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 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "The absolute BEST Korean fusion cocktails are from Han Ba Tang! For example, it's the only place where we've seen makgul" at Han Ba Tang - 1961113042171421792
Han Ba Tang ReportShareDownload10155

The absolute BEST Korean fusion cocktails are from Han Ba Tang! For example, it's the only place where we've seen makgulli (rice based alcohol) cocktails! Shown is the strawberry & banana makgulli. I also tried the sweet potato makgulli which comes with black sesame cereal powder that you can mix in. I liked both but the sweet potato one was my favorite because I love the comforting earthiness of the cereal mix. Both come with sprite that you can add to your drink if you want the carbonation and added sweetness. As you can see, each of these makgulli concoctions come in a huge bowl and are perfect for sharing. Han Ba Tang has a huge selection of fusion cocktails that are their own unique creations. All of the following are made in house just for their cocktails: 10 infused sojus, 1 infused bourbon, 1 infused rye, and 10 different types of flavoured syrup. The food at Han Ba Tang is awesome too! I'll be posting more from them over the next few weeks. Thank you sooo much to @hanbatang for the amazing food and drinks! A big special thank you to Hiro (manager) for always taking such good care of us. I love this place! @foodiemob.toronto

DEAL ALERT! To celebrate the launch of their new bubble tea menu (10 of China's favourite flavours), Golden Bubbles in Toronto is offering this deal until Feb 11: Buy one large egg waffle and receive one bubble tea drink for 1/2 price! I Loved the mango green tea with jasmine jelly (I ordered 0 sweet since the jelly is sweet and it was perfect for me). You can really taste the natural tea and jasmine! The jelly was delicious too. It's made fresh every day, and may sell out fast! Golden Bubbles uses yellow or brown tapioca pearls. Also shown: cheese waffle and pink blossom with bubbles (oolong tea with chocolate mousse). Swipe right to see my custom creation (milk tea egg waffle with milk tea ice cream, caramel drizzle, and icing sugar). The milk tea egg waffle was cooked perfectly with crispy edges. Thanks so much to @goldenbubblescanada for having me! And thank you to @eatwithtoronto for organizing!

Throw back to the time I discovered my new favorite canned coffee drink - Illy's caffe latte (Italian espresso style coffee drink with milk). Absolutely perfect balance of flavours, served cold and on ice. Illy was one of the food and drink partners of the tiff event, Out There with Melissa DiMarco. I got to meet Ms. DiMarco's parents and they were absolutely lovely! I also loved the swagbag that we received! It included @stonewallkitchen blueberry jam, @vossworld sparkling water, and @yardleylondonuk lavender soap, etc. Loved it all!!! @melissadimarco@illy_coffee

My favorite Spanish restaurant in Toronto is Madrina Bar Y Tapas in the Distillery District! They have a fantastic menu including a ton of seafood, and they serve authentic Spanish cuisine with very unique and creative twists. For example, shown in the second photo is perfectly cooked grilled octopus that tasted just like what I had in Spain that was paired with a curry hummus. The hummus was a surprising addition that was also delicious! Also shown: razor clams with mojo rojo and crab and avocado salad cannelloni. I had the pleasure of trying many of their dishes and drinks and every single thing was a delicious, interesting experience. I can't wait to go back! Thank you so so much to for having me for one of the best meals I've had in Toronto! And thank you to @instantonium for the invite! @distilleryto@foodiemob.toronto

Cinnaholic ReportShareDownload15206

Cinnaholic is a completely vegan chain that was started in San Francisco and is now available across Toronto! They make vegan cinnamon buns and vegan specialty coffee drinks. They also have a selection of fun toppings so you can create your own cinnamon buns. I highly recommend this option as I LOVED the peanut butter frosting! Thanks so much to @cinnaholic and @sumaiya.recs for having me! @promenademallnews

Gdous_Toronto ReportShareDownload11238

Gdous (Taiwanese juicy fried chicken) now has a new location at 495 Bloor Street West in Toronto. They have huge fried chicken steaks (swipe right to get an idea of how massive they are), fried chicken legs (also large), chicken wings (shown), popcorn chicken, sweet potato fries, etc. My absolute favorite item from Gdous was their fried chicken wings (shown)! They also serve Tea Shop 168 bubble tea! Thanks so much to @gdous2018 and @jojoinstameets for having me! I can't wait to go back for more of those wings!


