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Bio BAMF Hammer Fitness. You deserve to be the Hero in your own story. We build Heroes with big hammers.

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MONDAYS ARE FOR CRUSHING IT! I’ll be crushing something else next Monday and I’m taking suggestions. What would you like to see crushed with a giant hammer? Comment and you’ll get the shoutout in the video.


This is my friend Tetsu. He is the slackline king of everyone I know. Now , thanks to this video, I will die trying this. Thanks a lot!!! @japdread with @get_repost ・・・ @bamfhammer stop, hammertime


Trust the program. Embrace the process of learning. Humility. I get asked a lot by people to try high level BAMF Hammer skills and there’s always a bit of tension when I insist on the basics. @jackxtaylor is one of many (for whom I’m inexplicably thankful) who picked up a Bodybuilding and Mobile Functionality Hammer on the Black Friday deal. This is him embracing the basics. I’ve watched his content and he knows his stuff. That said, the mark of a great teacher is that they are also a great student.


I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS! Take this Steve Jobs’ ghost! If you have ever wanted to smash your phone computer or tablet then have I got the tool for you. BAMF Hammer is ideal for the full and complete disposal of all your electronics.


Today’s training was a big deal. It was the culmination of the full 12 week training program that comes free with the purchase of every Bodybuilding and Mobile Functionality Hammer. I can attest that a lot of development happens over these 12 weeks. When I started I could barely swing Grace and her 65 lb bulk. Now 150 swings is doable in 7 minutes of smart sets. To those who buys hammers please DO THE PROGRAM! It helps and it’s worth it for yourself. Today’s training made fueled by @viknperformance chalk and @antivenomusa and @functionalformulas.@thebeardedtrainer@smugsfitness@gunnarfitness@joerogan

Modification of a post from a few days ago. I switched out the medball under the stability hand with a big BAMFHammer. Really loving this series as a warm up addition. Just keep the pommel of the base hammer OFF the ground. Also smiling really does help. @mouserstrength@viknperformance


Week 12 day 2. Almost done. Fun fact, they guy walking around behind me paced the gym on the phone through all 4 rounds (of which this is less than half) of this part of today’s training AS WELL AS the 150 swing that proceeded them. Today’s training made fueled by @viknperformance chalk and @antivenomusa and @functionalformulas.


Why wait for Friday to post ? I thought it would be no problem to throw this transition from a single handed push-up and I was WRONG! Thankfully no busted face. By the last rep I was also making an honest attempt to to smile as much as I’ve seen @kaisafit do when she trains to see if it helps. Pretty sure there are spiderwebs on the part of my soul that she’s got sunshine. I’ll keep trying tho. As for the movement. Great addition to the warm up with a BITTY BAMF


The deal goes on until Monday turns to Tuesday! To take your discount from 22% to a round 30% all you need to do make a post between now and then showing your enthusiasm to get your hands on a Bodybuilding and Mobile Functionality Hammer of your very own. Tag me and a friend and we’re game on. I’ll send you a coupon code.

 image by Shawn Richardson (@bamfhammer) with caption : "#Repost @srjhogan with @get_repost
The @bamfhammer is one of my most versatile training tools, so I couldn’t pick ju" - 1917899466960873082

@srjhogan with @get_repost ・・・ The @bamfhammer is one of my most versatile training tools, so I couldn’t pick just one “favorite” movement. It’s between pistols and plyo-pushups, here just showing one of many different variations! ➡️ Now’s a great time to buy, as all his products are 22-30% off this weekend! Contact @shawn_thehammerninja for more info . . .


@shawn_thehammerninja with @get_repost ・・・ 22% off from Friday morning through midnight EST on . BUT save an extra 8% by doing the following. -make a post about BAMF Hammer. Show us your favorite movement or the the thing you are most excited to do with your very own BAMF. - tag a friend who has a hammer or SHOULD have a hammer. - funny tumbling videos that make my son laugh will also earn the extra 8%.

Week 10 day 3. Practice is pull over slams. These offer one of the largest ranges of motion of any BAMF Hammer movement. They went a lot better than I’d hoped. I also learned that at 65 lbs I have to shoot the squat to recover without a swing. I just don’t have the wrist strength to get under that load with a 2 and 1/4 diameter handle. Today’s training made fueled by @viknperformance chalk and @antivenomusa and @functionalformulas


I love putting my hammers in the hands of talented coaches. My favorite thing about seeing posts like this is not seeing BAMF Hammers in new and different gyms. My favorite thing about this post is this athletes form. LOOK AT HIS SPINE! LOOK HOW CLOSE HIS HIPS ARE TO HIS HEELS! Now before online coaches get all over me, I know there is a huge variety of acceptable adaptations on these variables but as a coach one of my greatest difficulties was converting my words and ques into an athlete FEELING the position. The buggiest advantage to the Bodybuilding and Mobile Functionality Hammer is the feedback loop it provides the athlete. Glorious @smugsfitness with @get_repost ・・・ @bamfhammer Squatting goin' down 💪🔨🌩


I am not fast. Never was and since the knee surgery I have been loath to run. I stick to jump rope but after seeing myself smoked come Monday nights @ninjaquestfitness a change is necessary. Today I went back to an old nemesis. The protocol by @themartinrooney check it out for sure.