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dick grayson 1x02 - for @titansverse, @allensblythe & @darias.edits - i can see this being a weekly thing - song: boogie - brockhampton - posted the ep on

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maybe i love her - song: wish - diplo - posted the ep on

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i’m not ready to lose him :/ - dt; analie [ @xwests ] - song: afterlife - xylophone (ark patrol remix)

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dick grayson - 1x01 show: titans song: gangsta’s paradise posted the full ep on

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The Flash and XS - dt; cameron - posted the ep on

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here’s a lucifer scrap i made a while a go - i’m currently working on my 10k giveaway :)) - ac: citric.neki - @spoookievampire this edit was high-key for u

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i miss this dork from earth 2 - dt; @jerxmevska @scarleteditor.mp4

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Revenge Won’t Bring Them Back, Let Me Teach You Another Way To Deal With The Pain. -B.W.

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beast boy 🐉 - for @titansverse - pls tag @ryankpotter 10 billion times pls i want him to see this 😩

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captain marvel is already snatching the mcu - song: cleanin up - lil windex - i had to repost bc i’m a headass and forgot to add my watermark

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scott and stiles - i love them both sm

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barry and oliver :’) - i need more scenes of them 😤 - for carlos [ @officialoliverqueen ]

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true alpha - for @maliaasf - @jerxmevska 🤪 - posting a scene pack on soon

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void stiles 👀 - for @dylanodad - other dts; @voidelatine, @scnderize @xstellarized song: america - logic - posted a scenepack on

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wrong city - dt; @yoursbyright

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soft spidey 💖 - for gracie boo 💜 [ @e.xtroverted ] ily

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cloak & dagger. - the marvel duo who need each other. - dt; @allensblythe, @scarleteditor.mp4 & @thorxparker - please tag @olivia_holt & @aubreyomari