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Sandra | ae cc 2018 (@lovetwcast) Instagram Profile Photo lovetwcast

Sandra | ae cc 2018

Bio Teen Wolf and Violetta edits 🌌give credit if you repost my edits🌌

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power couple - collab with @frostblooms πŸ’›, her part is killing mee ommg, she is so talenteed ac < kuteaudios dt < tagged fc < 3393


He is with her . i didn t ship them so much bcs i didn t really care about this ship, but NOW i love them ommg ac < cordueva (sc) dt < Isabella, Erza, Stacy, Fati + tagged fc < 3388


AU . Ludmila and Leon are together, but Violetta always gets between them and Ludmila gets jealous. In one day she saw that Leon had bought flowers for Violetta, and Leon saw her crying, and he feels bad because he hurt her. They went out with other people and wounded each other, but in the end after they realized that everything was worse, and they got together. idk english ac < jaimeysedits dt < tagged fc < 3376 Β 


AU Ludmila and Violetta are sisters. They both love Leon, but Violetta was already in a relationship with him. Leon broke up with her because she was cheating on him. Ludmila was happy about it and she started talking to Leon but Violetta was angry. She fought with Ludmila until they decided that no one will be with him. However, they both still loved him. One day, Leon saw Ludmila spying on him and he asked her if she wanted to be with him. Of course, she said 'Yes', but she was still sad because she could not have told that to Violetta. The next day, Violetta told Leon she still loves him and he said that he still cared about her. Ludmila heard that conversation and didn't want to talk to Leon afterwards. He saw her leaving and tried talking to her, but she left too fast. They didn't see each other for days and Leon missed her and wanted to talk to her. When he finally found her, she was talking with her best friend, Federico. He told her to forgive Leon because she loved him so much. She was confused, but Leon finally talked to her and they got back together. ik its so loooong ac < etherealaudios_ dt < tagged fc < 3181