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Chuangyi Furniture CompanyLtd® (@chuangyifurniture) Instagram Profile Photochuangyifurniture

Chuangyi Furniture CompanyLtd®

Givenchy brand . Dear customers we invite you to our factory for you can see and feel our product quality. Do.not ashamed contact with us. 🌏worldwide shipping. Best regards: Saler manager:LiuWenXiao Watsapp:+8615841100273 , , ,,,#teatable,, , , , , , , ,, ,



. . 부드럽지만 진하게 스치는 버터향. 梨花. 고마운 차에게 봄꽃선물을 해주고 싶었다. As a tea of excellence deserves a gift. . table

Heda Perez Waldrep (@hedathetable) Instagram Profile Photohedathetable

Heda Perez Waldrep


It was an absolute joy to be part of the @ncazaleafest children’s tea! There was music, singing Disney Princesses, face painting, and lots of little ones eager to learn about tea time. 🌸 It was my honor to teach the little princesses and moms about proper tea etiquette. (And you know it’s a success when the children get into it😅👏🏽) 🌸 Fun had by all! Swipe to see! —> 🌸 table

LoveByColors (@lovebycolors) Instagram Profile Photolovebycolors



Black and gold tray! 15.5x12 inches. ***SOLD*** Click link in bio and follow to “functional art”. Camera cannot capture the depth of the black, white, gold, and clear resin! 😍😍😍 • • • table

Valley Brook Tea (@valleybrooktea) Instagram Profile Photovalleybrooktea

Valley Brook Tea

 Instagram Image by Valley Brook Tea (@valleybrooktea) with caption : "[Spring Tea Harvest Update] Check out our Rou Gui growth! Can you spot the little tips in the picture? They’re what we’r" at Wuyi Mountain - 2007519588347328856

[Spring Tea Harvest Update] Check out our Rou Gui growth! Can you spot the little tips in the picture? They’re what we’re going to harvest next month. All other larger leaves are not part of the harvest. Only new sprouts are selected. 😀 • • Follow @valleybrooktea and get our daily tea updates! • • table

Nanako Chen (@nanakochen) Instagram Profile Photonanakochen

Nanako Chen

 image by Nanako Chen (@nanakochen) with caption : "好啊!忙屎我算了!積一堆積一堆😭😭😭 這樣還不能瘦,老天爺給條路走啊!我不想再胖下去了😭😭😭 人生最幸福的事就是睡覺😭😭😭 題外話,設計師好朋友送的茶几真適合拿來擺筆電當佈景,對我來說筆電拿來擺設最好,不要拿來用,因為那代表我很忙🤣🤣🤣 #" - 2007465122104297003

好啊!忙屎我算了!積一堆積一堆😭😭😭 這樣還不能瘦,老天爺給條路走啊!我不想再胖下去了😭😭😭 人生最幸福的事就是睡覺😭😭😭 題外話,設計師好朋友送的茶几真適合拿來擺筆電當佈景,對我來說筆電拿來擺設最好,不要拿來用,因為那代表我很忙🤣🤣🤣 # #teatable