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Bio Smile when a child bursts out in laughter. @thenorthface @yeti @smartwool @petzl_official @protectourwinters 😌be good 🙏🏼 be kind 😊 be happy

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 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Thanks to all who share in social media. I’m an optimist and see the good of humanity on the various platforms. If you’v" - 2001090025560105882

Thanks to all who share in social media. I’m an optimist and see the good of humanity on the various platforms. If you’ve looked around, you might be familiar with the peace mandalas that I post after mass shootings and hate crimes. Ideally we wouldn’t see these. Our heart goes out to the Muslim community around the world. Hate has no place in society. We will foster peace. The snapshot is from sunrise in New Zealand this past June. We are with your nation and strive to end violence.


After a long day of talking and shuffling pixels nothing makes me happier than a evening walk with @jenniloweanker and our two “love sponges”. Our dogs are a reminder to be totally happy for everyone and everything all the time. I’m working on my canine sleeping skills. Are you? Bivy at the drop of an eyelid, anywhere, anytime and 0 to 60 at the sound of a leash or the aroma of a treat. ❤️


@iloweanker Happy Birthday Isaac! Love Dad

@protectourwinters is our partner for a healthier planet. ❄️ We are active on climate because it matters. It matters short term and, more importantly, it matters long term. Climate, per the US military, is the greatest threat to national & global security. Changing climate leads to destabilization, unrest and conflict. For most of us flipping through social media it affects our ability to recreate. The bigger picture is that climate is the tragedy of the commons for this century. We all share the air we breath and we are all dependent on the health of oceans. As we make the transition to a green and sustainable economy we can hope the market will work it’s magic. In the long run the market always follows metrics. Yet when we have legislative externalities that punish renewable energy and prop up fossil fuel we are working against the betterment of humanity. We can do better. Being a board member of @protectourwinters is challenging. Climate is a divisive topic. People get angry. And in this haze of anger we loose our ability to examine the science that underlies this subject. Yet if we don’t work towards a cleaner and healthier planet we’re stealing from future generations. We are not paying life forward. Previous generations got us to where we are today. It is our responsibility to be the stewards of this planet so that future generations have the opportunity we have. Check out 👉🏽stoked to see the power of climbers team up to make change. As in a big climb, we only accomplish things by hard work. We are all in this together. @alpinist007@bethrodden@emilyaharrington@adrianballinger@mattsegal@grahamzimmerman@tommycaldwell Support from @lasportivana@americanalpine@thenorthface_climb


“Till our paths cross again.” It’s a common way to say goodbye to your friends, leaving open where and when you’ll next see each other. On a snowy day in late February @rob_raker & @brb13770 (Brent Bishop) visited Hyalite Canyon for a day of ice climbing. As the previous few days were covered in snow, sensible folks went skiing. Being guests in town they were determined to climb. Luck would have it we met @noblefoto (Chris Noble) at the base of “The Thrill is Gone”. He had last visited the climb in 1994 to snap images of Jack Tackle, the first ascensionist of the route. They skied in from the dam, which added to the fun. Back then if you had neon boots you didn’t need a helmet. Photo from “Winter Dance” by @joewjosephson Chris was most generous in helping me get started in the outdoor trade and I’m forever thankful. Rob has been a friend of our family since the mid 80s. His enthusiasm for life shines like a beacon, a light our three boys always remember. This enthusiasm has been his vitality as for the last nine years he has been in a tug of war with cancer. Death always wins, we get that. Yet keeping the recycler at bay with a smile and passion for life is Rob’s antidote. Rob - having you couch surf over the decades is a gift. Brent is a friend. When our paths cross we are bit shorter and our grip a bit weaker. Getting to laugh at the complexity of life and think of ways we can bring goodness to existence is a common thread. He is the board chair for the @dzifoundation. Doing his part to make the world a more equitable and opportune place. Thanks gentlemen for a fine day. Till our paths cross.


I am proud to be partnering with @DoveMenCare, a staple in my post-climbing routine, to celebrate all dads crushing their Double Duty life at work and at home. Life is about balance. Too much work and we burn out. Too much play and we become indolent. Finding that balance allows us to be the best spouse and parent. We have a duty to our families and work. Getting both right takes dedication. And when they click... that’s happiness. Please share how you keep up with your lifestyle in the comments below, and tag a friend, to have the chance to embark on the ULTIMATE Double Duty experience with me! On Saturday 3/30 we will spend a day in Hyalite Canyon with @montananalpineguides learning the ropes of ice climbing. Come experience a real adventure in the wilds of Montana. I look forward to hearing what you have to share. No purchase necessary. Open to 50 US & DC, 18+. Ends 3/17. Rules at

 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "I’m partnering with @DoveMenCare to celebrate all the guys out there pulling #doubleduty – striving to balance career an" - 1987235143358943341

I’m partnering with @DoveMenCare to celebrate all the guys out there pulling – striving to balance career and family, everyday – just like me! I often spend a lot of time training or on an expedition away from my family, but when I’m home, I actively practice being present to make the most of every minute. Our skin goes through a lot out there which is why it’s important to help skin rebound with products like @DoveMenCare that hydrate and cleanse. Us guys need a product that pulls too.

