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aesthetic 美的 (@aestheticx.sound) Instagram Profile Photoaestheticx.sound

aesthetic 美的


this si funny #thevampirediaries

The Vampire Diaries 🇧🇷 (@tvdfatos) Instagram Profile Phototvdfatos

The Vampire Diaries 🇧🇷

 image by The Vampire Diaries 🇧🇷 (@tvdfatos) with caption : "• 8.16 •
pra você a lexi é a personagem mais injustiçada da série?" - 2030240455321936554

• 8.16 • – pra você a lexi é a personagem mais injustiçada da série?

Marissa Valentas (@marissavalentas) Instagram Profile Photomarissavalentas

Marissa Valentas

 image by Marissa Valentas (@marissavalentas) with caption : "I ship them❤️❤️ #tvd #thevampirediaries #stefansalvatore #carolineforbes #steroline #paulwesley #candiceking" - 2030240441447112252

the only heretic I stan💦 - - - #thevampirediaries

katherine gilbert (@the.vampire.diaries0818) Instagram Profile Photothe.vampire.diaries0818

katherine gilbert

 image by katherine gilbert (@the.vampire.diaries0818) with caption : "❤😍😍
#thevampirediaries #carolineforbes #mattdonovan" - 2030239582167131651

❤😍😍 . . . #thevampirediaries

𝚓𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚊 ♡ (@juliaediits) Instagram Profile Photojuliaediits

𝚓𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚊 ♡


I was going to post this today but I forgot so I’ll post it tm probably

fãdetvd (@fa_de_tvd64) Instagram Profile Photofa_de_tvd64


 image by fãdetvd (@fa_de_tvd64) with caption : "Quem hackeou sabe de tudo em Kkkk
#tvdbrasil" - 2030237594361804705

Quem hackeou sabe de tudo em Kkkk #thevampirediaries