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Lil Van Helsings


Likely Stories (2016) Streamed on: Shudder Stories by: Neil Gaiman A mini series based on Gaiman's novel by the same name. If you like mysteries, with the occasional supernatural element, and the unexplained then this is for you. 'Closing Time' is by far the one that stood out to me. How much truth does a story hold. Which seems to be the theme that is carried in this mini series. 'Closing Time' is the one story I'll give a brief review on. A group of friends gather together to share their stories. It's up to you, to decide if there is truth. When one of the men become bored with the previous stories he begins to tell his own. His friends pick up that he is talking about himself. To avoid any big spoilers I'll leave it simply at this, he then meets 3 young boys and that is where the story takes a turn and hooks not only their interest but mine. Of the 4, this one stood out. If you're a animal lover or a pet parent there is a scene in the second story 'Feeders and Eaters' that was hard to see and hear. Overall a great mini series. It leaves you with the question is there a link between all 4 or not. You be the judge. 8 5/10- Morgana #spooky



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Ismael Carrillo

 image by Ismael Carrillo (@laughingpanda.g) with caption : "#Artist :770mk (Twitter)
Not gonna lie, Bio Exorcist sounds like a pretty badass name/title to have.
乃丨ㄖ 乇乂ㄖ尺匚丨丂ㄒ
" - 1983601510386266716

:770mk (Twitter) . Not gonna lie, Bio Exorcist sounds like a pretty badass name/title to have. 乃丨ㄖ 乇乂ㄖ尺匚丨丂ㄒ . . . #spooky

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I just had to steal this @captain.eska_tit sorry💙

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Mimi 🎨


"Get a girl who can do both" comme on dit