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RapHustle&Muscle (@raphustlemuscle) Instagram Profile Photo raphustlemuscle


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The Pirate Queen 44. (@sanddollar2018) Instagram Profile Photo sanddollar2018

The Pirate Queen 44.

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Can't tell you how many times I've watched HBO Mildred Pierce. 1930s! All the way. People had good manners. Acting civilized was very much in fashion. I can lap that up from a bowl all day long. Monty Barragon and in its beginning. (IF YOU DON'T OWN THIS 8 HOUR MINI SERIES, HONEY, YOU BETTER ORDER IT! It's pure gold) Polo and big cars. Women dressed so fine. Men wore suits instead of skinny jeans. (If your man is fitting into skinny jeans, he ain't no man. There isn't any room for anything manly in a pair of skinny jeans if you get my drift) Oh my God, can we please go back there? can we please, please pretty, please with a cherry on top, can we just go back there? But then there are the silent movies. Ahhhh. Did you know most silent movie actors found themselves out of work when the talkies came about because they didn't sound good? You can find a few Talkis in 1928 but the bulk of them came out in 1929. And our gang. I watch The Little Rascals before bed every night now. It's clean. I don't trust t.v. made these days. Preemptive programming. Don't like your murder on every channel. #watts.

watts.a.... (@ay.___wms) Instagram Profile Photo ay.___wms


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新商品✨ シリコンの蓋付きマグカップです☕️🌿 ホットが冷めないままおいしく飲めるように、蓋には飲み口が開いてるんですよ💕 マグカップのデザインも、シンプルでオシャレ👍🏻 ブラック、ネイビー、ボルドーの三色展開です😋 #watts

ECNa - L’ECN en cours audio (@ecnaudio) Instagram Profile Photo ecnaudio

ECNa - L’ECN en cours audio

 image by ECNa - L’ECN en cours audio (@ecnaudio) with caption : "Avec l'app #ECNa c’est pas moins de 170 heures de cours audio pour réviser dès que vous avez un moment !

Bientôt dispon" - 1895656324064590021
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Avec l'app c’est pas moins de 170 heures de cours audio pour réviser dès que vous avez un moment ! Bientôt disponible pour iOS et Android #watts

ellise💘 love my 1.2k ♥️ (@sshaneddawson) Instagram Profile Photo sshaneddawson

ellise💘 love my 1.2k ♥️

🎃100円ショップ ワッツ l Watts (@watts_100) Instagram Profile Photo watts_100

🎃100円ショップ ワッツ l Watts

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// 髪を時短ドライできるスグレモノ🚿⏰ 時間も電気代も節約😁🥇 各種¥100+tax __________ 2枚目:マイクロファイバードライ手袋 3枚目:マイクロファイバードライキャップ 4枚目:絡みにくい髪通りなめらか長短2段ヘアブラシ 店舗により、取扱・在庫が無い場合があります。 __________ #watts