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Bio artist. foodist. Open studio tour, right here.

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“Caillou Noir” from @whiterivercreamery my 48th 🇺🇸 🧀 . White River Creamery in Elkins, Arkansas is a family farmstead cheese maker, and perhaps the only one in that state. The McCormick family was generous to send me some of this new cheese "Cailou Noir", which is French for black pebble. They raise goats and make a variety of cheeses including goat Chèvre and feta and I was lucky to get any cheese from them at this chaotic time of year; they're in the beginning of kidding season on the farm. . This cheese, however is new since this winter and it's made with pasteurized cow milk. Each ball of cheese fits in the palm of your hand and is rolled in black pepper and enhanced with garlic. As it ages and dries, it condenses and hardens so it can be shaved like Parmesan. The aging intensifies the flavor, lending it to be used like a truffle with small shavings to enhance a dish. After cutting one in half I shaved a sliver off to taste and it was intense. I can see why this is more like a truffle; it is absolutely delicious. . -- 🎨 Original painting is oil on wood, available at : . .


Friends that invite you over for a cheesey feast after a long day in the studio are GREAT friends 🧡🙏🧀 . Karen & Walt shared some of the first cheese they made, at a workshop at Valley Shepherd Creamery, @curdiologist ! It’s delicious and beautiful. .


 Instagram Image by Mike Geno (@mikegenostudio) with caption : "Had a great time talking with @chandlermarielutz from @cbs_philly in the studio chatting about the #cheesemap , #cheese " at Viking Mill - 2004594544901721661
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Had a great time talking with @chandlermarielutz from @cbs_philly in the studio chatting about the , and 🧡 . Thank you Chandler!

 Instagram Image by Mike Geno (@mikegenostudio) with caption : "Happy #SpringEquinox , celebrate with a gander at my #cheeseportrait of “Teaquinox” from @birchrunhills ☀️🍃🌸🌱🐮🧀 .
On rar" at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2003811759563907668

Happy , celebrate with a gander at my of “Teaquinox” from @birchrunhills ☀️🍃🌸🌱🐮🧀 . On rare occasions, Birchrun hills makes their alpine style cheese Equinox and throws on some honey then tea leaves and flowers and basically it’s a very delicious and pretty version of “tar and feather”-ing. 😛 . Hope they make it again soon. I’m sure it was super easy and not a messy process at all 😐 . Prints available , yo

"Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar" 20x16" oil on wood panel. 🧀🇨🇦❤️🎨 . I had some fun painting this beautiful cheese a 2nd time, bigger and more grand a portion because it's just too gorgeous not to. ⭐️ . The fortune of having a whole 22 lb wheel of this beautiful and delicious traditional clothbound cheddar sent to me was one I did not want to squander. The good folks at @cowsicecream of Prince Edward Island, in Canada sent me this for a commission I have with the American Cheese Society. Each year I have the honor of painting the portrait of the Best Of Show winners, and access for me, sometimes to cheeses I wouldn't necessarily have. . After painting a smaller portrait of Avonlea last week, I felt compelled to have some fun with more of the remaining wheel. I cut out a nice big wedge and was struck with its height so I decided to paint this large and tall. I placed one light on the side and another light directly over it, because this was like a star on a stage if I ever saw one. . I believe this is the larges cheddar painting I've done so far and that was helpful to get into the complexity of the beautiful crumbly cheddar texture and it's cave aged cloth covering. . It's an incredibly rich and savory with the slightest tang to bring out a fruity flavor. Mostly I love the incredible fudge-y texture and perfect mouth feel. I love this cheese! . . oil painting is available at . Cheddarpainting -

 Instagram Image by Mike Geno (@mikegenostudio) with caption : "#avonleaclothboundcheddar #cheddar still in the studio , today’s #paintingmodel from @cowsicecream Prince Edward Island." at Viking Mill - 2001576868482822134
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still in the studio , today’s from @cowsicecream Prince Edward Island. 🇨🇦

🧀🖊 📜 ☀️ - today was a beautiful day in Philadelpha. It was sunny and in the 70’s for the first time this year. As I soaked up the sun I watched an artist conjuring customized poems for tips nearby. I felt just a smidge of guilt for not working in the today so I decided to support a poet in a small, modest way. . . Guess what topic I chose for my commissioned poem. . Go on, guess! . Marshall James Kavanaugh is @dreampoetforhire and he was set up at today . .