Legend of Spice hot pot (ayce) at Midland and Finch in Scarborough, ON. This place is unique because instead of serving the typical thinly sliced meats, their meats come skewered in bite sized pieces. Everything except beverages are self serve. Most of the meats were marinated with a spicy sauce. I laughed when I saw their condiments bar, because it's the first time I've ever seen MSG powder offered separately (scroll right to see it), lol. I really liked the chewy whole pieces of meat (as opposed to the traditional thinly sliced meats) and I liked the selection, but most other places have a longer menu. The only disappointment was that they didn't have any lamb when I went.

Robo Sushi is the first restaurant in Canada to use Japanese robots as servers! They're pretty cute. In these two short videos, you'll see how to send one away (by patting it on the head) and how they handle a traffic jam. Robo Sushi has an a la carte menu as well as the option for all you can eat. I've been twice now, and the quality of the raw fish is very good for an ayce. On weekends and holidays at dinner time, their options include raw oysters, ika (squid/cuttlefish), and sweet shrimp. I also like their rice. Unfortunately, the cooked food items are inconsistent; often arriving cold. Steamed and stir fried items appear to be cooked to order, but deep fried items are likely cooked in advance. @robosushi

Han Ba Tang ReportShareDownload19228

My favorite place to get Korean fusion cocktails is Han Ba Tang. They are experts at creating perfect balance of sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter flavours. They make all of the following in house just for their cocktails: 10 infused sojus, 1 infused bourbon, 1 infused rye, and 10 different types of flavoured syrup. Shown are just some of the many cocktail options from Han Ba Tang: Omija (fruity cocktail made with mandarin vodka, omija fruit syrup, cranberry juice, grapefruit foam - perfectly balanced, not too sweet, full of fruity flavour with just the perfect amount of bitterness from the grapefruit - one of my favorites), HBT Americano (espresso based cocktail made with coffee infused soju, frangelico, banana liquor, Kahlua, hazelnut foam - I love this drink as it has so much bold coffee flavour, richness, and body), Old Fashioned (this is new to their menu and is made with their made in house wheat infused bourbon, orange cinnamon, brown sugar syrup, angostura bitters, hickory smoke, poured over a wheat tea ice cube that releases more flavours as it melts - this is a very nice unique twist to the traditional old fashioned). The food at Han Ba Tang is awesome too! I'll be posting more from them over the next few weeks. Thank you sooo much to @hanbatang for the amazing food and drinks! A big special thank you to Hiro (manager) for always taking such good care of us. I love this place! @foodiemob.toronto

Canoe ReportShareDownload26325

Throw back to my best friend, Joseph's wedding at Canoe (over Labour Day weekend, 2018). This was two weeks before my first stroke. I was his best woman and I'm so grateful I didn't fall ill until after this event. It was the best wedding ever and I was so honoured to walk him down the aisle. Also, I was really surprised by how good the food was! The last time I went to Canoe was over 10 years ago and I didn't go back because I was so disappointed the first time. But I was very very impressed this time. Not shown: an ethereal mushroom soup appetizer. Congratulations to Joseph and Niko! Much love to you both! @canoerestaurant@jldownie

Grand Bizarre ReportShareDownload18252

Every Saturday night, Grand Bizarre Supper Club presents to you a unique dining experience at the Toronto Event Centre! There are several food booths, that can be purchased through a ticket system, awesome music, and live entertainment including dancers and an aerial acrobat! There are also a few bars at the Grand Bizarre and the martini espressos (shown) were awesome! Also shown: steak and frites, hamachi crudo, various types of sushi and dim sum, chocollata truffles. Not shown included: fried chicken bao, liquid nitrogen sundae bar, pizza, and Cheesecake Factory desserts. There were also several vegetarian options like chopped salad, Kentucky fried eggplant sandwich and watermelon crudo. Thank you to @grandbizarreto and @bluedoorcomms for having me at the media launch event! @chocollatagourmet@cheesecakefactory@torontoeventcentre

SMOQUE N BONES ReportShareDownload17315

Smoque N Bones is adding new items and platters to their menu over the next few months! I had the pleasure of sampling some of their smoked appetizers and BBQ meats. Among the photos you will see their new smoked, buffalo cauliflower appetizer, so keep your eyes open for this addition to the menu. I love the BBQ sauce they use and I am really particular about BBQ sauces. My favorite items from the dinner were: smoked rib tips (chewier in texture and slathered in that delicious BBQ sauce), BBQ pork ribs (because the texture is still a bit chewy as opposed to the typical fall off the bone), and house made chorizo. The following were great too: smoked chicken wings, corn bread with sweet cinnamon butter, brussel sprouts, smoked popcorn chicken, roast corn, and I've heard good things about their beet salad. I also love their creamy dill dip. And if you swipe all the way to the right, you'll see an action shot from behind the scenes courtesy of @instantonium. Thanks so much to @smoquenbones for having me! It was a great meal!

