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Bio Founder of The Brooklyn Fool's Tarot Journey Host of Astrology Podcast @cosmic.cousins

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 image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "A new year of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey started tonight with a group of amazing humans. We will be gathering ever" - 1957786977027083267

A new year of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey started tonight with a group of amazing humans. We will be gathering every Tuesday night for the next 6 months, feeling into the expanse of the journey from the Fool to the World.

 Instagram Image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "Here‘s my Capricorn Road Trip look. I thrifted the coat, splurged on the hat, found a bargain on the blanket, and the do" at Santa Fe, New Mexico - 1955007871663328472

Here‘s my Capricorn Road Trip look. I thrifted the coat, splurged on the hat, found a bargain on the blanket, and the doorway is brought to you by Santa Fe! . Capricorn is the ‘Spirit of the Mountain’ (the title to the book I’m in process of writing all about understanding Capricorn’s mystical nature through the lens of the cross country road trip I was so lucky to take with 💚 @earth2alexsound). . . I’m literally so inundated with Capricorn information download, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this Eclipse Season, holding space for it all + ‘Queen of Zodiac’ series + a new group of fools for the Emperor Year of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey starting next week (which I’m soi excited for!!). . . So I’m literally sequestering myself, being super gentle, and meditating for 20 minutes every 2 hours to keep it all clear. (I set an alarm on my phone every 2 hours to remind myself to meditate, it’s really a wonderful tool and highly recommend.) Sending you all love over this Eclipse Season. Listen to your body! Eclipses are no joke. Make sure you get lots of rest! And remember...deep breathes.✨💚🏔✨


Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Frida Kahlo as the ‘Chariot’ . The Chariot symbolizes the sacred pause in the stillness of preparation before the initiatory phase of the Fool’s Journey. It’s here our Charioteer learns to align her willpower, not with force or ambition, but with intuitive confidence. This is the power of Cardinal Water. . As the Higher Self card for the astrological sign Cancer, the Chariot speaks to the deeply empathetic and guided deeper knowings of the Crab. It’s through the gentle honoring of our emotions, the past, and our ancestors that we sense the guidance needed to move forward on our journey towards Wholeness. . ‘Queen of Cancer’ Frida Kahlo’s (@cosmic.cousins) artistic ambition honored the grief of her ancestors, while moving forward towards beauty, reviving and celebrating the indigenous traditions of ancient Mexico.


Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Tina Turner as ‘Temperance’ . The recirculation of life following Death, Temperance represents the Sagittarian ability to transmute hardships into new life with faith and hope. This alchemical process occurs not through subtraction or controlled moderation, but rather through a gentle distillation process of adding connection to a Higher Power through spiritual practice. . Although known publicly for her fierce + fiery stage persona, Tina Turner (named “Queen of Sagittarius” by the listeners to the podcast @cosmic.cousins) blends the soothing power of prayer and chanting to her life to bring about a greater sense of ease and clarity. . Tina was raised Baptist and always had prayer in her life, but it wasn’t until she was introduced to Buddhism that her life began to change. She credits the spiritual chant ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ for helping her endure difficult times. She’s now been a practicing Buddhist for almost 50 years. With her love of religion and culture, she’s released multiple spiritual albums. One of which is called “Children Beyond,” which includes 12 prayers and mantras from the religions Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism. She performed and recorded this with 30 children from all different cultures and nations. . To learn more about Tina Turner’s life tune into Season 5: Episode 1 of @cosmic.cousins

 image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "When I was asked to be the ‘Knight of Pentacles‘ in the @moonchildtarot, creator  Danielle Noel didn’t know (at least co" - 1932309228594565677

When I was asked to be the ‘Knight of Pentacles‘ in the @moonchildtarot, creator Danielle Noel didn’t know (at least consciously) that @wildsoulhealing and I share a special friendship. And now here we are together in the same court-card family! . . I love seeing Lindsay as the ‘Page of Pentacles’ because it reflects her mystical devotion to service and spirit. And she’s also a Virgo Rising, and is one of the cards I use for Virgo (Mutable = Page/Queen; Earth = Virgo). . Then, me as reflects my emphasis when teaching on long-term commitment to tarot. (Knight of Pentacles = Capricorn; Cardinal = Knight; Earth = Pentacles) . If you’re interested in some Knight of Pentacles medicine, through a weekly gathering, I offer 6-month tarot immersions. We gather 22 times, one for each Major Arcana card, in order from the Fool to the World. . The 2019 Tarot Journeys start in just four weeks, and there’s a few openings left for the group journey, and private immersion. To learn more, click the link on my linktree. . (***Also, if you filled out an application and haven’t heard back, some of the applications were deleted. You can email me directly at if that’s you.) . I’m really looking forward to another year!! And thank you again @starchildtarot and @moonchildtarot for including me in your deck!

