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Daniel Johannes Rasmus (@orredflygroup) Instagram Profile Photoorredflygroup

Daniel Johannes Rasmus

 Instagram Image by Daniel Johannes Rasmus (@orredflygroup) with caption : "Last summer up far in sweden, the group with some 55 kg of packing each and a hell of a slouch  after driving 1300 km.
W" at Ammarnäs, Västerbottens Län, Sweden - 2024915505719011921

Last summer up far in sweden, the group with some 55 kg of packing each and a hell of a slouch after driving 1300 km. We walked 6 km to were we decided to set camp, it was a really beautiful sight! It’s a paradise of three rivers connected into a lake and that also goes out as a river later on, and ofcourse it’s full of brown trout and greyling. The silence, the calm and the river flowing! It was just great, we will be heading to that place again! It’s a must. . . . #trouthunting @patagonia_flyfish

Andreas Vinnelrød (@andreasvinnelrod) Instagram Profile Photoandreasvinnelrod

Andreas Vinnelrød

 image by Andreas Vinnelrød (@andreasvinnelrod) with caption : "Årets første fisketur 👍🏻🐠🐋 #fishing #skitfiske #angler #trouthunting #spring #utno #liveterbestute #langø" - 2024902168621631823

Årets første fisketur 👍🏻🐠🐋 #trouthunting

🅕🅛🅨🅜🅞🅣🅘🅞🅝🅕🅘🅢🅗🅘🅝🅖 (@flymotionfishing) Instagram Profile Photoflymotionfishing


Fishing On The Fly (@fishingonthefly_) Instagram Profile Photofishingonthefly_

Fishing On The Fly


. PRECISION IS POWERFUL . . Sometimes all it takes is the right cast. When a cast is spotted perfectly, it’s like finding the perfect piece in a puzzle. That’s what you see in this video by @lukethomass88. A snipe of a cast, right on the money, and it almost immediately pays off with a take. . . Why does this happen? For one, fish will hold in very narrow feeding lanes, where you have to get your presentation in a very specific strike zone in order to trigger a strike. To compound it, when fish are feeding heavily on the surface, they’ll hold with their noses towards the surface, literally waiting for morsels of food to pass over them. . . If you can place your fly just upstream of this target area, you can almost guarantee that your fly will be seen, which will often lead to a strike. If you don’t get one, it’s an indicator that something was wrong with your presentation - either the drift or the fly itself. In this respect, being a good caster provides you with an effective feedback loop; if you place it right by their nose and they still don’t take, you know it’s time to go back to the drawing board. . . . . . .