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BMW K100 racer project (@mrs.smith_caferacer) Instagram Profile Photo mrs.smith_caferacer

BMW K100 racer project

 image by BMW K100 racer project (@mrs.smith_caferacer) with caption : "Get well soon @bobendsneyder. 
@__mr.ralph__  you started a trend!
#engineexplosion #generator #tibiafracture #tech3 #mi" - 1894989898625618848
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tibia fracture (@tibia.fracture) Instagram Profile Photo tibia.fracture

tibia fracture

 image by tibia fracture (@tibia.fracture) with caption : "Week7 x-ray. Bad news, position of my tibia with talus does not look okay which means I may need another surgery 😣 my an" - 1894401379750196899
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Tibia_fracture_RTR (@tibia_fracture_rtr) Instagram Profile Photo tibia_fracture_rtr


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#tibiafracture Seen my physio yesterday, she was pleased to see my knee flexion at 140deg(which is the regular range for people) just waiting for next doc appt to xray and get 👌🏻 to fwb. Here is my baby steps to crutch free soon! (Hopefully!)

Pokrat Ugsornwong (@pong_090) Instagram Profile Photo pong_090

Pokrat Ugsornwong

 image by Pokrat Ugsornwong (@pong_090) with caption : "วัดใจไปเลย!!! เอาplate distal femur มาใส่ proximal tibia!!! #severeboneloss #tibiafracture #openfracture #condylarplate " - 1892098878645654906
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วัดใจไปเลย!!! เอาplate distal femur มาใส่ proximal tibia!!! #tibiafracture

Ruth Nahum (@ruthatut) Instagram Profile Photo ruthatut

Ruth Nahum

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Ruth Nahum (@ruthatut) Instagram Profile Photo ruthatut

Ruth Nahum

 image by Ruth Nahum (@ruthatut) with caption : "Workin' 8 to 9. 
#physicaltherapy #tibiafracture #TibialPlateauFracture #recoverylife" - 1889778766880984147
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Workin' 8 to 9. #tibiafracture