 image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON. // Friday, December 7, 2018.
Here are the four cards I place out on an altar to honor the energy" - 1926473579748478862

SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON. // Friday, December 7, 2018. . Here are the four cards I place out on an altar to honor the energy of Sagittarius. . . Sagittarius as Mutable Fire = the Page + Queen of Wands. ‘Page of Wands’ reflects Sag’s love of adventure and spontaneity, with the soul lesson of learning how to channel that excitement with deeper meaning + purpose. ‘Queen of Wands’ takes this a bit further, and joins intuition with action, reflecting Sag’s incredible ability to maintain hope and adaptability throughout life. . ‘Wheel of Fortune’ (representation for Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter) symbolizing moments in which grand visions appear (often during travel, change, or deep meditation) that offers a glimpse of how an individual fits into the big-picture. . ‘Temperance’ (the Higher-Self card for Sagittarius) fully embodies faith, gentleness, + compassion. Sagittarius on this level is the great teacher that grants wisdom through the assimilation of experience, leading humanity from one goal to another in an ever-expanding and uplifting manner. . If you’re interested in learning about this more, and honoring Sagittarius in-person with me, I’ll be in NYC on Tuesday, December 18th at @maharosenyc for a live podcast recording of my podcast @cosmic.cousins. (link in bio) . Also, there are a few spots left for the 6-month Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey Online, taking place this January - June. (link also in bio). In which we will dive deep into all of this and more! Happy New Moon!

Ghost Ranch ReportShareDownload15251

Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Georgia O’Keeffe as Death The Death card in the tarot often gets misunderstood.  Reflecting on it through the lens of Scorpio and Georgia O'Keeffe (named ‘Queen of Scorpio’ by the listeners of podcast @cosmic.cousins) is super helpful! . For starters, the Death card is NOT about literal death. However, it does imply deep emotional release and transformation. Just as every Scorpio Season, trees shed their leaves, the Death card in the tarot symbolizes the inevitable shedding of the old to make way for the new. Georgia O’Keeffe beautifully reflected this through her life and work. . . After suffering from intense heartbreak, O’Keeffe left New York City and pioneered out West. She settled down at a place called ‘Ghost Ranch,’ an art education center located in New Mexico. Here she immersed herself in the natural world and found deep comfort in the symbolic equivalents nature provided for her inner emotional states. Her subjects (primarily flowers, landscapes, and bones) serve as powerful abstract symbols of nature's regenerative force. . . Georgia continually evolved both medium and subject throughout her life, yet the essence of her work remained the same - a testament to spirit.  She held a weight and magnetism with her exploration of form, and from the ashes of pain, she resurrected a profound compassion and appreciation for the beauty of life. She lived until the age of 98 and her story and art continues to offer spiritual guidance and inspiration to women and artists around the world.

Yesterday I gifted myself a reading with Aquarius sister and incredible tarot reader @vardotarot. Erin converted an old delivery van into a caravan of dreams, bringing tarot to the people as a sanctuary on wheels here in Los Angeles. As a tarot reader myself, I rarely gift myself the opportunity to sit down with another reader, but Scorpio season called me in! Erin is so compassionate and connected and I highly recommend for a reading. . . On a side note, if you’re feeling the call towards study through the tarot, the 6-month tarot journey immersion I offer is coming up! I offer it once every year, January- June. We gather 22 times through group ritual immersion online, one gathering for each Major Arcana card, in order from the Fool to the World. . . I am currently reviewing all of the applications that have been sent in over the last year. (So if you sent one in, you will hear from me). There are only 16 openings. 8 openings for each of the two online time slots. I’m also gauging interest for an in-person immersion in Los Angeles. (If that’s something you’d be interested in, reach out and let’s make it happen) . To learn more and apply, click ‘Tarot Journey’ on my linktree.


Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): bell hooks as Justice . Moon is in Libra, which is symbolized by ‘Justice’ in the tarot. Both Justice and Libra offer a meditation on rightful harmony through active intelligence and passive reflection. . Feminist author, bell hooks (named ‘Queen of Libra’ by the listeners of podcast @cosmic.cousins), exudes this through her life and work. She demystifies contentious concepts and turns social justice ideology into common sense in a way that makes room for inclusion. However, some might call her “controversial.” In a very Justice/Libra way, she is quick to readjust the scales and the way we all might view the world. . Challenging our current culture and social systems, her writing focuses on the intersectionality of race, capitalism, and gender, and what she describes as their ability to produce and perpetuate systems of oppression and class domination. As one of the most famous feminist scholars and thought leaders, she doesn’t hold back on calling people out, even if you’re Beyonce. In response to Beyoncé’s visual album ‘Lemonande,’ she calls it, “fantasy feminism” and “the business of capitalist money making at its finest.” . Despite the feathers hooks may ruffle with her Truth telling, her words are deeply compassionate and connected to Universal Truth bringing about peace, fairness, and balance.


Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Cher as the Hierophant . Happy Full Moon in Taurus! ‘The Hierophant’ card in the tarot represents soul-centered Taurus. Both Taurus + Hierophant hold the wisdom of gratitude in human form. This deep understanding of Earth’s connection to Spirit aids us all in the power of ritual. Through the temple of our bodies, our worldly possessions, and even gorgeous fabrics we adorn ourselves with, soul-centered Taurus is a living embodiment of the Divine. . ‘Goddess of Pop’ @cher (named ‘Queen of Taurus’ by the listeners of the podcast @cosmic.cousins) exudes this through her life, presence, and work. Through her booming voice and vocation, Cher offers up her artistry as a testament.  From over-the-top wardrobe changes, to countless farewell concert tours, Cher’s work is a sacrament to her deep-felt understanding of Truth. . . In her 60 years in the spotlight, she's graced us with countless words to live by. Cher continues to unabashedly challenge our current culture’s belief systems.  Instead of being a mindless participant, she reminds us of the importance of owning our self-worth. Her outward visible expression is a sign of her inward spiritual grace. And through her embolden confidence, Cher continues to inspire women, gays, and really all of us, to own our rights to embody what we truly feel inside, the Goddess.

Hey y’all. It’s been a minute, so I pulled a card to reflect on my current relationship to the tarot. 9 of Cups. Feels quite appropriate. . Although my social media presence may not indicate I’m active in the realm of tarot, I still deeply connect to my cards every day. . . 9 of Cups shows itself to me in times when I feel bittersweet emotional pride and gratitude of fulfillment. Over the last six months I’ve had the honor to lead four different humans on individual journeys through the Major Arcana of tarot. (We meet once a week for about an hour and a half, and deep dive into one Major Arcana card, in order from the Fool to the World). . Although I consider myself a teacher, the individuals I work with are all uniquely talented, and teach me more and more about the tarot each year. Big shout out to @samuel.draper, @maryysnyder, @_stevie_james, and @lifematrix74! Feeling those feels to-be-sure. From fools to family. 😘

Queens of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Beyonce as Hermit. . . ‘The Hermit’ card in the tarot represents Virgo and symbolizes a journey of deep self-inquiry. Beyonce Knowles (named ‘Queen of Virgo’ by the listeners of the podcast @cosmic.cousins) embodies this through her life, presence, and work. . With a calling towards music since the age of 5, Beyonce has never missed a step. She walks the path of devotion to the refinement of her craft, and as the fruits of her internal self ripen, she offers her harvest to the world. . Her projects, although often a reflection on culture, society, and personal life, are methodical, curated, and well thought out. Her artistic vision shines light on us all, inspiring the cultivation and nurturance of our own creative impulses. . She continues to ascend the mountain and is the highest-paid Black musician in history. Her body of work reminds us the power of commitment to our path. . (For more work like this go follow @tarotwolf) .


