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After 3 months I'm finally putting 405 on my back again without fear of injury. With so much time off from going over 70%, I am so excited to feel my squat strength come back. Depth wasn't where it needed to be, but this was such a big confidence boost. Once this semester is over and I can focus on trainimg and nutrition a little better I will be eyeing up my first Florida meet. 405 x6 after beltless sets with 315 and 365 for 10s. s

Dean Kolak (@deankolak) Instagram Profile Photo deankolak

Dean Kolak

D1 W10 - Peaking phase Top sets on squats and bench Sq - 227.5kg x3 at RPE8.5 Bch - 140kg x3 at RPE8 Technically all triple PRs, but what's way more important is that last weeks deload and autoregulating my volume worked perfectly and all sets were pain free with no drop in performance, so it a step in right direction. #squats

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Nick Longo

Trouble hitting depth when squatting? Give this a try 😄. A lot of people look to hip mobility as the determining factor for not being able to hit full depth in a squat. This could be for some, but could also be due to poor ankle mobility, which is often neglected🤷🏽‍♂️. Ankle dorsiflexion (moving your toes “up”) is necessary in order to allow forward knee travel to hit sufficient depth. I’ve been implementing the following exercises and using “voodoo floss” bands to warm up my ankles and thought I’d share. I got a pair of bands off amazon for $20 USD. 1️⃣ Wrap the band around your foot, ankle, and lower leg. Not too tight (don’t want to restrict blood flow). Slight overlap of the band each time around to prevent folds. 2️⃣ Stand about 3-4 inches or so from the wall (you’ll need to find your starting place, it could more or less depending on your baseline flexibility). Bring your knee to the wall (dorsiflex ankle). Be sure to keep your heel on the ground, make sure to not let your arch collapse, and make sure to keep your knee pointed “out”. 12-15 reps. 3️⃣ Sit down. Point your toes to the ceiling and back down (dorsiflexion and plantarflexion). 12-15 reps. 4️⃣ Do the same thing but with your ankle “in and out” (eversion and inversion). 12-15 reps. 5️⃣ Go back to the wall, stand an inch or so back from your original place and perform 12-15 more reps. 6️⃣ Take the band off and go through all 3 exercises again and stand back even further from the wall. 12-15 more reps. 8️⃣ SQUAT! This should help increase ankle range of motion. Follow it up with properly loaded squats and other exercises to make long term changes in mobility. Let me know if this helps anyone at all 😬.