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Eena JAPAN Plan&Guide (@eena.japan.plan_guide) Instagram Profile Photoeena.japan.plan_guide

Eena JAPAN Plan&Guide

 image by Eena JAPAN Plan&Guide (@eena.japan.plan_guide) with caption : "Interact with Japan🌸

You a can have time to spend with wild deer and monkeys🦌🐒 Follw Us  @eena.japan.plan_" - 2026343463504453670



Anita Das (@thedasanita) Instagram Profile Photothedasanita

Anita Das


Day 16: Exploring Kanazawa. After a nice bowl of hot oden🍢 (a must try in Kanazawa during winter) and some sushi from Ōmichō market, I decided to explore Higashi Chaya district. It’s a traditional neighbourhood with tea houses. Every corner of the district is so pretty. I then went to explore Nagamachi - a beautifully preserved historic area of Kanazawa that was once the residential district for the city’s samurais. There are many samurai houses where the doors are left open for people to go in and take a look at the structure of the house and the garden. It’s best to be mindful and maintain silence because it’s still a residential area with people living in there. I also happened to visit the remains of the house of the Takada family who were members of the Kaga clan. I then made my way to Oyama Jinja. Unfortunately the sun had already set by the time I got there but it was still so beautiful. Shrines are always calming for my soul so I enjoyed a few quiet moments. I then had dinner at a very local ramen shop that’s tucked away on the side of Asano river and it’s very easy to miss the place. I had a delicious bowl of hot ramen and to this day I haven’t forgotten the taste and kindness of the curious owner wondering what I was doing all by myself in Japan. #visitjapan

Yuliana Kurniawan (@yuliana_kurniawan) Instagram Profile Photoyuliana_kurniawan

Yuliana Kurniawan

 image by Yuliana Kurniawan (@yuliana_kurniawan) with caption : "The japanese Cherry Blossom #spring #japantrip #kyoto #gion #visitjapan #beautifull" - 2026340335257876309

The japanese Cherry Blossom #visitjapan

Azali Ismarizal Othman (@azaliismarizal) Instagram Profile Photoazaliismarizal

Azali Ismarizal Othman

 Instagram Image by Azali Ismarizal Othman (@azaliismarizal) with caption : "/if i could/  I've seen it all
I've seen it all today
I cried a tear
I tried to turn away

But it's raining in my heart
" at Nasushiobara - 2026340071779338721

/if i could/ I've seen it all I've seen it all today I cried a tear I tried to turn away But it's raining in my heart Every time we are apart And the sun won't shine today So I have to walk away If I could fly You know that I'd try If I could fly-TheCranberries. #visitjapan