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From @orangeisthenewblackandtan: “Playing with my new fish toy for ! *No bed linens were harmed in the making of this video! **Oh wait, that's not even close to true. 😹 ———————————————————————— For those new friends who don't know Phin very well yet, he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This means that the part of his brain that coordinates movement never fully developed. He's not in any pain, and he won't get worse over time, though there also aren't any treatments that would help him. He had a difficult time getting enough food in his system as a kitten, experiencing Fading kitten syndrome, but his foster mom, @fosterkittys , nurtured him with a lot of love and care, and he was able to grow into the wonderful cat he is now. 😻 Phin adapts to his condition by walking with his paws a bit wider, leaning against the wall for support, and using claws to climb up and down things. Phin is a very happy kitty who loves playing with his siblings (Tyrion the cat, and Holly the Airedale Terrier), eating meals and treats, and cuddling with his parents. 😻”


‪From @pachuching1118: “大家一起來玩桌遊吧🐊‬ ‪這鱷魚的蛀牙蟲🤔真大隻”


‪From @lilyandlunz: “Baby Cat, doo doo doo doo doo doo 😻💙🦈 Volume waaaaay up! 🔊 Or way down 😹”

 video by Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) with caption : "From @sarperduman: “The story of the pianist cat along with one of our first videos.. 🎹🐈
About 2 years ago, when I was o" - 2029096833448915481

From @sarperduman: “The story of the pianist cat along with one of our first videos.. 🎹🐈 About 2 years ago, when I was on my way home at midnight, I found him thrown in a trash can, tied up in a plastic bag..😔 They had thrown him away with a broken leg and he was screaming in .. He had surgery, got better and held onto life oh so beautifully.. He loves so innocently, so beautifully.. Everyone says I make him happy but actually, whenever I play the piano for him, I get even happier than him.. 💙 . Yaklaşık 2 sene önce bir geceyarısı eve dönerken çöp poşetinin ağzı bağlı olarak çöpe atılmış bir şekilde bulmuştum onu.. Ayağı kırık şekilde atmışlardı çöpe, acı içinde bağırıyordu..😔 Ameliyat oldu, iyileşti ve hayata öyle güzel tutundu ki.. Öyle saf, öyle güzel seviyor ki.. Herkes benim onu mutlu ettiğimi söylüyor ama aslında ben ona piano çalarken, ondan daha çok mutlu oluyorum... 💙”


From @_bennyfromtheblock_: “👀 I call these my molly eyes.”


From @munjiking: “어쩐지..🤔”


From @myuuuuchan_1116: “左手かわいすぎる😂💓”

 image by Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) with caption : "From @my_boy_belarus: “Well hello ladies” #catsofinstagram" - 2028540237463384389

From @my_boy_belarus: “Well hello ladies”

 image by Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) with caption : "From @elliot_the_ginge_and_maxwell: “Baby Tuxedo 🥰” #catsofinstagram" - 2028472379949619515

From @elliot_the_ginge_and_maxwell: “Baby Tuxedo 🥰”


From @ladylolathecat: “Horse riding on my humom @irisdijs 😹 . 🎥 made by @irisdijs Do you already follow our hastag? Also on Facebook: LadyLola Youtube ladylola the cat”


‪From @ami____5: “*‬ ‪モチモチのココさん‬ ‪の、あくび🐱🗣💭”


‪From @owl__kitty: “Bring me Tunnaaaaaa! ⚡️☄️