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Wyoming ReportShareDownload656.98K

Dusted off my winter camping skills in the Sierra. Now it’s off to one of my more ambitious missions with @bryaniguchi and @travisrice . Stay tuned for more information on this new @tetongravity project Roadless.


When we came over the edge and looked down on this one the mood instantly went from light to heavy. Thankfully, after some assessment, @goodmannnnnn stepped up to the plate and showed us how it’s done.

Setting out we had no plans for the day other then to head west and get up high. We walked by a lot of interesting stuff but couldn’t walk by this one. After watching gale force winds come from every direction for 36 hours I am in awe there is still powder in the range. The wind had me on my toes though. I think I dug 5 hand pits climbing this chute.

You only get one chance to walk into new country. Unless your home range is the Sierra. Twenty years into calling the Sierra home and I continue to see huge chunks of terrain for the first time.

 image by Jeremy Jones (@jeremyjones) with caption : "Let the games begin!
#builtforthewild" - 1998017587761388194

‘Tis the season for heavy pack hauling. Its a love hate relationship. Love that I can take my home high into the mountains but the pain is real. 📷 @danielronnback@pocsports

Humbled to receive the David R Brower award from the @americanalpine club last night. With great honor I have been able to follow in some of David’s footsteps in the High Sierra. It is tough work but not nearly as tough as trying to follow the path he blazed protecting the environment. Thankfully I am not alone. Last night kicked off a formal relationship with @protectourwinters and the AAC. Climbers have a tendency to be bold free thinkers that have a thirst for grand challenges. Which is exactly what we need right now. Together we are stronger and together we can protect our winters 🤘


To take this photo required a long approach, to a steep hike that turned to bullet proof ice at the top. There are few photographers/videographers I know that can get cameras into spots like this. @lesliehittmeier is the first “onslope” woman camera operator I have worked with. Wishing a happy day to all the woman out there!

Not sure if it was a dream or not but I have visions of @travelindan in a skeleton suite exploding lips under the glow of purple and gold lights in the middle of the night.

Ideas are cheap. I always hear people tell me about the movies they want to make, the mountains they want to climb or the jumps they want to build. When @chrisbenchetler told me about making a movie honoring the Grateful Dead and that for one of the sections he wanted to light up a backcountry face and ride it in skeleton suites I gave my normal answer of, “sounds cool, call me when it’s set in stone.” After not hearing from him for months that call came. I had no idea what expect. But I was dumbfounded when we saw this backcountry face lit up like it was from a different planet. The logistics to pull something like this off is mind blowing. Huge props to everyone making dreams a reality! Honored to be apart of it!


Back in the big mountains yesterday with two of my favourites, @nick_russelll and @elenahight! @tetongravity

 image by Jeremy Jones (@jeremyjones) with caption : "Shoot the tube! 📷 @ming.t.poon 
#jonesbackpacks /////
One of my great mentors, Dave Hatchett, hit a tree coming out of t" - 1991895422116979996

Shoot the tube! 📷 @ming.t.poon ///// One of my great mentors, Dave Hatchett, hit a tree coming out of this chute filming for @standardfilms TB 2 and broke his femur. I always wondered how he made that mistake because he is such a precise and calculated rider. Thankfully I knew about the injury because the chute pushes you toward it and the tree comes out of nowhere. A speed check on my heals coming out of it and I would have smoked the tree. Freaky how a little chute like this is actually pretty dangerous. Did I get the story straight @tahoeboulderingguides?