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 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "Here is to another year with this one 🥂💜🥳🎆✨
#nye #newyearseve #dinner #celebrate #familytime #newyearsevedinner" at NUALA - 1947446330282400033
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Here is to another year with this one 🥂💜🥳🎆✨ . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "Loved meeting the team at @makeup54 yesterday at @stylistlive
Makeup54 is a new makeup brand inspired by the disco" at Stylist Live - 1910339114278813375

Loved meeting the team at @makeup54 yesterday at @stylistlive . . . Makeup54 is a new makeup brand inspired by the disco era 🕺🏽 (lucky I was wearing my new velvet flares so fitted straight in). Initially a capsule collection of four lip colours and one sparkly lip topper. Every single colour was perfect and both my mum and I tried on shades we wouldn’t usually go for and we’re pleasantly surprised. . . . I’m wearing Gaynor (after Gloria Gaynor) and the sparkly topper. I’m in love with every single colour and the quality is outstanding 😍. Although I only bought Gaynor, my mum got both Jerry (a beautiful reds) and the topper (which I really regret not getting myself), so until I purchase my own one I hope she doesn’t mind sharing 👯‍♀️✨💕 . . . .

 Instagram Carousel by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "Day 2: I had to do a complete refresh and put my head over the bath 🛀 (not my general style) . My hair was pretty wet bu" at London, United Kingdom - 1888791466038351235

Day 2: I had to do a complete refresh and put my head over the bath 🛀 (not my general style) . My hair was pretty wet but not sopping so it doesn’t count as a full wash IMO. . . . The line up was: @asiamnaturally co wash (so lush I need to try the rest of their range) @cantubeautyuk moisture seal gel oil (for the moisture to help the crazy arse frizz) and cantu curl activator (for the protein to help with curl definition) @umbertogiannini gel because it’s a nice consistency but I didn’t want to use up my more expensive stuff considering the only people seeing me today are at the gym where I was to sweat a lot anyway. . . . Method: Brushing out the tangles, lots of scrunching, re-spraying with water and @janecartersolution quench curl hydrate and a new way of plopping fo. TBF there was a lot of faffing around - the hair drier also came out at one point. . . . At this point I admitted defeat and just wondered around my house for a while feeling quite dejected. However luckily I got a new lease of life and continued trying to make it work! I realised it was only really the top layer of my hair which was really bad and frizzy with bad curl pattern so in true 90s fashion, with substandard French braids I did a half up half down style (which I could wear for crossfit as t kept my hair out of my eyes 💁🏽‍♀️) AND I don’t hate it!! . . I find the bottom layer of my hair has the tightest curls/ringlets and therefore it can get away with frizz so much better so half up half down works perfectly. . . . Side note: I don’t like changing a good thing but I’ve found a curly salon substantially closer to home and much more budget friendly so I have decided to give it a shot as I’ve seen some great reviews. Watch this space - cut is planned on the first weekend of November @3thirtysalon . So until then the half up half style rules 🤟🏽💃🏽🕺🏽 . . .

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I’ve barely posted recently for a number of reasons, and it’s not because I suddenly a) don’t have curly hair and b) don’t care about my hair. . . . New job and routine are both part of the reason but also a complete and utter lack of curly results which has lead to a sever feeling of shitness in respect to my hair (is shitness a real word?! It is now 😅). . . Below I have some musings/moans I felt the needed to air 1) instagram lies and pictures lie, the first photo my hair looks okay(ish), but it ain’t at all, you just scroll and see for yourself ⏭⏭⏭ 🤢. 2) I’m in desperately in need of a cut and colour (why is my hair dresses so far away?! Why is t so hard to get an apt?!). My white hairs are increasing whilst my style is becoming diabolical. Send help, and money. 3) Speaking of money, why are things so expensive?!!!?!? 4) I love insta for learning about my hair but at times it leaves me feeling dissatisfied - why must my curls start 1-2 inches below my crown, why do I get untameable halo frizz and why on earth can’t I French braid even half as good as all you instagram ladies?!? 5) WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON WITH MY HAIR?!? I’ve tried protein, moisture, clarifying?!?!? WTF 6) Why isn’t clarifying/cleansing working for me anymore??? I’ve tried all sort of products and NADA 7) When will this cycle of hair end, and who can help me? 8) Send help (and cake 🍰) 9)Tbf don’t send cake, it’s my birthday soon so hopefully I’ve got plenty pending...🐷 . . . Any suggestions welcome 😪 . . . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "So, how did my curls survive Lowlands festival?
1) Preparation is key 🔑 
Ahead of leaving for the festival I gave my h" at Lowlands Festival - 1861972122713398722

