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Cam💉🖤 (@cxm.wxxdy) Instagram Profile Photo cxm.wxxdy


 image by Cam💉🖤 (@cxm.wxxdy) with caption : "Actually buzzin' for Friday to come, skeg weekender 😂🎃🎡🍻 #halloweenweek #buzzin #goodvibes #l4l #instafeed #instadaily #" - 1896333209667828893
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Actually buzzin' for Friday to come, skeg weekender 😂🎃🎡🍻 #worklife


Midlife Career Crisis (@midlifecareercrisis) Instagram Profile Photo midlifecareercrisis

Midlife Career Crisis

 image by Midlife Career Crisis (@midlifecareercrisis) with caption : "I’m a big believer in the power of focusing on the positive, of being kind, and surrounding yourself with good people wh" - 1896332746474083732
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I’m a big believer in the power of focusing on the positive, of being kind, and surrounding yourself with good people who feed your soul.✨ . Unfortunately the reality of life means toxic people are sometimes impossible to avoid. If this person is a work colleague or family member you not only have the regular proximity to contend with, but all the politics, opinions, and dramas that can go along with it. Do you fight back and drain your energy, or just submit to the madness and lose a bit of your soul? Exhausting just thinking about it isn’t it! . But there is a solution. I’m no expert but in my blog this week I explore how I’ve found identifying a personality disorder so helpful, because it allows you to objectively see the behaviour. I wanted to share this because it’s such a massive relief to know it’s not you. And more importantly that it’s not your problem; they have to live with themselves - you don’t. . There is also some expert advice (not from me I hasten to add) about how to have the right boundaries in place and coping strategies up your sleeve, which will help keep you safe, sane, and even happy. It is possible 🙌 . Blog link in bio! ❤️ . . #worklife

ClearTax (@cleartax) Instagram Profile Photo cleartax


Started the day with a great news here at ClearTax! We have been recognised for our work and have been funded by Composite Capital! It’s all celebrations here 💃🏻🌟🎉🍾 #worklife

Joe Risitano (@ojr555) Instagram Profile Photo ojr555

Joe Risitano

 Instagram Image by Joe Risitano (@ojr555) with caption : "I ❤️ Daylight Savings (6:40pm)🍺😎👍 #sydney #beers #worklife #happydays" at The Squire's Landing - James Squire Brewhouse - 1896332251983314854

I ❤️ Daylight Savings (6:40pm)🍺😎👍 #worklife

Mely Klein (@mely_melsn) Instagram Profile Photo mely_melsn

Mely Klein

 Instagram Image by Mely Klein (@mely_melsn) with caption : "Farblich passend beim Kunden #goodmorning .
#agencylife #work #worklife #workinghard #berlin" at Berlin, Germany - 1896332191391468719

Farblich passend beim Kunden . . . life

ViiNDiiCTiVE (@viindiictiive) Instagram Profile Photo viindiictiive


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Good morning world 🌎 let the grind start early @hopsin #worklife