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Bio Founded Jan ‘17 to stand up for humanity. Proceeds donated to nonprofits. $65,000 & counting. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

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Thank you @cair_wa for bringing Rep. @ilhanmn & Rep. @movitajohnsonharrell to WA St! We cannot wait to learn and be inspired by their sharing Saturday! . . . . Repost @cair_wa ・・・ We asked some of our staff what they're most excited to see at Saturday's event. Here's what they had to say. 😁



PT 1 of 2 Thanks to my good friend Ashley and the inspiring Sandy, Joel Aslanian and Team Maggienificent I was excited to get up early, register for and run Nordstrom’s Beat the Bridge 8k to benefit Type 1 Diabetes. I NEVER could have dreamt up the unforgettable experience the run provided me....this may be my longest post ever but it was THAT great of a day! It is great to be surrounded by enthusiastic individuals at the start of a fundraising run. Ashley and I took off and I was enjoying the beauty of the day and pushing myself to run at a good clip/stick w/ her:). About a 2 miles, we passed a man in a racing wheel chair stopped in the middle of all the runners. I looked back & realized he was trying to fix something wrong w his chair so I ran back to see if I could offer any help. Another man, Chris from Lake Stevens did the same thing, almost simultaneously, and we worked together w/ Hassan (the wheel chair racer) to get the chair mobile again. The 2 of us ended up running w/Hassan, clearing way for him to pass, walking w/ him up the inclines as his 6 yr old, ill-fitted race chair was giving out on him and lifting him out of his chair when his leg started cramping. He was working so hard given the malfunctioning of his bike. He shared that he usually is with the leaders of runs and was disheartened and exhausted by his bike’s issues. I realized to help Hassan try and take his mind off the pain of the incline demands I could talk with him. I learned he drove up by himself from Portland to run this race for his 3rd yr, had lived in Washington St for a short time following 8 yrs in South Africa, having attended Univ of Johannesburg. I shared that I lived in Lesotho many yrs ago and loved 🇿🇦. The distance passed under or feet. As we neared the Stadium for the 1st time, he picked up speed on the down hill & I decided I would let them go...not kill myself trying to match that speed. As I saw him roll ahead I made a quick decision to cut my run short, take a short cut through Husky Stadium to the end where I could photograph Hassan finishing....continued in next post

PT 2/2 Because of the start/stopping we did my old bladder was the time I was right outside the stadium I felt like I had basically peed my pants to a pt that could be super embarrassing for onlookers to have to see. I couldn’t tell if it was visible w/ my black tights & I was uncertain what to do but there was NO way I could not go to see Hassan cross finish line. I came upon 4 girls, a few wearing Team Maggienificent shirts....I’m sure I sounded/looked like a crazy woman when I stopped them to ask if they would look at my backside to see if my mess was visible. They kindly looked & said no 😍. I thanked them & asked for a selfie as they we so kind. (Some people are probably wondering why I share this part, perhaps it is not necessary to the larger story, but I share because instead of letting my messy situation deter me from meeting Hassan at the end—yes it was that bad—I asked for help, was met w/ uplifting smiles from youthful, supportive women & their kindness propelled me to push past my insecurity of what would people think if they got a whiff of me) I made it to the end section, photographed & ran w/ Hassan into the stadium...his efforts were an inspiration to witness. Just after crossing the finish line Hassan needed help as his legs were cramping. Chris, our new Lake Stevens friend arrived in time to help me lift Hassan out & hear a race official inform Hassan that he finished in 1st place. After Hassan was awarded his winners medal, the 3 of us acknowledged how incredible the run was for us. We also got to meet Michael Higgins of Medina, the 2nd place winner. I had tried to find the men bananas or other food but having spanned the football field area, darting through the crowds, I came up empty, so I decided to invite these men, strangers just an hour ago but now friends who inspired me, to have lunch at my home. They accepted & although we were all born in different decades, coming from vastly different backgrounds, we had felt fortunate to get more magical hours of sharing, learning, laughter & inspiration w/ each other. It was a morning, thanks to incredible individuals that I will never forget

I will not stay silent. I am a proud working parent to 2 teenage boys and I am also proud of my decision 26 years ago that I chose to terminate my first pregnancy. 1 in 4 women have had an abortion and I am one among the millions. I am grateful to have had the support of the medical community and Washington State to exercise my choice to terminate my unplanned pregnancy. I will forever be grateful, not shameful. We. Must. Do. Better. . @plannedparenthood@shoutyourabortion@thelindywest@abortionislove . . . .

