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Toronto, Ontario Report Share Download 14 221

Look what I've got!!! Aussies went Crazy over these limited edition, miniature collectibles - Coles (Supermarket) little shop. I got my hands on a complete set even though I'm in Canada, because my amazing cousin @ptl_han (and cousin @kennyswfoo) collected them for me from Australia!!! I feel so lucky! These are absolutely adorable! I picked up a miniature shopping cart for them too. But the most dangerous part of this obsession is that Coles is coming out with a new set in 2019!!! And it comes with miniature Pringles!!! Eek! Must... Not... Accumulate... Stuff! So much love for family!!! Happy collecting! @colessupermarkets

 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "Dear friends & Instagram followers: I will be taking a break from food events & collaborations, because I'm having brain" at Maui Hawaii - 1885687486555286418
Maui Hawaii Report Share Download 138 502

Dear friends & Instagram followers: I will be taking a break from food events & collaborations, because I'm having brain surgery on Oct 9 for a rare blood vessel condition called moyamoya (I swear it's a legit medical term, lol). The diagnosis makes sense of years of random symptoms, fatigue & feeling unwell. Just in case things don't go well (or if the recovery process is more difficult than expected), I wanted to thank you for all of the likes, comments & fun! I have Loved discovering new restaurants & brands, helping people find good eats & meeting other foodies! Take good care of yourselves and remember me as I was in this picture - fearless, hungry & from this exact angle. Lol @braininjurytoronto

Had the pleasure of trying some of the beautiful and unique desserts & drinks at Chi Patisserie. I must go back to try the often sold out, milk foam cake. Another one of their signature cakes (shown) is their rice wine cake with raspberry almond sponge cake, shortbread cookie base & rice wine mousse. It was really unique and very nicely executed. I usually go for fruity desserts and I really liked their coco-passionfruit, mango-grapefruit, and oolong peach cakes (all shown)! Also, I don't normally like mojitos or minty desserts, but I really really appreciate their fenchiew mojito cake with lime mousse (shown). It has the freshest, lightest, most natural and sophisticated mint flavour that I've ever tasted. Really well done. I liked the hot and cold drinks too! And next year, during mid-autumn festival, be sure to check out their signature moon cakes! Their durian moon cake was filled with pure, glorious, durian. Also, the decor is light, modern, and fun with glamourous touches. Thanks so much to @chi_patisserie for inviting me! I had a really great time and I can't wait to try more! @foodiemob.toronto

Pizzeria Via Mercanti has several locations across Toronto and the GTA. Despite having an award winning stuffed pizza and an infamous original location in Kensington Market, I only recently tried their food. I was at their Gerrard location where they have a large variety of options on their menu, including gelato and house-made desserts. I loved the pizza rolls (shown)! Perfect when hot, cheesy, slightly smokey, with a soft and chewy dough. Your kids and sophisticated adults (such as myself) will enjoy them! Also, if you love Nutella or dense fudgy desserts, then their hazelnut tart is a must try. I Loved the dense, chewy, rich texture! And I loved that it wasn't too sweet. The antipasta assortment was really nice as well. The restaurant decor is fun and casual. Thanks so much to @pizzeriaviamercanti and @tofoodiefriends @jessiicaly for having me! I still dream about those pizza rolls!

Amausaan Uji Matcha has opened a location in Chinatown, Toronto! They have a large variety of matcha hot and cold drinks (intensity of matcha flavour is customizable with no added cost), Asian style or fusion desserts, and matcha soft serve! The soft serve was my favorite. I love the decor of this restaurant! You will feel like you're in Japan! And if you call in advance to make an appointment, you might even get to wear an authentic kimono! Swipe right to see a photo of me in a lovely kimono! I had a great time! Thank you so much to @amausaanujimatchacanada and @hong_marketing for the sneak preview! And thanks to @instantonium for taking the picture of me!

