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Bio Murray & Natalie Tool Reviews and Construction Insurance Repair General Contractor Serving Saskatoon 👇 @tool_barn sales 👇

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I got a lot of questions about this masker, it’s made by @trimaco_inc QM5000 pro masker is the model • I’ve been using this one for awhile and it works real well, I haven’t had any problems with the tape and film coming out properly, that’s why I keep using it • I do find the green 3m (pcw30) works the best for us All the film we try works great in this thing so I don’t have a preference • I removed this texture awhile back and had to give the ceiling a skim, covered up a couple things just Incase I had mud drop . . .



Note to self always put onboard blade change tool back after using • We’ve been impressed with this @dewalttough cutoff saw, sure it won’t replace gas on the bigger jobs but on the smaller ones we’ve done it’s more then capable of getting the job done • We’ve had no problems with batteries overheating, lots of power until the end • Everyone who had tried it is impressed with the size, weight and power • Definitely take up a Dewalt rep on a demo if your interested Available @tool_barn . . .


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Throwback to when it was nice outside and I had first just got my @rhinohitch • This thing has been great, I was worried about it being a hassle in winter but a swift kick breaks the ice and it has full movement • Because it’s longer then my old hitch I can now fully drop my tailgate without it hitting my trailer jack . . .

 image by Kruger Construction (@krugerconstruction) with caption : "Compact but still packs a punch
So far this M12 1/2” stubby impact has been a great addition
Love the Batman suit 🤘
" - 1958491606065570740

Compact but still packs a punch • So far this M12 1/2” stubby impact has been a great addition • Love the Batman suit 🤘 Available from @constructionfasteners 🇨🇦 @toolbarn 🇺🇸 . . . #


If you have little to no storage in your shower, Add a corner shelf as with simply slotting into the tile and a $1. • Great tip from @american_tile_company_


A little hand taping in the corners • I always start with my corners using paper tape, we use @fibafuse_adfors on the flats but never on the corners, I’ve seen some crack and I don’t want to return to repair work • One trick the makes the corners easier is put a little mud on the corner of your knife when you flatten out the corner tapes, it helps a ton! • This one is a flood repair job, that’s why the wall is cut to 2’ . . .


Well usually when they sing they are happy Handed off the @metabohpt R65AK2 2-1/2" Strap-Tite Fastening System Strip Nailer to @benscholman and the guys @jjcustomframing • They’ve had it since summer and have been loving it, so far no problems at all • It’s shoots either 1-1/2” or 2-1/2”for various types of pre-punched hole metal connectors to wood . . .


Sanding some unpainted texture with the @festool_usa planex easy • Of course the ceiling was tested for asbestos before we started • From my experience scraping and refinishing ceilings I’ve found when you can sand it with one of these units you will have less work fixing up the ceiling in the end • Now I have ran the Festool cyclone and the @oneidaairsystems dust deputy ( borrowed from @drywallbydesign ) • drywall dust I would hands down purchase the dust deputy over the cyclone. The cyclone maybe got 50% of the dust and you can see in the vid the dust deputy got about 90% • They are meant to keep your suction up so there’s less downtime • I had talked to others with it that are getting the same results . . .


Tube notcher available from @tricktools ・・・ The TN-250 Tube Notcher from Baileigh is one of the most versatile hole saw notchers on the market today. The unique radial vise clamping system allows for clamping tubing from 1/2 inch to 2-1/2 inch OD in any location, including the center of a bend. Hole saws are supported on a massive 1-1/4 inch OD shaft, which also includes a replaceable hex insert for attaching to a standard 1/2 inch drive drill . . .


Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.... Like peeling paint out of a tray after I forgot a liner Can you relate? . . .


We added the @metabohpt 36v brushless 7-1/4” cordless saw into the mix a couple months ago • Overall it seems like a decent build, though we would like to see it include a rafter hook, I’m sure they make one for it • Tons of torque for ripping material and the battery seems to hold a charge well, I haven’t done any sort of runtime test yet. Power wise I’d put this up against the best, corded or cordless. I’m not saying it’s the best but it’s up in there • I did use it a couple days when we were around -15°c and it didn’t affect the performance and the battery held its charge. • It has a silent mode, when on the saw starts quiet. You can also shut the led off, make it trigger activated or have it stay on for a longer period of time after, didn’t time it. • Bevel, depth and blade guard levers are a good size, easy to work with when you have gloves on Bevels to 55°, positive stop at 45° • The led lights up the cut line well. You can see that baseplate has a pretty big opening • I wouldn’t say switch brands to own this saw, but I think most of you would be impressed @metabohpt Is really stepping it up • I’ll update as we use it more • If you’re interested @tool_barn has them . . .