 Instagram Image by Believe Love Unite (@believeloveunite) with caption : "An amazing spring morning walk, discovering fragrant lilacs in bloom reminded me of the beauty and vibrancy that lives a" at Seattle, Washington - 2034295877217945846

An amazing spring morning walk, discovering fragrant lilacs in bloom reminded me of the beauty and vibrancy that lives all around us. As an American, it is my civic duty to stand up for my belief, fight for equity for all and protection of this land I walk on. If you feel the same, please exercise your civic duty in your community many ways this can be done and is as easy as saying hello to a neighbor you don’t know, attending an event in your city, volunteering at a school...the list can go on and on. You can also share this post with friends, colleagues, strangers and invite them to join the believeLOVEunite movement by going to and purchasing a sign, shirt, bumper sticker, baby a and remember your purchase to join the BLU movement will benefit organizations doing vital work in our country. 🌸☮️🌍🇺🇸❤️

Thanks to @witregatta (Women in Tech wk long conference EVERY human should attend if you can...even if you don’t have tech in your professional life), I met countless kind, passionate, thoughtful, brilliant people and had the good fortune to spend brunching with 4 of them @westwardseattle We are all born in different countries, in different decades with different backgrounds but we found immediate connection through smiles, openness, wit and shared love for people, adventure of the unknown and connection. Towards the end of our lingering meal, a serendipitous moment connected us to our people who shared our long table. Conversations ignited and we carried on for another hour in the amazing Westward environs. A morning none of us will ever forget. The that I carried for the SLS stash were perfect for this day as these people epitomized Be Human. Be Kind. LOVE OTHERS....we are 🇺🇸🇳🇱🇲🇽🇩🇪🇨🇼❤️ Repost ・・・ Old friends @Alf azert_adriana @insta_schnucki and new spent an unforgettable morning sharing stories, laughter, kindness and epitomized how much better life is when we be human and kind and always love others. Magic and unforgettable connections ignite ☮️🇺🇸🇳🇱🇲🇽🇩🇪🇨🇼❤️ @nathalie_hennequin . . . .

Thanks to one phone conversation with @genessa Monday at 10am my week has been filled with incredible connections, learning, sharing and inspiration thanks to @melodybiringer and @witregatta bringing hundreds of amazing and open individuals together around technology...a world I barely dabble in but am leaning in to find find tech knowledge and talent to scale me this work and more that has been limited by just being one person. In a “Co-Storming” session that I was most uncomfortable to step into because of my internal voice tells me I need to be more focused for others to understand me but I knew the vulnerability would be worth learning and connections that I would find. Thanks to @expedia and their thoughtful female, brilliant employees who volunteered to mentor my discomfort quickly slipped away & the hrs flew by and the closed with the most unexpected, universe telling you you are in the exact spot you were meant to be, my mentor, Arpita, wanted me to meet another mentor, Mamtha , as she felt her knowledge base and life experience would be more helpful to my growth. I gave Mamtha a My biz card and she lit up. She shared she had the sign and I asked if she remembered where she got it. “I got it at the 1st @womensmarch “. “By the skate park?” I replied “”Yes!” And then I remembered exactly when it was because I remembered this wonderful group of women who were amongst the first to arrive that morning. I went right to my phone and pulled a picture up immediately, that morning this group of women inspired and lifted me and I had never forgotten them. There we were side by side filled hope, connections and love of community. Yesterday was another day I will never forget thanks to so many great people and businesses.

Marcus C. John @soulbox_ent opened @citizenuniversity this past weekend. His voice and artistry moved me. When I learned he would be in Seattle for one more day before returning home to NYC & was having a book release the next evening, I was grateful to have another opportunity to be witness to his powerful work. “I Can See Color” is one of 27 pieces in his first publication, The Book of John. Thank you Marcus for gifting Seattle and the world with your voice, heart, truth and spirit.

 Instagram Image by Believe Love Unite (@believeloveunite) with caption : "#tbt 2 years ago, less than 3 months into the #believeLOVEunite campaign (originally SpreadLove 2017), I was working har" at Seattle, Washington - 2019762213008424652

2 years ago, less than 3 months into the campaign (originally SpreadLove 2017), I was working hard every day to find ways to get this message in the hands of as many people as possible. My car was filled to the ceiling w/ signs and boxes of shirts, hoodies and more. I am sure many thought I was crazy, I know I often felt crazy, but the countless inspiring connections and conversations like this one that popped up unexpectedly fueled me to keep finding ways to let people know I had a message to spread, merch to sell and $$ to raise driven by a deep love of people and our shared humanity. Although my car is not loaded down any longer and my days are not solely focused on selling, the drive to spread this message still burns deep inside me today. Community, connections, conversations, cultivating collective power...this is what about. We are 🕊❤️☮️ @believeloveunite from April 11, 2017 ・・・ Sipping a coffee on the patio of @cloudcitycoffee soaking up the sun before it slipped away, I hear "Excuse me, sorry to bother you but could you tell me where you got the patch on your hat?" "Totally, it’s no bother at all! I am actually so grateful you asked. I sell the patches." "Do you happen to have any with you? And I see you're wearing a shirt. Do you have those too?" Yes and YES! "Let me go grab some." "We can follow you, we don't want to make it difficult for you..." Welcome to my filled to the gills SUV pop up!! Kristin, Linda, Kevin and Cody(not pictured) from the Greenlake Fire Station made my day. Such nice people (and funny too) doing great work in our city! Thank you for joining the movement!

Thank you @ms_rebecca_ann for adding the patch to your pack. May it bring your strength, smiles, connections and conversations that help fuel your epic adventure. . . . Repost @stocklistgoods ・・・ Our friend, Pac Ave neighbor and total badass @ms_rebecca_ann has started her journey hiking the PCT! We are so excited for her and happy that’s she’s doing so with two of our patches on her backpack. Follow along on her journey by following her. @ms_rebecca_ann ・・・