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 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Today is #internationalkindnessday! Wow. I would have never known with out these nifty handheld computers. A big thanks " - 1912041857997009313
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Today is ! Wow. I would have never known with out these nifty handheld computers. A big thanks to @jimmy_chin for the 17 years of kindness. Built with happiness, being kind is the foundation of our adventures. Photo from Ulvetanna, Queen Maud Land, December 2017. Catch the mini film @reelrock 13. 😌Be good 🙏🏼 be kind 😊 be happy

 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "@princessnokia, creative of the first order, engraves her coffee mug. So very nice to meet a kind and gentle soul, one w" - 1908050253132948320
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@princessnokia, creative of the first order, engraves her coffee mug. So very nice to meet a kind and gentle soul, one who stands up for all. Looking forward to learning more from her perspective.

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@williamsformontana 🗳🗳🗳 Montana has one seat in the House of Representatives. As a rural state with population just over a million there is no gerrymandering. One person will represent our entire state after the November 6 elections. The upcoming midterm has Kathleen Williams running against Greg Gianforte. The difference could not be more pronounced. Kathleen is versed in public discourse, having served six years in the Montana State Legislature. Her background is in water and equitable allocation. Water is important for all of humanity. In the west finding balance with this precious resource is a sign of someone who understands negotiation. Kathleen has toured all 56 counties in a pickup with a camper, engaging in conversation and listening to what the people of Montana care about. We are still waiting for Greg’s first town hall. Mr Gianforte was elected to Congress after Ryan Zinke was added to President Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Interior. On the eve of a special election he body slammed Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the @guardian_us. Regardless of how one sees things, beating up a journalist is pretty much bad form. Really Greg? Kathleen, if she wins, will be Montana’s second female Congress person. The first, Jeanette Rankin, was elected before the 19th amendment, which gave women unrestricted voting rights. She made this happen with out being able to vote. Go Montana! Balance is what we seek in life. If your wheels are out of balance your car suffers. In politics a bit of balance will go a long way to ensuring our country is less out of whack. With the Republican control of the Presidency, Congress and Senate we have tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation of pollution laws. It’s our way, as voters in Montana, to send a message that we’re not supportive of the monetization of democracy. Vote decency. Vote your conscience. Vote for gender equality in politics. Check out Kathleen’s web page. Get out and vote on the 6th of November. If you are a first time voter, this your chance to have a say in your future. Vote. It’s our responsibility. I’m Conrad Anker. I wrote this message and (obviously) approve of this message.

 Instagram Image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "1. November. 2018
Familiar dry tool routes and slippery buckets in soft drizzles and snow squalls.  A welcome few climbs" at Hyalite Canyon - 1903353421089872687
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1. November. 2018 Familiar dry tool routes and slippery buckets in soft drizzles and snow squalls. A welcome few climbs in the forest before the start of @reelrock thirteen. Photo by @a.wakeman and belay by @matt_cornell25 @bozemanicefest

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A short essay on being positive.

 image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Ready to swing your tools? 
Ice season is good fun. #knifeclimbing 
Photo by @max.lowe for the @macfreefilms & @national" - 1899470150861992314
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Ready to swing your tools? Ice season is good fun. Photo by @max.lowe for the @macfreefilms & @nationalparkservice centennial IMAX Film. @puremichigan ➡️ Upper Peninsula @picturedrocksnps 🗯 February 2015 @thenorthface_climb @bluewaterropes

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Congratulations @davidlama_official on your successful solo ascent and descent of LunagRi. Happy to hear of your success on this peak. Third time is a charm! Rinji and Claudia are probably excited to hear you are back in camp. Snaps from 2015 and 2016. @thenorthface @redbull

I’m Conrad Anker and I approve this message. In 2016 I posted my views on the US election and was quickly reminded to “stick to climbing”. Not wanting to accelerate the toxicity of on line conversation (call it bullying if you like) I returned to landscapes, adventure and the standard FOMO content you have thumbed through till you landed here. As a citizen of the United States the values our nation are founded on are dear to me. I came of age during the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. Our nation, to a degree, had come to terms with its history. Based on the the values of free speech and equality, all are (in theory) welcome to the pursuit of happiness. Since the election of President Trump the values of our country have been compromised. The honor and integrity of our nation’s highest office doesn’t effuse chivalry and courtesy. It has become a pulpit for an unprecedented quest for power. President Trump stokes this fire of power by marginalizing minorities. In doing so he creates strife and discord. The Native American, African American, Hispanic, Muslim and LGBTQ communities have been subject to derision and insult. Women, from all walks of life, have felt the brunt of this narcissistic man’s ire. This is not how I ever expected a President to behave. Public lands, health care and climate are three areas that this generation can act on for the benefit of future generations. Given this opportunity for legacy, President Trump has instead focused on short term results that benefit the wealthiest 1% and special interest groups. President Trump and the complicit Republican Party have taken the moral compass of our nation and spun it towards greed and avarice. Candidate Rosendale is basing his campaign on allegiance to President Trump. This is not a platform that works for me. By contrast @jontester is a farmer from Big Sandy and is a centrist, having bills signed by President Trump. Tester represents Montana. I’m Conrad Anker and these are my opinions. @pow_action_fund

