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Bio The official Instagram for Marvel comics, movies, games, and more. Find out more about Disney+:

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SNEAK PEEK: Tandy and Mayhem have taken Lia. Catch an all-new "Marvel’s " TONIGHT at 8pm/7c on @Freeform, and preview the episode now on @cloakanddaggertv



Tabitha Smith couldn’t wait to explode onto the scene as the mutant hero Boom Boom. This week on , get ready to detonate, shatter, and generally cover your ears because this girl is ready to ignite!



Only two episodes of the season left. Watch a new episode of "Marvel’s " TONIGHT at 8pm/7c on @Freeform.@CloakAndDaggerTV

 image by Marvel Entertainment (@marvel) with caption : "It’s time to assemble! (via @styledbymarvel) #StyledByMarvel" - 2050260252260450168

It’s time to assemble! (via @styledbymarvel)


With misery, comes D’Spayre. "Marvel’s " is all-new TOMORROW at 8p/7c on @Freeform.@CloakAndDaggerTV

 image by Marvel Entertainment (@marvel) with caption : "What are you adding to your #MarvelPullList today? Tell us in the comments! #NCBD" - 2049390189579889200

What are you adding to your today? Tell us in the comments!


Assemble a lunch worthy of an Avenger! Power up on the go with a little help from @Ziploc® Brand bags.


in 1991, Thanos SNAPS in “Infinity Gauntlet” . 💎


In the final chapter of Marvel's "Wolverine: The Lost Trail," Logan, Maureen, Agent Pierce, and Marcus make a final stand against Wyngarde. Listen now on Stitcher Premium:

 image by Marvel Entertainment (@marvel) with caption : "D’Spayre, Tyrone and Tandy are coming for you.
Here’s this week's episode poster for "Marvel's #CloakAndDagger" by Marve" - 2048136962909738148

D’Spayre, Tyrone and Tandy are coming for you. Here’s this week's episode poster for "Marvel's " by Marvel artist Francesco Francavilla (@f_francavilla). @cloakanddaggertv


Going back to our roots. Listen to how this week's episode of "Marvel's " calls back to the original “Cloak and Dagger” comics in the official podcast on,, Apple Podcasts, @StitcherPodcasts, and @Spotify.@cloakanddaggertv


Master of illusions and nemesis of Spider-Man, Mysterio knows how to turn the tide in his favor. On this week's , the mind-bending marauder will use his skills to make people see what he wants them to!