Congratulations @freesolofilm for the @theacademy Award for Documentary. Thanks @alexhonnold for taking the big step, @sannimccandless for providing balance, and @chaivasarhelyi & @jimmychin for bringing climbing to to world and life to climbing. For the entire team that worked together with @natgeo to bring this to the theatre - an excellent performance. Your voice and presence is an integral part of the film.

 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Climbing can be simplified by reducing it to numbers.  V4, 5.11, 8848, E6, 18, 7a+, Grade VI. 🏔🏔🏔
They tell us something" - 1982065391762149965

Climbing can be simplified by reducing it to numbers. V4, 5.11, 8848, E6, 18, 7a+, Grade VI. 🏔🏔🏔 They tell us something about the climb and the climbers, yet it’s storytelling that brings depth and meaning to the adventures we share in the mountains. This April I will be in the UK with @speakersfromtheedge for a tour through the birthplace of climbing slide shows and lectures. I’ll be building out a new show titled “Hold Fast”, that will follow climbing journeys from Yosemite to Utah to Alaska to the Himalaya to Patagonia to Antarctica. Please join me for the upcoming tour to the United Kingdom. Photo by @mariuszpotocki of Pumori (7161 m), Khumbu Himal, Nepal. Sunrise on majestic peak. Isn’t this what inspires? @thenorthfaceuk@petzl_official Link in profile.

 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Happy Losar! Year of the Earth Pig. 
2018 was Year of the Earth Dog in Chinese astrology.
An earthy town dog in silhouet" - 1972949938804821639

Happy Losar! Year of the Earth Pig. 2018 was Year of the Earth Dog in Chinese astrology. An earthy town dog in silhouette with the iconic “Losar” ice climb in the background. As it forms around the time of Tibetan New Year, the name is fitting. Namche Bazar, Khumbu, Nepal.


The Alpine Musk Deer - Moschus chyrosgaster - is a shy and solitary animal endemic to the eastern Himalaya. Living in forests between 3000 and 4000 meters, this small deer is a treat to observe in the wild. The male has a Musk gland that has for centuries been used in perfume and sought after as an aphrodisiac. With the advent of guns the pressure on these animals has increased. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the species as endangered, which indicates a decreasing population trend. In Sagarmatha National Park these deer inhabit the rhododendron and deciduous forests. The small deer has incisors that do not hide within the mouth. The regional name, kasturi, extends across the Himalayan habitat. This animal was balancing on a rhododendron branch in the early morning light after a light snowfall the previous evening. In the winter they graze in the moss hanging from nearby branches. If you enjoy nature and observing animals take a look at @inaturalistorg , an app that helps you identify plants and animals. It’s a neat way to be part of the scientific community. The short clip was taken on 28 January near Phortse, Nepal. Part of my morning is to hike around and quietly observe. The Danphe and Musk Deer are frequently visible. I have yet to see a snow leopard, the predator (aside from humans) that is part of this herbivores existence. If you are trekking in any of the National Parks of Nepal please don’t feed the feral dogs. The dogs know how to endear themselves to tourists and manage to get enough treats to be healthy. In the off season the dogs are a threat to wildlife. @inaturalistorg@tenzing99@pemba_sharwa Map courtesy of IUCN, background information thanks to @wikipedia

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We swipe, tap and scroll through social media. There is an immediate sense of connection and, perhaps, the fear of missing out. All your pals and the ones you respect have an ever increasing level of stoke. In the 30 minutes I just spent (lost) here I witnessed skiing, climbing and living that, well, makes me feel all of the 56 years I am. I’m as guilty as anyone, perhaps more so. I curate my public life to highlight the highs and obscure the low points. It’s an ever increasing loop that feeds on itself. Alas the game of gravity plays for keeps. The risk of not returning is part of the allure. What would the sports we play be with out risk? Merely games? The down side is our family and friends don’t always make it back. Gravity always has the upper hand. When it plays its card too soon we all loose.For those left behind the pain begins. Was it worth it? Could it have been avoided? If you escaped the vice of gravity along side your bestie, why not me? What do I do next? I’m not one for cemeteries. When in Big Oak Flat I wander through the headstones of family long past, never known, yet part of who I am. I’ll refresh a few flowers and move on. In the mountains the these reminders are more poignant and powerful. The friends memorialized struggled with the “why” vs “consequence” paradigm just like we do. While walking through Dugla, the terminal moraine of the Khumbu Glacier, a series of stone remembrances (chortens) are a stark reminder of how fleeting life is and how the pursuit of gravity has real consequences. Scott, Babu, Alex and Ueli are memorialized with stacked rock. If you’re ambling about, it’s a reminder that we carry our friends with us. How we carry our friends is up to us. Internalize it, over share it, laugh about it, ignore it or stew in anger over it. We go through all the points of the emotion wheel. It isn’t fun. If you are a serious about gravity, it’s not “if”, it’s “when”. When death strikes unexpectedly - be part of the community. Reach out to others and listen. The challenge of being a survivor could well be you. And if you’ve been there, lend your experience to others. We all heal.