 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "I think my dog missed me. He isn't normally the cuddly type, but when I came home tonight, he sat on me and gave me kiss" at Toronto, Ontario - 1933901690982182748

I think my dog missed me. He isn't normally the cuddly type, but when I came home tonight, he sat on me and gave me kisses. No better feeling in the world. I wouldn't have survived being stuck at home due to health problems these past few months if it hadn't been for his company. It's unreal how much they can sense and understand. Normally, when I take him for walks, he always runs up and down stairs way ahead of me. But when I was weak, he would walk very slowly then pause and look back periodically to make sure I was able to keep up. He wouldn't go far without me. Now that I'm getting some strength back, he's pulling again, lol. Can't help but feel like we were meant to be together.

Vietnoms ReportShareDownload17271

There's a new take-out Vietnamese restaurant in North York (Bayview and Sheppard), called Vietnoms, and it's pretty good! Love their broken rice. They have a large authentic menu with additional off-menu, Vietnamese street food options, and excellent customer service. Also, they've got two Vietnamese aunties cooking in the kitchen. I can't wait to go back and try more of their dishes. I'm also waiting for them to start serving their sour sop smoothies. Follow their Instagram to see their daily off-menu specials. @vietnoms.toronto

Had the pleasure of sampling Waska's Peruvian tasting menu and cocktail selection! Waska is currently offering catering and private chef services. I can't wait for them to have a permanent restaurant space! I love the flavours, use of texture, and plating. Chef Elias Salazar (@the_peruvian_chef) also brought Kay Pacha to Toronto and the food from Waska is even better! In terms of the cocktails, I loved the maracuya sour (Pisco sour made with passionfruit). The dishes shown are as follows: ceviche del mercado (grouper ceviche), bolas de yuca (fried cassava balls with queso fresco and shaved truffle), tiradito de pulpo dos sabores (octopus), concha a la parmesana (scallop), carapulcra y su pulpo a la parrilla (dehydrated Peruvian potato stew with octopus and pork belly), uni & red mango ceviche nikkei, anti cuchos (beef heart), la causa limena (whipped potatoes and chicken). The dessert (degustacion de lucuma - panna cotta) is not shown. My favorites were the fried cassava balls, octopus, scallop, beef heart, and dehydrated potato stew. Thanks so much to @waskatoronto and @bluedoorcomms for having me! I can't wait to eat at your future restaurant!

MARBL Toronto ReportShareDownload18354

Marbl's grand opening is tonight (Nov 30) on King West! I love the decor, the music, and the food! They sure know how to throw a party! Oh and the vegetarians will love the food too! Their salads are crazy beautiful, creative, and flavourful! My favorite dishes (shown) from the media launch were: dry aged striploin with shaved white truffles and foie gras, scallops with sea asparagus (was super excited to see sea asparagus finally make its way to Toronto!), steak tartare with truffle and ricotta toast points (the texture of the meat was perfect), beets salad, meatballs with polenta, and their assortment of cheeses (perfection). Be sure to check them out! Thanks so much to @marbltoronto and @bluedoorcomms for having me! I had a great time! ,

Look what I've got!!! Aussies went Crazy over these limited edition, miniature collectibles - Coles (Supermarket) little shop. I got my hands on a complete set even though I'm in Canada, because my amazing cousin @ptl_han (and cousin @kennyswfoo) collected them for me from Australia!!! I feel so lucky! These are absolutely adorable! I picked up a miniature shopping cart for them too. But the most dangerous part of this obsession is that Coles is coming out with a new set in 2019!!! And it comes with miniature Pringles!!! Eek! Must... Not... Accumulate... Stuff! So much love for family!!! Happy collecting! @colessupermarkets

 Image by @cookingwithalison with caption : "Dear friends & Instagram followers: I will be taking a break from food events & collaborations, because I'm having brain" at Maui Hawaii - 1885687486555286418
Maui Hawaii ReportShareDownload140515

Dear friends & Instagram followers: I will be taking a break from food events & collaborations, because I'm having brain surgery on Oct 9 for a rare blood vessel condition called moyamoya (I swear it's a legit medical term, lol). The diagnosis makes sense of years of random symptoms, fatigue & feeling unwell. Just in case things don't go well (or if the recovery process is more difficult than expected), I wanted to thank you for all of the likes, comments & fun! I have Loved discovering new restaurants & brands, helping people find good eats & meeting other foodies! Take good care of yourselves and remember me as I was in this picture - fearless, hungry & from this exact angle. Lol @braininjurytoronto