yourself!⠀ -⠀ – will anyone die? Well, The God Queen has a reaper and reincarnation so it is safe to say: YES SOMEONE OR SOMEONES WILL DIE BWAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAH⠀ -⠀ – Today I’m writing... my book. My edits for The God Queen are due next week and I scrbling to get everything done. ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀

Again With The Movies (@again_with_the_movies) Instagram Profile Photoagain_with_the_movies

Again With The Movies

 image by Again With The Movies (@again_with_the_movies) with caption : "Guys, I missed yesterday (sue me, I can be busy). In the off chance that you really missed Favorites Friday, I apologize" - 2026377395944028142

Guys, I missed yesterday (sue me, I can be busy). In the off chance that you really missed Favorites Friday, I apologize. To make up for this, I will provide you a post that encapsulates both Favorites Friday AND Genreturday. ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ (because I don’t care if it’s classic, the episodic ning convention) is a film that defies itself. By all reasoning, being the allegedly not well planned sequel to one of the greatest action-adventure films of all time should of spelled doom for this movie. And yet… It’s one of the greatest ever made. It's pulpy yet profound. Romantic yet devastating. It ends on one of the biggest cliffhangers of all time and yet is fully satisfying. Accompanied by an incredible score, a fast and rich script, and special effects that can never be surpassed; 'Empire' has become an iconic movie for a reason. I forever in awe of its confidence. Every twist of the narrative and unforgettable visual are so bold and well executed that it feels inevitable; it couldn't have been any other way. It both defines and subverts “Space Opera”. While grandiose in its action and adventure, it’s also a very personal film. If the characters were (well-written) archetypes in ‘Star Wars’ (because I don’t care if it’s canonical, FUCK the ‘A New Hope’ subtitle), they become full-blooded individuals in ‘Empire’. This is in part due to the aforementioned sublime screenplay by Kasdan but also because of the performances with Ford, Fisher, and Hill who are all turning in arguably career best work here. They imbue their characters with a vulnerability and doubt that influences the film at large. ‘Empire’ is, partially, about how sometimes there aren’t happy endings and our heroes don’t emerge unscathed from a fight. It’s a lesson that has impacted cinema irreversibly. We wouldn’t have so much that we have today without ‘Empire Strikes Back’. And it’s also just a great movie. Thanks for reading! Have an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ story? I wanna hear it. Tell it in the comments and like/follow/do what YOU wanna do. opera