Queen of the Zodiac Tarot Collaboration (w/ @tarotwolf): Stevie Nicks as Lovers . ‘The Lovers’ card in the tarot acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you your own divinity within duality. ‘Fairy Godmother of Rock’ Stevie Nicks (named ‘Queen of Gemini’ by the listeners of podcast @cosmic.cousins) embodies this through her life, presence, and work. . Both angelic and witchy, she exudes lightness within shadows, expressing dark parts of her soul in an airy and uplifting manner. She’s in control, both on stage and in her life through sobriety, yet she’s wild and free, spinning in circles with flowing fabric. Through intensity and darkness, calmness and light, her feminine gravitas creates a sacred bridge between opposing forces. This is Gemini’s gift. This is the invitation of ‘the Lover’s.’ . . So what is this cards connection to ‘love’? Often what feel we are missing in ourself, we seek in others. If we project on to a lover, we may not believe we are complete without them. However, a lover merely acts as a mirror to our own soul, gifting us an opportunity to recognize our own worthiness. . . ‘The Lover’s’ is recognizing the integration of all parts. As above, so below. As within, so without. . Stevie Nicks says it best in ‘Landslide,’ in her deep felt Gemini wise way: . “I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills/ Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child within my heart rise above?”

 Instagram Image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "Pisces Mother Moon (Queen of Cups) greets us here during Virgo Season to get us out of our bodies and minds, and into th" at Los Angeles, California - 1854330474781068181

Pisces Mother Moon (Queen of Cups) greets us here during Virgo Season to get us out of our bodies and minds, and into the depths of Spirit. Reflect on the first half of the cycle. What seeds did you plant back on the Pisces New Moon (March 17)? . This Pisces Full Moon invites us to stop working so hard on our harvest, and remember just how far we’ve come. Deep surrender and release. Trust that all is well. Breathe into Spirit all around you. Breathe into Spirit in your clothes. Your stones. Your pillows. And your bones. You can be of service by simply communing with your breath. . Yes child! Sun is in Beyoncé (Queen of Pentacles; Virgo). And Moon is in Erykah Badu (Queen of Cups; Pisces). Feel into the Badu vibes this Sunday. Allow yourself to daydream. Read poetry. Burn incense. Drinks lots of water. Get lots of sleep. This will lay the spiritual foundations for soul-centered Virgo’s sacred ability to bring a holistic union of body, mind, and soul. This is what brings about the true offering, integrated health.


Viola Davis as ‘Strength’ in the tarot. 🔊🆙 . I’m so stoked to announce a new collaboration! Wolf Marnell (@tarotwolf) creates beautiful tarot collages that deepen our connection to the archetypes by utilizing cultural figures. This is very similar to the work I’ve been doing with astrology in a new ‘Queen of the Zodiac’ series on my podcast @cosmic.cousins. So we’ve decided to join forces!! Here’s our first one! . . Viola Davis @violadavis was just named ‘Queen of Leo’ by the listeners on the podcast. ‘Strength’ in the tarot represents the higher-octave of Leo. By tuning into Viola’s spirit, we can feel into the energy of this card. . When ‘Strength’ shows up in a tarot reading, it reminds us to be be gentle with our emotions + desires. When we fully listen to their calling, we create space for our intuition to emerge. ‘Strength’ encourages us to answer the roar of our inner-lion with a brave heart. And this is exactly what Viola embodies through her life and work as an actress and activist. . With deep guttural primal expression, Viola gives voice and power to ordinary heroes not normally given the spotlight. She exudes a deep confidence through instinctive storytelling that awakens camaraderie within the collective. She’s also known for heart-felt sizzling speeches that promotes diversity and redefines beauty. She leads with gentle authority and has transformed from a life of poverty to being the first Black person to ever win the Triple Crown of Acting (Emmy, Tony, and Academy Award). Accompanying this image is the audio from her Emmy acceptance speech in 2015. . If you’d like to learn more about Viola and how she embodies Leo, tune into the latest episode of iTunes, “Season 4: Episode 1.” Link in bio! . More to come!!

