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Bio by @aevtarperform 🌸🌱 No Stencil 🌱🌸 🥰everybody a fren🥰 BERLIN

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When I made this filter I though of making life easier for those of us who use gender neutral pronouns, too many times I have joked about tattooing they/them on my forehead to see if finally ppl would stop addressing me at an assumed “woman” identification. I also choose to address everyone in the gender neutral at first, specially when speaking of someone or their work to a third party, I wouldn’t want them to contextualize someone by an idea of gender. Only when asked for specific binary pronouns or neo pronouns that I will use those from that moment on. It is so important to not assume a gender on anyone based on aesthetics. Who is to say what a “woman” is supposed to look like, or a “man”, be them cis or straight. It relieves the pressure of passing in whatever ways. Further, non-binary, as all queerness, has no specific aesthetic. It does not mean one has to look androgynous or be specifically dysphoric, or that one is assigned male at birth they must be covered in femme signifiers or assigned female at birth be devoid of those. Different ppl arrive at identifying as non-binary or gender non-conforming for different reasons. In my understanding, this is about being a whole self, beyond prescribed boxes. Binary is a construct. On another note, what if the exercise of thinking and feeling outside of a binary system can help us move into a more nuanced thinking and understanding towards each other and subject matter? Cognitively, using They/Them pronouns may be helping us to halt triggering the effects of the programming we receive as we grow up upon this first line of code: assigned gender. If one sees themselves as just a being, not a “man” , than the oppression of saying “man up” will lose it’s meaning, for example. When somebody calls me a “she”, my subconscious gets triggered and goes looking for these files, the “she” files to overdrive my Self into a programmed “she”. When I’m referred to as “they” there are no specific files, there is just whatever I’m being there, at that time. Giving a chance to infinity. ✨TheyThem filter is LIVE on Instagram, follow me to have it✨



 Instagram Image by Inner Botanicals (@innerbotanicals) with caption : "TATTOO vs ELBOW UPDATE: Hello wonderful beings, the elbow has been out of the cast for a while but still hurts if it get" at Neukölln, Berlin, Germany - 2015207975808167773

TATTOO vs ELBOW UPDATE: Hello wonderful beings, the elbow has been out of the cast for a while but still hurts if it gets stressed, which means it’s gonna take a little while longer before I can be tattooing again. Hopefully end of April, but to be safe I’ll say that books will open for May if by mid April my arm feels good. Thank you for all the love and energy I’ve received here and on my main account @aevtarperform 💞 You are all fabulous beings and I can’t wait to be able to share these freehand frens with you again 🌸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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 Instagram Image by Inner Botanicals (@innerbotanicals) with caption : "LIL’ FREN HEALED ❤️ I have time to tattoo you a freenhand fren this week if you are in Berlin ❤️ The tattoos I make are " at Neukölln, Berlin, Germany - 1937075905295069936

LIL’ FREN HEALED ❤️ I have time to tattoo you a freenhand fren this week if you are in Berlin ❤️ The tattoos I make are completely free hand; no stencil, no drawing before, nothing. They are all biomorphic shapes like this little fren here that appear from the encounter of you and me. You pick the placement and the color, we vibe and go for it watching the forms appear bit by bit. It’s about a vibe beyond consumption. Coming together and seeing what is born out of moment in presence, hanging out. Like a portrait of the subconscious at that space and time and an opportunity to let go ❤️ DM if you’d like a freehand 💞 . .