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Visiting the Ancient Roman Amphitheater located in the city of Amman - which is regularly used by Jordanians. Last weekend, Amman hosted a marathon where competitors ran from Amman to the Dead Sea and back. The Awards Ceremony was held in the Roman Amphitheater. Anyone interested in running the Jordanian marathon next year? Come on - challenge yourself! 😎

After a long steep hike - we made it to The Monastery! Archeologists only announced this massive structure a few years ago. Buried under the sand, the structure is thought to date back more than 2,000 years, and is believed to have had a ceremonial purpose! Now we need to hike back down....

Pilgrims being baptized on the Israeli side of the Jordan River while we watch from the Jordanian side! Also added pics of the original authenticated site where Jesus was baptized just 300m away (Jordan River has slightly changed course over the centuries). 🙏

We’ve just concluded a productive 2-day dialogue between WHO and our African Union colleagues (including Africa-CDC & NEPAD). Our joint plan aims to achieve the target in Africa and build national capacities in all 54 African countries to rapidly respond to disease outbreaks! ❤️