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It was my pleasure to honor my friend Jon Platt for all the good work he does for The City of Hope. City of Hope makes creating medical miracles its priority in the fight against cancer and life-threatening diseases. If you’d like to help, you can contact them at


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To Shawn Carter, my Clyde, my best friend: this journey on OTR2 has been a highlight of my life. Thank you for every moment. I’ll be your hype man any day! To the Hive and all the fans who supported OTR2, cheers to you and I. Salud!

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Thank you to all of our loved ones who came out to support OTR2. And a huge thank you to the hardest working crew in show business. We couldn’t have done this without each of you beautiful human beings.

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Thank you to all the brilliant scholarship winners. Continue to dream, work hard, and grind until you own your dream. You make us proud. 🐝🙌🏾