I tried Station Cafe & Kitchen for the first time recently and I was very impressed with how thoughtful everything was! It's a coffee shop and a restaurant. So, you can study there for hours, eat real food (made from scratch), or hang out with friends over drinks and late night snacks. They've got a good selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, brunch, snacks, and drinks, etc. They partner with a lot of local companies, and they change up their art work (inside and out) every few months. I also love that they carry Chaiwala chai!!! That's one of my favorite tea products! Station Cafe & Kitchen also hosts live music and all sorts of themed events in their space. Check out their Instagram account @stationonbloor for upcoming events, like knitting club, book club, flower arranging night, and ESL night, just to name a few! I really liked the tangy butter chicken and quinoa bowl (shown)! The chicken gyozas were great too! And I love their cane sugar bottled drink selection. If you're hungry, their burgers are ground in house and are the size of my head! I look forward to going back and trying their hot sandwiches and chicken wings! Thanks so much to Station Cafe & Kitchen and @yamisohungry for the invite! I had a great time! @chaiwalachai

I had the best meal at Madrina Bar Y Tapas and I've been missing it ever since. This restaurant is so surprising! They have the best cocktails (unique, creative, and incredibly smooth), the best Catalan (Spanish) food that I've had outside of Spain, as well as really interesting, surprising and modern twists on dishes that I recommend everyone experience. To list just one example, they have foie gras macarons (not shown). Their paella (shown) is the best paella I've ever had, and it is topped with a thin layer of unique shrimp carpaccio. The seafood selection is huge. Also shown: oysters with green gazpacho and sea bream tiradito (crudo). This is truly an amazing restaurant and bar. Reservations are highly recommended because they're packed every night of the week. Thanks so much to, @distilleryto and @instantonium for having me! I loved everything and I can't wait to be back! Keep your eyes peeled for more photos of my favorite dishes from Madrina Bar Y Tapas over the next few weeks!

 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "I always wonder why people eat at breakfast chains like Cora's or eggspectation, when places like Ramona's Kitchen exist" at Ramona's Kitchen - 1850568347931081497
Ramona's Kitchen Report Share Download 44 735

I always wonder why people eat at breakfast chains like Cora's or eggspectation, when places like Ramona's Kitchen exist. At Ramona's Kitchen, you can get reasonably priced, all day breakfast (and lunch) options that are well executed with fresh ingredients, and truly made to order. Their eggs are cooked perfectly! And I love their organic, Peruvian, drip coffee. Just love it! My favorite dishes included the poached eggs, (and all of the available variations), brioche French toast with strawberries, blueberry and orange pancakes, and toasted banana bread that comes with a mini jar of Nutella. The owner, who is very passionate about food, has been cooking for 25 years and was trained all over the world, including France and Austria. He has even cooked for basketball and baseball players in Toronto! Keep your eyes open for more photos from this restaurant that I'll be posting over the next few weeks. Thank you so much to @ramonaskitchenca and @jessiicaly @tofoodiefriends for having me! It was a really delicious meal! @nutella

La Diperie Report Share Download 24 469

You may know la diperie for their chocolate dipped ice cream cones, but as of this weekend, la diperie will also be serving chocolate dipped waffles! I love the all-natural vanilla soft serve, selection of Belgian chocolate dips, and the customization possibilities! My favorite chocolate dips are the ginger dark chocolate and the peanut butter white chocolate! I also love that you can get mini cones! Starting at just $1.50. Thanks so much to @ladiperie and @jojoinstameets for having me! And thank you to @waynesworldoffooding of sharing his prop for these three mini cones! Also, the founder of the franchise (which started in Montreal) owns the Toronto locations!

I LOVE the award winning noodles at the brand new Taiwanese noodle restaurant in downtown Toronto at Yonge and College. The noodles are fresh and supplied by a person that won first place in an international noodle-making competition. These are my all time favorite noodles!!! I tried the braised Angus beef noodle soup, the tomato broth and the Dan Dan noodles (shown) and all were delicious! Be warned, though, the Dan Dan noodles are spicy with the mouth numbing sensation. Four Four South Village uses local seasonal ingredients, so the vegetables will be season dependant. The side dishes are also good! I couldn't get enough of the golden kimchi! Pumpkin gives it the orange colour. Their grand opening is today!!! Be sure to check them out! They make authentic Taiwanese food! Thanks so much to @fourfoursouthvillage for the sneak preview! It was such a great meal!

