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Therapy Is Light™️ (@therapyislight) Instagram Profile Phototherapyislight

Therapy Is Light™️

Wayment. WAIT A MINUTE. Did @iammiketodd just serve us a WHOLE family counseling session!? We loveeee some God + Psychology! 😍 Another reason why is one of our FAVES!! ❤️✨ *whispers “Top 5 Top 5” in Drake’s voice* this is a MUST watch/listen! Watch the full video on or listen on the @transformationchurch! can be a vital vessel in identifying dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors 🔭 🔎🔦📡🎛🧐 . . . Church


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Transformation Church

 image by Transformation Church (@tcmontgomerytx) with caption : "You’re invited to Freedom Night Friday, March 1st at 7 PM

#SpiritualFreedom #TCMontgomeryTx #TransformationChurch #Wors" - 1984408118230515521

You’re invited to Freedom Night Friday, March 1st at 7 PM #TransformationChurch


D R E A M B I G 💫 I can't believe that already this year:I’ve been able to travel to Florida, serve at my church every week, give back to my mom, pay cash 💰 for counseling + life coaching, pay cash for all my bills and so much more all from the income I earn from my phone. 🙌🏻 . I've always wanted to travel to tons of different places so this year I'm making it happen!🔥 My next goal is to fully furnish my new apartment cash in uptown Charlotte!🙌🏻 I started this business while working three jobs + full time student living paycheck to paycheck. Barely able to pay for gas. There's no way I would have been able to dream😱 But because of this crazy business I said yes to I get to! I'm so so grateful for what’s to come! 🙌🏻

Abianna Nelson (@abianna_nelson) Instagram Profile Photoabianna_nelson

Abianna Nelson

You see life in the secular world is not designed to include a prayer time,but then you still gotta include prayer in your life both in peaceful and troubled times...GOOD MORNING🙏 #transformationchurch

A Theraputic Place 🍃 (@meraki.wellness) Instagram Profile Photomeraki.wellness

A Theraputic Place 🍃

 image by A Theraputic Place 🍃 (@meraki.wellness) with caption : "Shoutout to @wearetransformation and @iammiketodd for this 👊🏼. Identify the issues going on, and then transform. So many" - 1983961693987627238

Shoutout to @wearetransformation and @iammiketodd for this 👊🏼. Identify the issues going on, and then transform. So many people won’t or don’t understand the importance of understanding what is holding you back so that you can release from it and propel yourself into your future. Take a minute: evaluate, release then bloom 🍃🌱 • • • • #transformationchurch

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“If IPhone get a 10 upgrades don’t you at least want 1” - @iammiketodd #transformationchurch