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Dr Henry the Bernedoodle (@drhankthe) Instagram Profile Photodrhankthe

Dr Henry the Bernedoodle

Hank’s Journal Day 10: What has two paws and is looking for a stiff drink? This guy! Daddy sat me down and told me that my testicles are never returning.....however, as I look back on the past 10 days, I managed to change a lot of my house rules, so it’s not all bad. I can now sleep on Mom and Dads bed, no rooms are off limits and I have mastered “the look”, to get all the treats I want! Thank you all for listening to my thoughts on this process and although my testicles my never return, I still have plenty of BALLS! #surgery

The City At The Cabin (@thecabinlegocity) Instagram Profile Photothecabinlegocity

The City At The Cabin

 image by The City At The Cabin (@thecabinlegocity) with caption : "While the #stronggirl with #bluehair was down after #surgery here friends from the gym pushed her around in #baris wanti" - 2052337070359188657

While the with was down after #surgery here friends from the gym pushed her around in wanting here

Tehran.Esthetic Co ( Instagram Profile

Tehran.Esthetic Co

 Instagram Image by Tehran.Esthetic Co ( with caption : "Lasic on both sides:$1200
Femto lasic one side:$1300
#ophthalmology #clinic #plants #surg" at Tehran, Iran - 2052336717123218099

Lasic on both sides:$1200 Cataracts:$2000 Glaucoma:$1500 Femto lasic one side:$1300 #surgery

Dr. Henry Stiven Núñez R (@dr.nunezmaxilo) Instagram Profile Photodr.nunezmaxilo

Dr. Henry Stiven Núñez R


10 días post revisión de cicatriz hipertrofica, nótese la nueva posición de la línea blanca del labio superior (borde del bermellón), en una posición más anatómica y natural. Aún en proceso de cicatrización y remodelamiento. Cambios inmediatos que le devuelven la confianza nuevamente de sonreír al paciente. #surgery @dr.nunezmaxilo

Ti’s Photography (@tisclick) Instagram Profile Phototisclick

Ti’s Photography

 image by Ti’s Photography (@tisclick) with caption : "Add some sweetness in life #sweets #surgery  # iPhoneshoot" - 2052336233771693465

Add some sweetness in life #surgery # iPhoneshoot

Anatomia e Fisiologia! (@anatomofisiologia) Instagram Profile Photoanatomofisiologia

Anatomia e Fisiologia!


TRANSPLANTE DE RIM: ⠀ Você Sabia que: O Brasil é o Segundo País do Mundo em Número de Transplantes de Órgãos Sólidos Realizados Anualmente? Que Aqui 95% dos Transplantes São Feitos pelo SUS? Que o Brasil Tem o Maior Programa Público de Transplantes do Mundo? Que nos Congressos Médicos Internacionais o Brasil é Chamado de o País dos Transplantes? . Usted sabía que: Brasil es el Segundo País del Mundo en Número de Trasplantes de Órganos Sólidos Realizados Anualmente. Que el 95% de los trasplantes están hechos gratuitamente. Que Brasil tiene el mayor programa público de trasplantes del mundo. Que en los Congresos Médicos Internacionales Brasil es Llamado del País de los Trasplantes. . Did you know that: Brazil is the Second Country in the World in Number of Solid Organ Transplants Performed Annually. That Here 95% of Transplants Are Made Free. That Brazil has the largest public transplant program in the world. That in the International Medical Congresses Brazil is Called the Country of Transplants. . @anatomofisiologia . . #surgery


EYETALK"Eyes like science"


🎬💥 ИНТЕРВЬЮ «Кросслинкинг при инфекционных заболеваниях роговицы» с нашим гостем из Израиля Boris Knyazer ждет Вас на YOUTUBE канале!👁 ССЫЛКА В ШАПКЕ ПРОФИЛЯ 👩🏽‍💻 Ведущая – врач-офтальмолог Шилова Н.Ф. Приятного просмотра!👀🍿 . . . . . . #surgery