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Bio 🇨🇦 moto family.

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It’s official we need ❄️❄️ is


After the walk of defeat ,at least the are happy to see us🤷‍♂️@dc_roberts866

 image by Calvin (@calvinr96) with caption : "#sweettooth that this little guy has is on another level🤷‍♂️" - 1904618624157957614

that this little guy has is on another level🤷‍♂️


Finally getting some stuff done around the house. @dc_roberts866 does not like being up there but enjoys enough she got up there. She’s 😂


@mattdav62 showing the boys how it’s done 😂. Kids had fun riding with a guy they look up to. Even after he stuffs them 😂👊👏. @pgmotorsports

 image by Calvin (@calvinr96) with caption : "Not sure how many people noticed #but @dc_roberts866 has the best buns😁. #butteryourbiscuit" - 1883907834157337522

Not sure how many people noticed @dc_roberts866 has the best buns😁.


These boys put in into i these little guys for there attitudes and over coming everything they have this year from to on your season and you owe for everything she does for you guys. @dc_roberts866

 image by Calvin (@calvinr96) with caption : "#proudofyou boys. But sad to say #2018 MX season is over. Had a ton of fun with #motobuddies and #motofamily hope we can" - 1879987949199026533

boys. But sad to say MX season is over. Had a ton of fun with and hope we can stay healthy all winter and do it all over again next season. This season was only possible because we had so much help. Thanks to all the people who help @cobracanada1 and to the best ever @dc_roberts866


Drew trying his brothers . Says won’t be long and he will be riding for on the @rockstar_otsff_yamaha 😂. Have to admire the kids drive.


Drew worked his little ass of this weekend going 1-3 for 2nd overall. Had a absolute in practice. Collected himself up got his bike straightened out and went out for moto 1. Day two Drew pulled the and decided to do another on the first lap. got up by himself and back to 3rd moto was cut short 🤷🏼‍♂️ so he was unable to catch anymore of his . slipped away after all the hard work he puts into racing. . With all that Drew had a great attitude and congratulated the winner. He also wanted to thank @mcqmx for all the great race weekends and to all his sponsors @dc_roberts866


Final round of is in the books. @carterroberts86 had a good weekend enjoyed the and came out with a 2-2 for 2nd overall. Thanks to for all the 2018 racing had a lot of fun and learned a lot this year to. Thanks to all sponsors the 2018 season wouldn’t have been possible without them. @dc_roberts866@mattdav62


Can’t wait for this @dc_roberts866 and I can get out soon


How the boys plays in our backyard 😂 Another track change to keep it interesting. Can’t wait to finish it one day. thanks to and @dc_roberts866


If u can start it you can ride it. Dominic trying a at did pretty good. @dc_roberts866