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Fall fun at the pumpkin barn! 🧡🎃🖤


 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Doesn’t get much better than waffles and Friday! #friyay #cooperrock #dontletthatsmilefoolyou #toddlerlife" - 1888486405501121649
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Doesn’t get much better than waffles and Friday!


 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Almost wedding time!! 💙" - 1874919597821204309
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Almost wedding time!! 💙

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Our friends are more than friends. We’re family. And boy are we lucky!

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Today we celebrate these extra special people Coop gets to call grandparents! We love you and are so grateful for all you do for the three of us! Today and everyday we thank our lucky stars that Cooper gets to have such loving, caring, kind and thoughtful people in his life. Thank you for being such wonderful role models for our family. We love you.

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A little morning play in the rain☔️

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And... that’s a wrap. Thanks Woodhaven for helping Coop become a water loving babe! Can’t wait for next summer! 🐠

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Two years ago today. Our dreams came true. Memories often pop up on my Facebook and get lost in the shuffle. Today was a great reminder of how precious each day is. A jaw dropping, tear filled eye kind of moment. Here we are on implantation day, and two years later with our little miracle. It’s also a great time to encourage those on the roller coaster of infertility to hang on. We think of you, pray for you, and are always here for you. Our journey is never over and are hearts are more than big enough to support you. Many may not know this day was proceeded by many failed IUI’s and one failed IVF. This was also a two embryo transfer resulting in a vanishing twin, our 🌈 babe. To all of you on this journey, you are so brave and trust in the journey. Thanks again to our team at Institute for Reproductive Health who made our dreams come true.

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Park Fun after the food truck festival!

 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "First spaghettios... pretty fun... #moreexcitedaboutthespoon #cooperrock #nomnom #kidfresh #bathtime" - 1839533708652025595
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First spaghettios... pretty fun...

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Coop has taken a few steps here and there but this is the first time it’s been captured on video! Still prefers crawling or holding our hands to walk but I’m pretty sure he will be on the go soon enough!

 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Watching the big kids play ball... #ball #cooperrock #woodhavenswimandtennisclub #hannaandersson #summernights" - 1822959679786714515
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 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Greeting committee❤️ #happyboy #muchbetter #hi #homage #cooperrock #wholefoods" - 1821453960981967761
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 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Kisses from Coop! #kisses #homage #wholefoods #cooperrock" - 1821449210228080258
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 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Happy 4th. Viruses stink. #mood #cooperrock #happyfourthofjuly #vineyardvines ❤️🇺🇸💙" - 1816312401030524935
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Happy 4th. Viruses stink. ❤️🇺🇸💙

 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "Date night! 💗" - 1808816513844355911
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Date night! 💗

 image by mrscombs8 (@mrscombs8) with caption : "A little giggle to brighten your Friday! #cooperrock #friyay #dlmbaby" - 1807357044765600371
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A little giggle to brighten your Friday!

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Our journey isn’t always perfect, but it’s perfect with these guys! Coop and I love them more than they will ever know.