La Bruschetta Report Share Download 26 382

There are so many staple restaurants in Toronto that have been around for years, that produce fantastic food, and yet have remained undiscovered by me. La Bruschetta has been owned by the same family since 1979, and I just went last week for the first time! I love this place! The food is casual, family style, and just so comforting. They are generous with the house-made pasta, good customer service, and the salt. I loved their light and pillowy hand-made gnocchi (shown; and they've got miniature ones coming soon as appetizers, also shown), their chicken sausages (shown with rapini), their meatballs with polenta, and their Italian dessert (shown; as well as their tartufo which is not shown). I also loved the "Italian spritz" which was a fruity white sangria that they made using Prosecco. I couldn't get enough of it. And of course, their bruschetta was really good too. Thanks so much to @labruschettatoronto and @jessiicaly for having me! It was an incredible meal! @tofoodiefriends

 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "Contest is now closed. Congratulations to @viasharon and @ccarmen__ for winning the giveaways!!!! TWO GIVEAWAYS!!! Detai" at Ctrl V North York - 1844686315350808891
Ctrl V North York Report Share Download 129 288

Contest is now closed. Congratulations to @viasharon and @ccarmen__ for winning the giveaways!!!! TWO GIVEAWAYS!!! Details below! I had a blast playing virtual reality at North America's largest VR arcade chain, Ctrl V, North York location!!! They use the top of the line equipment, have 52 games, and the experience is crazy realistic! The scary games are legit terrifying! But don't worry, because they have something for everyone (kids and adults included)! The staff are also super nice and helpful! I highly recommend this experience! Would be perfect for a party! Giveaway Details: Two lucky winners (randomly selected) will each win one $30 gift certificate (enough for a full hour of VR game time)! To enter, you must: 1. Follow @ctrlvnorthyork and me (@cookingwithalison) 2. Like this post 3. Enter by tagging someone in a comment below (1 tag per post = 1 entry); unlimited entries allowed 4. Must be willing and able to meet up in person in Toronto to pick up the prize. Pick up location will be agreed upon by both parties and may include North York, downtown Toronto or Unionville 5. Gift certificate is only valid at the North York location of Ctrl V. Good luck! Contest closes Aug 16, 2018 at 10 pm. Thank you so much to @ctrlvnorthyork and @jojoinstameets for having me! I had the best time and will be back again and again!

Noce Restaurant Report Share Download 42 476

I have a new favorite Italian restaurant in Toronto, and it is Noce! This restaurant has been in Toronto for 23 years, but they've made a lot of changes recently, from renovations and new menu items (including vegan options), to more accessible pricing! Love the decor, the plating, the menu, the owners and Chef Aaron! I wasn't able to try all of the dishes shown, but I really enjoyed all of the ones that I did try. For example, I love their pizza dough and their Pizza Noce (pepperoni with burrata)! Also, their house-made chili oil is perfection. Be sure to ask for some on the side of whatever you're eating! I highly recommend this restaurant and will be posting more pictures of their dishes in the near future, so keep your eyes open for more recommendations! Thank you so much to @nocetoronto and @jojoinstameets for having me! It was a fantastic meal!!! Shown: burrata with apricots (from Puglia with chamomile), bastoncini di melanzana (eggplant fries with fennel honey, chilies and pecorino), coniglio (braised and grilled rabbit, corn & chanterelles), and wood fired pizzas (Margherita cruda, porchetta, fiori do zucca (zuchini flowers, ricotta & anchovies) and my favorite, Pizza Noce (pepperoni with burrata)).

Spring Sushi Report Share Download 20 292

Spring Sushi, at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, has an all you can eat Japanese food menu as well as an a la carte menu. On their a la carte menu, you will find tuna. Spring Sushi hosted a tuna cutting show from their amazing patio recently where they flew in a 130 pound bluefin tuna from Japan and showcased how a whole tuna is cut. You might be interested to learn that freshly cut sashimi has a very soft texture. The announcer and organizer, @wowbaobao shared really interesting facts and explanations during the tuna cutting. You can clearly see the different colour and fat content between lean (akami), medium fatty (chutoro), and fatty tuna (otoro). Turns out, lean tuna is much preferred in Japan, whereas the fatty tuna is more popular in North America. Thanks so much to @springsushi for having me! And thank you to @wowbaobao for the invite! It was a really great event! @springsushi

 image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered!! Congratulations to the winner, @hanshuieee! FLASH GIVEAWAY!!! Y"- 1839283317325818597
Report Share Download 236 189

Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered!! Congratulations to the winner, @hanshuieee! FLASH GIVEAWAY!!! You have 24 hours to enter to win a $20 Sweetery Gift Card (for Canada's largest sweets food festival) that takes place August 11 & 12, 2018 at David Peacaut Square this year!!! One lucky winner will be determined randomly. To be Eligible: -Follow @sweeterytoronto and me @cookingwithalison -Tag a friend (each tag counts as 1 entry) with unlimited entries - Must be an Ontario resident. Details: -The prize must be claimed at the welcome tent and be used on the day of the event. - Someone from Sweetery will contact the winner with further instructions on how to claim the prize -The gift card cannot be combined with any other gift cards/coupons - The gift card is non-transferableable and not redeemable for cash value. - By participating, you are releasing Instagram of all responsibility for this content Thank you so much to  for the collaboration! I can't wait for the festival! thank you @rjwtang for the collaboration @ogchimneys @holycannolito @tobenfoodbydesign @mankinddesserts @la_tortilleria @goldencrumbbiscuit @mrchu_toronto

Loving my at my favorite & store in , Ding Dong Exotic Sweet in . Like seriously, you will not believe the selection, including the rare items that are typically exclusive to Asia! I'll give you just a glimpse of what you'll find & love at Ding Dong Exotic Sweet, so go if you're feeling nostalgic, adventurous, or just plain hungry! - Typical Asian candies, dried fruits, & jerky with a huge selection of uncommon . Shown: rolled squid jerky. Not shown: sea bass jerky, fried fish skin, spicy options, etc. Take your parents, grandparents with you. They'll love this place for totally different reasons than you, lol. - Sweet drinks in unexpected flavours, like (the brand known for lollipops), & my favorite, soy drink & malt soy drink in glass bottles from Hong Kong. In the winter, the store serves the Vitasoy drinks warm! - All of the famous flavoured that you've seen trending on Instagram! - Their is life! Shown. - They also have a crazy selection of uniquely flavoured Pocky! Including gigantic grape from Japan. I picked up a box of these! - Are you into the challenges that have been floating around Instagram? Well, this place sells the spiciest paste on the market, as well as the Korean spicy (with cheese)! - Their selection of instant noodles & is amazing. They've got all sorts of flavours that you've likely never heard of, even though you'll recognize some of the brands, because this store imports all sorts of fun, delicious & limited edition products from Asia made by brands we already know like , , etc. Have you tried lemon iced tea chips? They're legit. Maybe you need a chicken & flavoured CupNoodles. I picked up a seafood & a Cup Noodles from . They've got too!! Finally for the kids, this place has very rare boxed sets that even you will want to collect. I love the food themes ones! Gotta catch 'em all! Thanks to @dingdong_exotic_sweet for having me!

FREE STUFF AND DEAL ALERT!!! Luscious Desserts is celebrating their grand opening from July 27 to July 29 by giving away FREE select desserts between 2 pm to 5 pm PLUS an additional 30% off your bill for each of those days!!! Conditions apply - see store for details! They have a huge selection of desserts and savoury food. I went to Luscious Desserts in China town, Toronto, and tried some of their many new menu items! Their walnut smoothie (like a milkshake) is a must try! Loved it!!! Also shown is one of their new rice boxes! This deep fried chicken cutlet came with the most delicious Japanese style curry sauce, perfectly cooked rice and steamed vegetables. Thanks so much to @lusciousdessertstoronto And @dkloevents for having me!!! @dkloevents

Han Ba Tang Report Share Download 30 403

One of my favorite restaurants in Toronto is Han Ba Tang. They are a Korean fusion bar and restaurant that consistently offers the best bar food. But what really sets this place above the rest is the delicious and reasonably priced fancy dishes too! Just a few examples are shown here: octopus (which is perfectly cooked), beef kalbi salad (the salad greens are perfectly seasoned with a sesame oil based dressing and the beef is perfectly cooked), and their beef carpaccio (which has a sweetness to the sauce). I love this restaurant and can't get enough of it! Be sure to try their soju based cocktails and sangria. I love their Korean play on Spanish white sangria. Also, keep your eyes open for their brand new menu that is coming soon! Reservations recommended! Thanks so much to the manager, Hiro for taking such good care of us the past few times that we've been there!!! We were there most recently with the @foodiemob.toronto @hanbatang