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 image by Natalie (@nataliefinn737) with caption : "Finleys Fave Birthday Card @claudius_vertesi @claudiusvertesibrand 🙌 #scooterboy #skate #wantstobeapro" - 1967581906384199306

Finleys Fave Birthday Card @claudius_vertesi@claudiusvertesibrand 🙌 #wantstobeapro


David Copeland (@agdave112) Instagram Profile Photoagdave112

David Copeland

 image by David Copeland (@agdave112) with caption : "My son Dallas(@dc__fishin) in his element.  Always fishing boat or bank.  #fishinglife #bassfishing #largemouthbass #imp" - 1860459492905172882

My son Dallas(@dc__fishin) in his element. Always fishing boat or bank. #wantstobeapro


Julie Turner (@lynchfamilyupdates) Instagram Profile Photolynchfamilyupdates

Julie Turner

 image by Julie Turner (@lynchfamilyupdates) with caption : "My little stunt man. #bmx #littlestuntmaninthemaking #wantstobeapro #6yearsold" - 1761778813123880668

My little stunt man. #wantstobeapro

tawa Lee (@tawalee30) Instagram Profile Phototawalee30

tawa Lee

 image by tawa Lee (@tawalee30) with caption : "STUNTBOY JACK having a crack at at the table top.
#fun #bmxboys #crazy#tntaustralia #bmx #7sproket#stuntmanjnr #airtime " - 1754408554099762697

So on our way home CHARLEY HULL phoned LILY ... she's still in shock but the best day of her life. Thank you Charley she will take your advice to become a pro. Easter holidays day out... trip to her idols home club and where Charley Hull started her career. Club was closed and no sign of Charley Hull but still made Lilys day. Look at that smile @charley.hull #wantstobeapro

Jaylene Roswell (@jaylene1989) Instagram Profile Photojaylene1989

Jaylene Roswell


We were gunna go tubing tonight but we decided to dust off our boards and get Hayden on the slopes! He did so awesome, but said “it sure is harder then it looks” he can’t wait to do it again!! #wantstobeapro @jaime_roswell