Looks like I got my hands on my 48th state to paint. 🧀 🇺🇸 @whiterivercreamery 💛

Happy Pi Day! π today, being a math nerds supreme holiday (not me, but you know who you are 😉) March 14th 3.14 , 🥧 . I’ve threatened to paint some pie for a while , and ahead of this glorious day, So i managed this fun lil slice. . It’s smaller than most of my paintings, 5.5x10” so it’s a modest fee for an original oil painting. It’s available @ . 🍒

“Whisky” print for all you boozers. Archival,matted, ready to frame print . 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

🖼 alert. The “Troegenator and Aged Gouda” Painting is available as an archival matted print. 🧀🍺🎨❤️ . . . Is it too early to think about ? 🎁 .

🇨🇦🧀 “Avonlea” is the American Cheese Society's 2018 Best of Show 3rd place winner, ranked above over 2000 other cheeses. I was fortunate to get the commission of all the best of show winners each year, for the last 7. Receiving the best cheeses made in North America is a wonderful privilege I do not take for granted. Cows Creamery sent me a whole 20 lb wheel so I definitely plan to paint it more than once! . @cowsicecream Cows Creamery, considered the maker of the best ice cream in Canada is also the maker of a champion cheddar. In 2006 they started making cheddar after the owner, Scott Linkletter, visited Scotland's Orkeny Island. He brought back the recipe of the cheddar he fell in love with to Prince Edward Island and it became "Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar". Avonlea has won Best Clothbound Cheddar three times at the American Cheese Society's Conference before this last year's Best of Show, a rare and impressive accomplishment. . This cheddar is made with vegetable rennet and thermalized (slightly warmed, not pasteurized) raw milk that becomes the 22 pound wheel. The cheesecloth wrapping the wheel allows the cheddar to breath and become a wonderful cave aged delight after a year of aging. . Prints available soon 🙂 🖼. .

 Instagram Image by Mike Geno (@mikegenostudio) with caption : "Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, modeling 😍
Ssssooooooo good 👅.
#cheddarchamp #avonleacheddar #cheese #artmodel #🇨🇦🧀" at Viking Mill - 1995144814689780252
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Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, modeling 😍 . Ssssooooooo good 👅. . #🇨🇦🧀

Guess what the delivered to the studio!!!!!! A 20 lb wheel of clothbound from Prince Edward Island in Canada- best of show winner from 2018 @american_cheese_society 🧀🏆 🇨🇦 . It smells wonderfully like a cave. I can’t wait to crack it open and paint it! .

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Congrats and big shout out to @mariekegouda being featured on CBS Sunday morning! 💥🧀👍🏼. . I don’t watch tv much but a lover that follows me made me look it up on YouTube- ez find : “ marieke cbs”. . I don’t know Marieke, but I’ve met her and I painted her “Clove Gouda” years ago. And, I’ve always been impressed with her many successes at the @american_cheese_society contest. .watch the story and see how this is why immigration makes America better. . This segment is great for the continued cheese education of America. ! .

Sometimes I look back at my 2nd painting of “Gorwydd Caerphilly”, aka “Gorwydd 2”, and think about that texture, that warm vs cool limited palette and how much fun gray (grey) can be. . ...and in a few weeks I’ll be meeting @trethowansdairy , the makers again via @cheesejourneys 💛. #🧀🇬🇧

 Instagram Image by Mike Geno (@mikegenostudio) with caption : "Cooking pork tonight so thought I’d look at some recipes on my computer, but - d’oh! - this came up on the first search." at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1992396122895552614

Cooking pork tonight so thought I’d look at some recipes on my computer, but - d’oh! - this came up on the first search. 🤣🐷. . .