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Girus Soluções em Turismo (@girussolucoes) Instagram Profile Photogirussolucoes

Girus Soluções em Turismo

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II Oficina de Capacitação da Instância de Governança Regional dos . Projeto: Secretaria de Estado do e . Realização: . Execução: consultoria convidada @girussolucoes . #tourism4sdgs



Alibabatrek (@alibabatrek) Instagram Profile Photoalibabatrek


. "People don't take trips, trips take people." . . desert, , with ________ High Season Offers: ________ . #tourism4sdgs

Singor Tfss (@singorcb) Instagram Profile Photosingorcb

Singor Tfss

Autour des Chutes de la METCHÉ. . . . . Un trésor caché, facile d'accès situé dans la Région de L'ouest 🇨🇲 non loin du carrefour des embranchements Dschang et Bamenda,et à quelques kilomètres de L'aéroport de Bafoussam. . . . . . Une Merveille de la Nature qui a émerveillé les touristes pendant la 1ère édition du GRASSFIELD TOUR 2019 organisée par @lgtavtours.🇨🇲 4sdgs .

David Morris (@davidmorristravels) Instagram Profile Photodavidmorristravels

David Morris

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After living in China for the last four years, it’s easy to think the whole world is in a period of great globalizing change. So it’s just magic (at least as a visitor) to find a place here in the centre of Europe where it feels like time has stood still for centuries 🇭🇺🇪🇺 🌏 * * * * * #tourism4sdgs

Maglan Tours (@maglan_tours) Instagram Profile Photomaglan_tours

Maglan Tours

 image by Maglan Tours (@maglan_tours) with caption : "The Maasai are one of the most impoverished tribes in East Africa. A noble and dignified people, they have proudly manta" - 2048757406191733258

The Maasai are one of the most impoverished tribes in East Africa. A noble and dignified people, they have proudly mantained their traditional lifestyle and cultural identity despite pressures of the modern world. They live a nomadic lifestyle raising cattle and goats, wearing traditional clothes, and living in small villages called manyattas, which are circular arrangements of mud huts. But increasing land acquisition throughout Kenya’s Maasailand is threatening their nomadic culture, and pressure to accept change is growing. With this pressure comes a more urgent need to educate the current generation of boys and girls. In the process of preserving their culture, however, the Maasai have embraced a system that denies women basic human rights: the right to an education; the right to control her body, the right to choose whom and when to marry, the right to express an opinion. For more information about Maasai people Book with us and experience adventure of a life time. . . . #tourism4sdgs