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 Instagram Image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "#Repost @dopequeenpheebs

To some of the white women who DM’d me after my post about those who voted for Cruz, asking me" at Atlanta, Georgia - 1908100385776735528
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@dopequeenpheebs To some of the white women who DM’d me after my post about those who voted for Cruz, asking me to stop being divisive, reconsider my position about the state of white womanhood, and that I need to focus on the positive. We gotta talk about a few things. 1) We need to stop misusing the word “divisive,” which is code for, “Black woman, quit bringing attention to the toxicity we’re trying to ignore. Be quiet.” If we want feminism to be intersectional yet black women can’t say nothing, other women of color can’t say nothing, queer women can’t say nothing, then. That 👏🏾 shit 👏🏾 ain’t 👏🏾 intersectional 👏🏾. Some of y’all just want us to show up, support y’all and be alright with those of you being foot soldiers for the patriarchy. Well, I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut, so people’s feelings don’t get hurt, 2) I can be stoked about the fact that we flipped the House and politics is more diverse than ever AND also be like da fuq about SEVENTY-SIX PERCENT OF WHITE WOMEN VOTING FOR KEMP’S RAGGEDY ASS. We’re in a state of emergency so I’m not interested in a victory lap, 3) To those who said my last post made them feel a little defeated and they don’t know what to do. That’s how most of us non-white feminists feel every single day. We’re frustrated that we don’t matter to white women b/c the consequences are costly. And to the question of what are you supposed to do, I’ll say it again: Talk. To. Each. Other. If you’re not voting for Kemp or Cruz, someone who looks like you mostly likely is. An aunt, cousin, sister, mother, etc. It has been proven time and time again, that non-white women speaking the truth gets ignored. So be a foot soldier for change. If you can go on AirBnB looking for the right vacation home, you can go to a town hall meeting. If you can watch reality TV, you can read a book about race & gender by a non-white person. If you can message me, in an attempt to reprimand me, you can have a tough convo with one of your white sistern out there who would value what you say. It’s not that some of you white women don’t know what to do. You just don’t want to do the work. But you just have to. We have too much at stake.

 image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "Vota" - 1906807662849259933
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You can really make a difference by voting. It’s  easy, but make sure you don’t miss out: text “prepare” to 90975 for your voter plan & then !

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Moral of the story: be good to yourself :)

 image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "Where is Penny?" - 1903162695180793454
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Where is Penny?

 Instagram Image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "I got my pinchos in because I’m putting in the work!  A trabajar! 
Latinas work just as hard as white male workers. Our " at Atlanta, Georgia - 1903132246170438818
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I got my pinchos in because I’m putting in the work! A trabajar! Latinas work just as hard as white male workers. Our work is also just as valuable. We should be paid just as much as white men are paid. But, new data reflects that Latinas are being paid an average of just 53 cents to the dollar paid to white male workers. This is not only wrong, but it is also harmful. It harms Latina workers, their families and the US economy. It gets worse. Latinas who are also immigrants get paid even less, with some earning just over 30 cents to the dollar paid to white men. As a result, Latinas will be denied over 1 million dollars over the course of our 40-year career because of this pay gap. This means that we will have less money to meet our basic needs. We will have less money to invest and save. We will also have less money to support our families. Latinas consider the pay gap among one of our most pressing issues. This November, Latinas across the country will be paying attention to where political candidates stand on closing the pay gap. I am Latina. I support equal pay for Latinas and all workers. And, I vote. Join me! And, vote in the 2018 midterm elections. @timesupnow November 6🙏🏾 Photo @lelunddurond Stayed tuned for more on this soon from @MonicaRamierzDC !

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Young Americans are depending on you to & vote for education. Elect those who are going to fund our schools and make colleges affordable; you have the power to create these changes with your votes. Text "Now" to 90975 for election information.

 image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "Dique Kimberrrrly y Trini

#powerrangers25" - 1899924063943856699
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Dique Kimberrrrly y Trini

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This! 😘 Repost @alokvmenon ・・・ Trans people are not a minority, we have become minoritized. There are actually many trans people who cannot express themselves today because of rejection & violence. How then can you look at us — we who had to compromise safety for authenticity — & call us a minority? We just don’t know. Trans politics then is about fighting for the unknown, for the people who one day might. While the memo especially affects trans & intersex people, this is not just a “trans issue.” We all— regardless of our identity —deserve the right to determine who we are. We all deserve to be trusted for our own experiences, not other people’s assumptions. This gives more power to the doctors & the state to dictate your identity. Even if you accept the gender & sex you were assigned at birth, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have been consulted in that decision. You deserve the right to come into your womanhood, manhood, non binary existence on your own terms. We deserve autonomy of our own bodies. Resisting this memo is about fighting for self-determination. Pigeonholing this as just a “minority issue” underplays what’s going on. This is a historic pattern where trans issues get sidelined because we are seen as insignificant — at a distance, always apart. Trans & intersex people will be particularly devastated by this memo, but I also reject a solidarity that does the work of stabilizing sex & gender categories as fixed (which is antithetical to intersex & gender non-conforming lives). We are not just fighting for “trans rights,” we are fighting for the recognition that gender & sex are fluid. At the end of the day all of us have the potential to change our genders. Life circumstances can shift the way that we understand ourselves & that should be celebrated, not condemned. To our non-trans allies: Are you only supporting us from a distance, or would you embrace your transness if it gifted your life? Do you recognize how we are intertwined with your own liberation? Until you recognize your own stakes in this we will never get free. Why do you fear the very things that have the potential to set you free?

 image by Diane Guerrero (@dianexguerrero) with caption : "TRANS PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ERASED!" - 1896029476963653785
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I’m taking off... 👄 💄 @Clinique ‘s Dramatically Different Lipstick! Post removing yours tagging and @Clinique will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to $250k! @bcrfcure