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Back then when I had blue hair I've got the question all the time and I've always had to bite my tongue because that's never meant in a bad way but DUH of course I coloured it It didn't grow natural blue over night! Btw. This is my first time drawing on my phone (couldn't find my drawing tablet anymore) and I was obviously too lazy for the last page lol ALSO the blond girl looks like my girlfriend by accident 😂😂 #webcomic

Fanny Rodríguez (@charratastica) Instagram Profile Photocharratastica

Fanny Rodríguez

 image by Fanny Rodríguez (@charratastica) with caption : "#MaliciousMagic Update!

Español" - 2003219217974222835

Update! Webtoons Tapas Español #webcomic

Evamelba (@evamelba) Instagram Profile Photoevamelba



🐣✌️ Voici le chapitre 3 de L’Oiseau Jardinier : Le drame . . ❤️ L’Oiseau Jardinier est disponible sur @Ulule jusqu’au 31 mars ! Nous avons déjà atteint 55% de financement, merci à vous ! Votre soutien permettra à ce petit oiseau de prendre son envol dans la version papier ! J-13 pour y arriver !!! . ℹ️ EN PRÉ-VENTE : . 👉 Le chapitre 4 sera disponible à la fin de la campagne Ulule ! .   #webcomic                

Wilhelm Peters Jr (@wilhelmpeters02) Instagram Profile Photowilhelmpeters02

Wilhelm Peters Jr

 Instagram Image by Wilhelm Peters Jr (@wilhelmpeters02) with caption : "“Imagine your enemy on one side of the scale and your on the other side of this scale. If either of you makes a move aga" at San Antonio, Texas - 2003216297881722081

“Imagine your enemy on one side of the scale and your on the other side of this scale. If either of you makes a move against the other the scale tips. That’s what I am. I am your every action you take against your enemies.” - Karma a quote from the comic. That’s what am bringing to the table eat up 😋 #webcomic

Sami Art (@sami_nayarak) Instagram Profile Photosami_nayarak

Sami Art

 image by Sami Art (@sami_nayarak) with caption : "Tengo tanto por hacer y siempre busco excusas para justificar mi flojera.
Permiso, iré a terminar de leer el libro que d" - 2003215691032994742