So, how did my curls survive Lowlands festival? . 1) Preparation is key 🔑 Ahead of leaving for the festival I gave my hair a really good wash. I used all my fav products which were tried and tested and I also took extra time to make sure I dried my hair properly on a low heat. A few days ahead of my departure I discovered how the magical protein actually worked wondered for my curls which was perfect timing and a lot to do with how well the held! Trial before events so you can gauge the best products for you. 2) @silkelondon 💇🏽‍♀️ I’ve worn my @silkelondon most nights since I’ve got it. For the last three years or so I’ve used satin pillow cases but this sleek bonnet is so much more practical and for my long hair. At festivals I always used to take my satin case and wrap it around a travel pillow but somehow between the sleeping bag and air mattress it goes skewhiff. However, my Silke is perfect as whatever crazy position I end up in the locks are protected. 3) GLAMPING ⛺️ This is something I’ve never done before despite being a bit of a festival veteran now. Absolute game changer. It meant running water, proper mirrors, a hair drier, space, cleanliness and other luxuries which gave me the space to sort my life out every morning. I wasn’t trying to tackle my frizz ball of a bonnet whilst also trying not to roast or drown (depending on the festival) to death daily. AND THE SHOWERS meant I could refresh effectively. 4) Ploping. After the shower/refresh my hair felt quite wet, however by plopping it for about an hour afterwards whilst I pottered around adding glitter to every crevice of my today the delight is of my friends, It gave my hair a chance to dry and ‘set’ in . Because I didn’t brush or wash out my product completely the old scrunch and plop was the perfect way to get the unruly hair back in order. 5) Check the weather ☔️☀️ This is critical so you can chose the right product and the right style to protect your curls .

I’ve been pretty silent on here recently due to life but that doesn’t mean I’ve been neglecting my hair. In fact, I’ve had a mahoosive hair breakthrough. . . . Last week I spent four nights camping at @lowlands_fest in Holland 🇳🇱 Now, I’ve done loads of music festivals 🎪 in my (nearly) 28 years on this planet 🌍 and the big questions is always ‘what do I do with my hair’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ BUT this year was different, this year I’ve been working hard to understand and work with my hair. . . . Over the coming days/weeks I’ll post my learnings, fav products, tips and how to cope with camping ⛺️ . . . For now, here is a photo of my hair; this is day three and I’m pretty chuffed with the results 👏🏽🌀💙 . . .

So this months @curleebox was filled with @umbertogiannini delights!!! . . . I used to use this scrunching jelly when I was at uni, and I knew I was into something good. I was planning on buying it again when I found out it was friendly so I was very happy to receive it this month 💕 . . . Just look at the results 👀IT WENT SO CURLY!! . . Method: shampoo, conditioner, cream then jelly. I plopped for 15mins then diffused until it was dry, and of course I wore my trusty @silkelondon turban . . . Trying a similar progress again tonight, but clarified and threw in a deep conditioning treatment. Fingers crossed it comes out just as nice 🤞🏽🤞🏽 . . .

 Instagram Carousel by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "@silkelondon review 💖👏🏽
I  super impressed with my new Silke London hair protector. I’ve always used a silk pillow" at London, United Kingdom - 1826328084408941400

@silkelondon review 💖👏🏽 . . . I super impressed with my new Silke London hair protector. I’ve always used a silk pillow case, but now my hair is so long it doesn’t really have the desired effect anymore. Silke London isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but it’s worth every penny. The quality is azing, it’s comfortable, light (I was wearing it on two super humid nights) and doesn’t fall off! . . . As for my hair, photo one is pre bed, two is in bed and three is in the morning 💃🏽 . . .

🍍 First time actually wearing my hair in a proper pineapple to bed 🛏 It’s so long I usually go a bun rather than a pony, but this has actually given me splendid results and helped me prevent frizz in the night 🐎 . (Picture two results FT. a sleepy face) . . So excited my @silkelondon arrived, and I’m deep conditioning today so I can report back tomorrow on how it goes 💞 . . .

Hair routine and results!! . . . Photo one: After the wash but before the fluff/scrunch Photo two: Post fluff Photo three: Evening after walking around all day Photo four: Morning after my sleep. I have a silk pillow but it’s lost so much of the silliness (especially after it went through the wash accidentally on more than one occasion 🙄) . . @sheamoistureuk, @cantubeautyuk, @officialkinkycurly, @sogooditsnoughty . . . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "🆘🆘🆘 !!!HELP!!! 🆘🆘🆘
What is this situation with my frizz?!? .
I’ve been having amazing first day curls only for them " at Dalston - 1815899158813467437
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🆘🆘🆘 !!!HELP!!! 🆘🆘🆘 What is this situation with my frizz?!? . . . I’ve been having amazing first day curls only for them to break up throughout the day and night and I’m left with frizz EVERYWHERE. My hair doesn’t feel particularly dry. I’ve cut out protein. I’ve done hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments. I’m using more product and different products. I’m paying attention to everything and still I have this frizz. Refresh doesn’t seem to work for me, I’ve tried so many methods. I can’t seem to get the frizzy bit to rejoin curls, so sometimes a refresh actually leaves my hair worse, the frizz becomes frizzier and the curly becomes curlier! The only solution is wetting the whole hair again, and you all know how I feel about drying it. I never used to get this.😢 I have a silk pillow case, but it’s probably seen better days. I guess there is also the possibility that my hair it too long for the pillow case now. Perhaps I should invest in a bonnet... @silkelondon I think it’s time. . . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "My hair cut and changing up my products has really done the world of good for my hair. Loving how curly it is at the mom" at London, United Kingdom - 1812602733480485129

