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Too Small Hands Boutique (@toosmallhandsboutique) Instagram Profile Photo toosmallhandsboutique

Too Small Hands Boutique

 image by Too Small Hands Boutique (@toosmallhandsboutique) with caption : "Mushroom spaghetti 🍝 corn 🌽 and salad 🥗" - 1892577485330139095
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Mushroom spaghetti 🍝 corn 🌽 and salad 🥗


Dusty and Otter Duck (@dustyotterduckums) Instagram Profile Photo dustyotterduckums

Dusty and Otter Duck

Vila Rivas Hernandez (@rivas_vee_1969) Instagram Profile Photo rivas_vee_1969

Vila Rivas Hernandez

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Go vegan! 🌱🌱🌱 🌱🌱 🌱 . . . @Regran_ed from @savagevegan27 - @iamtheirvoice ・・・ of @lightmoveme via @EasyRepost - ⚠️High protein diets degenerate the body, and creates acidic cellular waste which leads to inflammation and pain. High protein diets are damaging to bones, kidneys, liver, pancreas, intestines, adrenal glands, and bowels. ALL Protein is acid forming. Protein is inflammatory, mucus-forming and constipating‼️- - ⚠️High protein diets "locks up" our lymph system and kidneys. This is what destroys your health since the lymph system is your "sewer" and a clogged sewer with acidic cellular wastes is never good. Keeping the acids out of your lymph system is the key to health and this is done by eating human species-specific diet of alkaline forming, raw living foods (fruits, and vegetables).- - ⚠️High protein diets promote cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune, arthritis, and many other health complications‼️ - ▪️@robertmorsend - ForTheAnimals

Natalia Carolina Prado (@prado.natalia) Instagram Profile Photo prado.natalia

Natalia Carolina Prado

 image by Natalia Carolina Prado (@prado.natalia) with caption : "Cleaned out my closet of the remaining death hand bags I had. I had hold on to them without using them because of the se" - 1892573948686600350
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Cleaned out my closet of the remaining death hand bags I had. I had hold on to them without using them because of the sentimental value to them. However I have to let all my loved ones know that if something they had given me in the past is made out of terror, even though it was given to me with love, I have to let it go and won't be accepting anything made out of others suffering anymore. Guess, Mimco, Burberry means nothing if it is made out of torture and death. Instead I have bought an unassuming Vegan leather bag that I can wear with pride and peace in my heart. The future is Vegan!!!.Peace love and light to all earthlings. ✌🙏❤♥💡🔥🌱🍀. fortheanimals