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APMG Painting Services PTY LTD (@apmg.painting) Instagram Profile Photoapmg.painting

APMG Painting Services PTY LTD

Exterior painting of this 18 years old weatherboard house in croydon! We used our carpenter in house to fix some rotten weatherboard before our painting team started with washing the whole house and prep work. The result speaks for itself. #windowrestoration


Powher CC (@powhercc) Instagram Profile Photopowhercc

Powher CC


Our is about , which are still found in many homes. Hopefully these pointers will help you keep them quiet and running for yours to come.


Hunt & Gather Home | Meg Lord (@huntandgatherhome) Instagram Profile Photohuntandgatherhome

Hunt & Gather Home | Meg Lord

 Instagram Image by Hunt & Gather Home | Meg Lord (@huntandgatherhome) with caption : "Can you spot the replacement windows?

In the early 2000s, a well-meaning building committee had the original wood windo" at Downtown Alexandria, Alexandria - 1985069719899964779

Can you spot the replacement windows? In the early 2000s, a well-meaning building committee had the original wood windows on the third floor of Emmanuel’s education building replaced with vinyl windows. Though the building is listed on the and sits in a , there is no local review process for exterior architectural changes to contributing structures within the district.🤷🏻‍♀️When the renovation committee began planning for the current rehab project in 2012 they wanted to use , thus we began the discussion of restoring rather than replacing. As a preservation consultant, I find it best to be open-minded about my clients’ concerns and misconceptions about historic windows. No one likes to begin a conversation with, “You can’t do that!” when they’re excited about finally making changes. After discussing the pros and cons of using tax credits and digging deep into the science, efficacy, and costs of window restoration versus replacement, they decided to pursue both the tax credit and window restoration. It’s been a long journey with several surprises (hello, asbestos in the window caulk! 🤯) but, here’s the final result and we’re all thrilled! Although I hate that we couldn’t restore and replace the original wood windows on the third floor (they were stored after being pulled in the early 2000s) I love that this view is a teaching tool for how much better original windows look than replacement windows. Look closely and you will see that the third floor replacement windows lack depth and dimension as compared with the original, restored first and second floor windows. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! Yes, a small number of replacement windows may not make a large visual impact, but over the course of an entire complex or several buildings on a block, the lack of texture and detail really changes the character of the historic building for the worse. Details matter, and original windows are important details on the buildings that make up our historic downtown cityscapes. #windowrestoration

Ândrew Wing (@wnc_architecture) Instagram Profile Photownc_architecture

Ândrew Wing

Just installed these 7 over 1 light sashes we restored for a home in North Asheville. They’re ready for another hundred years of life. The third photo is before. #windowrestoration

Metsaveeru talu (@metsaveeru_talu) Instagram Profile Photometsaveeru_talu

Metsaveeru talu


To be continued.. #windowrestoration

Prestige Window Cleaning (@prestigewindowcleaning) Instagram Profile Photoprestigewindowcleaning

Prestige Window Cleaning

 image by Prestige Window Cleaning (@prestigewindowcleaning) with caption : "Rain or not your windows will shine" - 1984620788989155918

Rain or not your windows will shine