 Instagram Image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Sunrise in Omaha, Nebraska. Walking in a city as it wakes up and greets the day is one of my favorite activities. Busine" at NorthStar Foundation - 1892879646161616980

Sunrise in Omaha, Nebraska. Walking in a city as it wakes up and greets the day is one of my favorite activities. Businesses start up, people walk with a brisk determination to get to work (are they late or extra motivated?) and a few ducks paddle around the pond. Thanks to @outwardboundusa Omaha , The Northstar Foundation and the Metropolitan Community College for hosting the Climb Higher Luncheon. Excited to share insight from four decades of climbing with the Omaha experiential learning community.

 Instagram Image by Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) with caption : "Dear Max,
In the 28 years we have know each other I’ve seen you grow from a toddler to a man. Our connection is through " at Bozeman, Montana - 1888219351027703853
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Dear Max, In the 28 years we have know each other I’ve seen you grow from a toddler to a man. Our connection is through your father Alex Lowe. He is standing proud with a hand on your shoulder in this kindergarten snapshot. Your father and I shared a fascination with gravity. The transformation of the human spirit when set in a situation of dire consequences was a connection that ran deep. We helped each other reach our goals. The moments spent on summits became our life summits. Today, as you turn 30, you are well aware that there are no guarantees in life. It was 19 years and 6 days ago that an avalanche swept your father away. I walked away. I’ll never know why I survived. In the shadow of tragedy your mother, brothers and I found a solace that we knew was right for us. That you, the oldest of your mini bro-pack, welcomed me into your life was a foundation for the love that still reverberates and grows with in our family. From getting you to school on time to exploring the world there was never a dull moment. Being there for you as you graduated college and embarked on life’s journey was a highlight for both your mother and I. That you have found a place in the same profession as Alex and I is heartwarming. Your mother and I are ever so proud of you. The stories you tell, in all mediums, help all of us recognize what it means to be human. You are doing great things. This next decade begins with your most challenging and ambitious project yet. Your vision is to tell the story of your life: how it is shaped by the mountains and the people that define themselves by visiting the most inhospitable places on earth. How each of us is torn between a life of domestic happiness and a life on the edge of adventure. This is a big task. As you traverse the peaks and valleys of this project you will discover who you are. Like your father, you respond to challenge by working harder with increased dedication and focus. This drive is forever coupled with humor and happiness, as best expressed in the smile you had as a little shaver. This energy is still with you. You have a few more whiskers, yet this smile is all you. Happy Birthday! Love, Dad @max.lowe

 Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) shared  Image on Instagram - 1883592024448573513
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Respect and kudos to @hilareenelson & @jimwmorrison and the entire team of @thenorthface Lhotse ski expedition. On the 30th of September Hilaree and Jim skied from the summit of Lhotse, the 4th highest peak at 8516 m. Layer up the ski descent of K2 and 2018 has been a solid year for ski mountaineering. 🏔⛷ In 2012 Hilaree climbed both Everest and Lhotse in a 24 hour period. She also had her sights set on the Lhotse couloir. Alas it was bone dry. Never one to let a good project fade away, Hilaree returned to send. Luckily the 2018 monsoon provided a good layer of snow and Jim and Hils skied from the very top! The ski team was the only post monsoon expedition on the South Side this year. With a small team of Phortse Sherpa they climbed the ice fall, set tiny camps and working together made it all happen. Must have been wonderful to be in the Western Cwm with no one else around. First image is from Camp 1 with Lhotse in the sun. The ski descent is slightly left of center. The climb would not have been possible with out the dedication of the Sherpa team and camp staff. Great to see the professional training from the @khumbuclimbingcenter be part of the expedition. Palden Namgje Sherpa - sirdar Ila Nuru Sherpa (Palden’s son)•, Phu Tashi Sherpa summit •, Urken Sherpa •, Phura Chettin Sherpa & Ang Karma Sherpa. • = summit. Hilaree - we are so very proud of you and your dedication to family, community and sport. It’s only fitting that you now have the reins of the @thenorthface Athlete Team. You inspire all of us and are proof that the mountains know no gender. Happy to be Thanks to @nickkalisz & @dutchsimpson, also making the summit. Solid. Selfie portrait by @jigmeurken171, the current generation of Tigers of the Snow.