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help me be a hero to my students! i created a donors choose project to help get flexible seating into my classroom... our local soccer team @realsaltlake has provided a very generous donation for this project but i still need a little bit more... if you are willing to donate, follow the link in my profile! together we can do incredible things!! 💜

 Image by @_kristendianne with caption : "“My students are the R E A S O N.” ❤️ Teaching is not something anyone ever gets into for the income, we do it for the O" at Koreatown, Los Angeles - 1961474859360247361

“My students are the R E A S O N.” ❤️ Teaching is not something anyone ever gets into for the income, we do it for the OUTCOME. The gratification of seeing growth in the child that was unable to speak, or unable to play with other kids. The gratification of knowing that your love, care, & dedication was just enough to see them blossom right before your very eyes. This week has been as emotional as it gets, picketing in the pouring rain with the flu, BUT that pales in comparison to the look my four year student gives me after I give him a hug when he gets off the bus, & he realizes once again, I will not be following them into the classroom. One of my students looked back at me confused & asked, “What you doing Ms. K!” & all I could think to say was, “I’m out here singing for you papi, I’ll be back soon.” As much as this sacrifice hurts now, I am HONORED to be a part of this movement that will pave the way for our future children to have the education they deserve & they need. We fight for their future every day we step into the classroom & this time it was time to do it on the picket lines. 💪🏽📕🌎

HS Special Education Teacher 🎓 (@multi.skilled.learners) Instagram Profile Photomulti.skilled.learners

HS Special Education Teacher 🎓


Suuuuper proud of the work produced by all of our students and the amazing guidance of the staff for our Support Unit Gallery! 😍🖌🔨 #specialeducation

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Rumah ADeKa


Lagi musim hujan dan banjir di mana-mana ya... tapi tetap semangat mendampingi anak-anak spesial kita yuk. Jangan lupa tetap ajak anak beraktivitas fisik meskipun mungkin bawaannya ingin meringkuk di tempat tidur karena dingin 😉😉 . . Pagi ini kami bermain engklek, salah satu permainan jadul tapi memberi banyak manfaat bagi anak-anak kita. Engklek melatih kemampuan motorik kasar, baik melompat dengan 1 kaki maupun 2 kaki. Ketika melompat dengan kaki bergantian anak belajar tentang keseimbangan tubuh, koordinasi tubuhnya dan pemahaman tentang aturan permainan. Saat ada kotak 1 berarti melompat dengan 1 kaki, saat melihat ada kotak 2 berarti melompat dengan 2 kaki. Anak juga belajar bermain secara bergantian, spontanitas untuk memberi semangat kepada teman yang sedang bermain. Anak-anak belajar tentang permainan dan cara bermain bergiliran. Sepertinya sederhana dan mudah ya, ternyata dari engklek anak belajar banyak hal baik motorik, pemahaman, social skill, leisure skill. Jadi... jangan lupa ajak anak kita beraktivitas fisik dan bermain. Semangat ya untuk papa mama, ayah bunda, para terapis, para guru 😊😊😊😉😉😉 . . #specialeducation