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Victor Zamora (@kingsohiphop) Instagram Profile Photokingsohiphop

Victor Zamora

 image by Victor Zamora (@kingsohiphop) with caption : "Sunday Thoughts Week 9:

What did you learn in your childhood that shaped who you are today?

Failure = Knowledge = Powe" - 1930943210176240879

Sunday Thoughts Week 9: What did you learn in your childhood that shaped who you are today? Failure = Knowledge = Power - You can never fail if you learn from it, but this took me a while to figure out. I had a pretty normal childhood growing up. Lots of fun times with my brother and cousins, running around doing dumb stuff and getting into trouble, just being a kid. But I hated losing. As a young child, that was things like backyard football or playing Pokemon or Pac-Man. I hated to lose. However, as I progressed into my late high school years and early college years, I started losing at more serious things. I lost running (my entire lifestyle at the time) to a major injury. I began losing friends, family, people who were close to me. I began losing school, I was flunking out of college. I began losing contact with everybody around me, sometimes I would go several days without speaking a word to anyone. I began losing myself, I just couldn't find a way to cope with everything that had been happening for the past several years. And on two occasions, I almost lost my life. Hitting rock bottom forced me to make a decision; either I would turn myself around or I would continue down this path and be just another statistic. I started making conscious efforts to look at everything that was failing, everything I was "losing" at, and try to understand the reasons of why I was losing at those things. I started making changes as direct responses to those reasons. Lo and behold, I started to notice a difference in things. Long story short, look where I am now. Maybe average to you, but that's a victory to me. So many people say, "learn from your mistakes", but how many of us make a conscious effort to do so? How many of us make changes as direct responses to what we've learned from our failures? How many of us still fear failure? As a kid, I hated to lose, but I never learned anything from it except that I really hate it. But losing much, much more than a Pokemon game taught me that losses are a fast-track learning course and we all know knowledge is power. And it is hands down the most important lesson I have learned to date.

Jesse Soria (@cuzzo520) Instagram Profile Photocuzzo520

Jesse Soria


Go Checc out "By The Way" by Cuzzo, Lil Smokey, and Suacyde. The link is in my bio. #undergroundrap

 image by saint (@saint_ooo) with caption : "OOO SEASON APPROACHING 🚨" - 1930942264722736846


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💾Pad Scientist🔬aka PadSci


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I been dropping. Check it out on soundcloud! Search: young blvck spitta Subscribe! Follow! Share! _________________________________________ #undergroundrap