My hair cut and changing up my products has really done the world of good for my hair. Loving how curly it is at the moment. . . . I realise the reason it was soooo bone dry was because I had changed products, and I didn’t check ingredient lists (ultimate school boy). Turns out every last one of them has protein AND I was neglecting deep conditioning. What a recipe for disaster. I don’t even have hair which is that protein sensitive (I think) but this put it into over drive. Starting to gradually learn how to balance my hair 🤓🤓 . . . I’ll be investing in some@new products this month. So watch this space 🌀🌀🌀 . . This was routine ✅ Squish to condish ✅ Shpoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner @sogooditsnoughty@cantubeautyuk curl activation cre ✅ @mielleorganics curling custard ✅ Diffuse ✅ Fluff up the hair once dry ⏮ Pre fluff ⏭ Post fluff My main issue with this wash was not washing out the conditioner properly. This meant my roots were super limp and heavy and it looked quite greasy. Other than that I one happy cper ⛺️ . . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "That one time I attempted to do an avocado and honey hair mask and get a photo of the carnage 🥑 🍯 .
All round failur" at London, United Kingdom - 1806830195462682719

That one time I attempted to do an avocado and honey hair mask and get a photo of the carnage 🥑 🍯 . . . All round failure, did nothing for my hair and spend a good 15mins trying to clean up avo from the bathroom 😂 . . . .

NEW HURRRR WHO DIS??? 💃🏽🕺🏽 . . . Another satisfied customer 😆 I can always rely on @unruly_grace @ @unrulycurls to sort out my barnet! I walked in with a frizzy mess and re-emerged a few hours later with these fabulous lock 💖🌀💇🏽‍♀️ . . . Actually excited about my hair again, thank you 🙏🏼 💃🏽 I would highly recommend Grace to anyone with any sort of curl pattern wanting to embrace their hair! . . .

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Earlier this summer when I went to India I decided to treat myself to an Ayurveda treatment. I opted for an oil massage paired with a Shirodhara treatment (where hot oil is poured on your forehead). . . . Not only was it the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had, BUT as a byproduct my hair was amazing afterwards from sitting for half an hour in hot oil. The results were better than any deep conditioner I’ve ever had. . . . I’m now super keen to find a hot oil treatment I can prepoo with and add to my hair routine. . . . I tried last week, but my results were CRAP. Now there are three potentially reasons why: 1) The quality of oil I used was bad 2) I didn’t use enough oil 3) I didn’t apply the oil in the best way/ heat it up enough . . . Now I won’t go into too much detail on what I did as it will be a snooze fest BUT if anyone has any recommendations on techniques, products or tips & tricks in general it would be greatly appreciated. After seeing lots of reviews, I’ll be buying @righteousrootsoils to give that a try! . . .

So this afternoon I trialed @sogooditsnoughty co-wash, deep conditioner and leave in and OH EMMM GEEE it’s exactly what my hair needed!!! . . . Since being in India my hair has been desperate for some moisture. Even though I believe I don’t have protein sensitive hair, I think trialling some new products and not 100% knowing what I’m doing left my hair worst for wear. This paired with desperately needed a cut (which is now booked in for Tuesday 🙏🏼💇🏽‍♀️) left my hair a frizzy mess. . . . Imagine my delight when I opened my June’s @curleebox box and found these amazing products. . . . So, after using them today I can give my honest review and say they’re everything I was hoping that they would be and more. Even just holding them in your hands the texture is creamy and soft. Unlike other co-washes I’ve used I loved this one and could have probably gone without conditioning at all afterwards (if I had to). I also really liked the smell and was just genuinely impressed with the results. It’s also worth mentioning that after deep conditioning my hair often goes very fluffy, but in this instance it wasn’t too bad compared to normal. Now I’m not sure if that because the quality of my hair was bad this time it because of the product. . . . Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it will take a while for my hair to repair, but i’m absolutely seeing these as a staple in my hair care routine. . . . Swipe ➡️➡️➡️ Photo 1 & 2: products Photo 3 & 4: hair results (I made sure I used a photo which showed my frizz rather than trying to hide it at the back) Photo 5: My semi wet and very damaged hair after a recent wash about three days ago. . . . . . . . .

 Instagram Image by Lucy Tillett (@lucy_curls90) with caption : "So excited for the June @curleebox full of treats from @sogooditsnoughty
I still have a post pending about my stra" at London Borough of Hackney - 1801316522648591782

So excited for the June @curleebox full of treats from @sogooditsnoughty . . . I still have a post pending about my straw dry hair, and was going to ask for recommendations for deep conditioner... BUT what I’ll do now is trial all these treats from @sogooditsnoughty and report back. I’m genuinely so happy I waited 💖💖 . . . I’ve finally booked in for a cut, so I’ll make sure to try it ahead of that to give a real representation of how I’ve found it 👏🏽🌀💇🏽‍♀️ . . . . . . . .