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Bio A traditional "artist" based in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ I like to design dragons and other creatures Art trades : open πŸ”“ Requests : closed ❌

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Look at this gentleman taking a sandbath! Thunderer lives in the desert because he was banned from the Dragon Kingdom... Why? The other dragons were afraid of his "immortal course" (ya know he can't die). I will write his back story down someday πŸ˜… . . . . . . . .


 image by ❄️ (@icyheart_draws) with caption : "#weirdsdrawtoadopt
Name: Smokey
It likes to swim and stare into the stars ✨
It's shy but polite to everyone!
It lives at" - 1913301044613737942
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Name: Smokey It likes to swim and stare into the stars ✨ It's shy but polite to everyone! It lives at a pond that is always covered with smoke.


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! Hey I'm participating! This looks soo crappie . I'm sorry! I can't draw horses. Your Ocs are so cool and beautiful! I feel like I committed a crime 😭Ahhhh hope you can forgive me 😭 @333_lunaarts

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Swipe for development and close ups! This is my new (old) Oc Illusion! No chains anymore, but more accessories. -She is 90 years old (ok little explanation of my dragon aging system : my dragons usually live about 3000 years. They are grown up (physical) at an age of β‰ˆ100, so she's a young one!) - she lives in a forest and creates illusions and hallucinations to every one who enters her forest She does that to protect herself - she is shy and mysterious but is very loyal to her friends - Her music theme is called "forest of Illusion" from the Chrono cross ost (type that in YouTube if you're interested! It's a beautiful song!) I'm going to do a reference for all of my Ocs soon! . . . . . .

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Draw her! Go! It's a character I don't need for anything, so yah I hope she finds a nice, new home! Contest ends on December 15th! Please tag me or something so I can see your art! Or/and use the hashtag ! Facts : - Name : Stormtiger - Gender : female -species : dragon (wyvern) -Age :??? - Personality :??? Take all the pictures as a reference please! Tipps : - A reference would be a great idea - headshots are allowed! - give her a personality! - change something about her! It'll be your character (maybe) Someone please participate!!!!!! 😭 She's a lovely, homeless gurl! She hunts breakfast herself ok? You don't even have feed her!...........

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Just a little Giratina drawing? Kinda. I tried out to blend colored pencils with nail varnish remover. I'm surprised that it didn't eat the paper. . . . . . . .

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I did it! Inktober is over and I decided make a "best of this month". The first picture shows your favorites (based on likes and comments) and the second one are my favorites! I also want to write what I learned this month : -Inking (obviously πŸ˜…), what I mean is that I developed a style for my outlines - cross- hatching - using references (further practice) . . Yes I plan to do that kinda thing every month . . .

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A bit of inking process of today's Inktober post! The first video is speedup so you can see the whole video in instagram's 1 minute format. The second video is a Realtime video because I wanted to show how slow my work speed is! Of course I put in some random music (🎢Persona 5, Beneath the mask (instrumental))so you can't hear my heavy breathing πŸ˜‚ . . . .

 image by ❄️ (@icyheart_draws) with caption : "Day 26 "stretch"
Can we all pretend that I've never drawn this piece of crap?
#inktober2018 #inktober #strech" - 1898769248386702019
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Day 26 "stretch" Can we all pretend that I've never drawn this piece of crap?