Leo Rising Heidi Rose Robbins (@heidiroserobbins)exudes the radiance and warmth of the in the tarot (which is why I brought her sunflowers). She hosts one of my favorite podcasts (a podcast of astrology, poetry, inspiration, and very good company). So when she asked me to be on her show, I felt so excited and honored, but also immediately comforted and at home in her presence. I think she encapsulates this feeling through words, as she titled this episode “my new old friend.” . . What a gift it is to share a common vocabulary with another human! And we share this on more than one level: soul-centered astrology, embodied health, and poetry. . . In our conversation we swoon over our mutual love of @reginaspektor and how Regina is a perfect example of the Aquarius/Pisces cusp. We go in deep on the Leo-Aquarius Polar Energy, Mercury in Pisces, Progressed Astrology, Black Moon Lilith, Eris, and Water Grand Trines. . . Heidi also explains how she sees my Aquarius energy expressing itself through astrology, and Virgo through tarot. She says, “When I think of tarot, I think very much of Virgo, the priestess energy and practices that connect us to the Divine.” Light bulbs went off for me and I immediately thought of Virgo Rising Tarot High Priestess @wildsoulhealing (who along with @artofloving introduced me to Heidi). . . And then amongst all of our high-vibe astro talk, Heidi also selected three gorgeous poems that we read and discuss. It’s a super heartfelt convo and an experience I will always cherish in my heart. (And special thanks to Heidi’s production team @karinleeschneider and @laurentisza for hanging out, holding space and laughing with us). . . If you’d like to tune in, check the link on the linktree attached to my bio.

 image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "Have you ever pulled a tarot card and burst out into tears? That happened unexpectedly this morning as I pulled the 6 of" - 1812544881252583940

Have you ever pulled a tarot card and burst out into tears? That happened unexpectedly this morning as I pulled the 6 of Cups at my childhood home. . About 6 weeks ago my dad had an accident which left him in an induced coma with a traumatic head injury. Fortunately, I work from home and was able to come back for the month to be of support to my family during the rehabilitation process. Over the past few weeks my dad’s gone from being unresponsive and hooked up to a machine, to now back home and almost ready to walk without a walker. . The 6 of Cups shows up when you find yourself coming up against a similar scenario to a time when you might not have fully trusted your instincts in the past. It offers an opportunity to reconcile, forgive, and make peace with this pattern. Now is a time to claim authority of your right to learn from the past, to step up more fully into your newly evolved self, and to make empowered decisions that guide you towards intergenerational healing. . The 6 of Cups is giving us the feels, and in a summer full of Retrogrades, a Water Grand Trine, and Eclipse Season, I am wishing for you extra time to process all your emotions. . . If you’d like support in that process, I’m accepting applications for both tarot + astrology mentorship immersion’s for this Fall ‘18. I’m taking off for Los Angeles now, and will be in NYC at the end of the month with workshop and retreat offerings. All these links are listed on my LinkTree. Be well!

 image by Jeff Hinshaw (@brooklyntarot) with caption : "There’s an interview up of me on “Health Fuels Hustle” a podcast for “business owners looking to improve their health na" - 1806868938777216470

There’s an interview up of me on “Health Fuels Hustle” a podcast for “business owners looking to improve their health naturally and funnel that energy into the work they live and love.” (Find the link on my linktree) ・・・ Here’s a from inspiring host @amykuretsky explaining what we cover in our conversation together. Thanks for having me on the show! ・・・ I've had many mentors and teachers over the years that have helped me grow and expand, trust and love. Jeff Hinshaw, aka @brooklyntarot aka @cosmic.cousins aka Trash Canyon is one of those special teachers. I'm so very honored to have him on this week to talk about soul-centered astrology, tarot, chakra meditations as healing practices, podcasting as a tool for healing work, and much more.⠀ ⠀ Jeff is a true Aquarian in his quest to bring immense amounts of healing to our world. One of the ways he does that is through his own astrology centered podcast, Cosmic Cousins. This week on his show, in light of the recent suicides, and feeling moved by more people opening up talking about their depression, Jeff felt inspired to add to the conversation by giving others a platform to share openly and honestly about their experiences with depression through the lens of their astrological sign. He has 13 special guests on the show: one person for each astrological sign, and an extra person for those moving through Saturn Return. I highly recommend you subscribe and take a listen.⠀ ⠀ Thanks Jeff for being a guiding light in the dark for so many of us. XO⠀ 〰️〰️〰️〰️⠀