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Ben Myers MBA - Myers Woodshop

Bio • Saved by His Grace 😇 • Hobbyist🔨 • Husband of @mollymyers 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 • 👇, , , 👇

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Ben Myers MBA - Myers Woodshop (@myerswoodshop) Instagram photos and videos

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🌈 the @novawoodworking comet II has been the lathe that has made every colored pencil bowl I’ve ever made. It’s a great starter to mid range lathe! • I have this on my amazon shop page if your interested in buying it! Link in bio☝️ • •

Negative comments suck, no matter how much you try to shake it off. So for I thought I’d share some of the positive comments I’ve received over the past few days. Don’t be a butt, if you don’t like something, just keep swiping or click next. It’s a whole lot more effort to criticize someone on something you’ve never tried, let alone ever consider attempting. You add nothing of value to this world and just plain suck. Be like these three awesome strangers. They found something useful and shared some thanksgiving, and made the world a better place in the process. Thank you to those of you who support me. Those of you who take the time to click a heart. Those of you who clicked follow. Those of you who leave a comment with your valuable time. You’re the real MVP’s. 🙌🙏 • When the good ones say nothing, we let the bad ones win. • •

Refinished a kitchen table yesterday. You know how some tools are really expensive but you think they’ll be worth it? The @supermaxtools drum sander is worth it. What would have been a full day of sanding became a 10 minute job with almost zero effort. Anything that can cut down sanding time is worth its weight in gold. • What’s one of your dream tools? • •

I 3D printed this in ONE piece! SWIPE to see it shoot rubber bands! • The modeling is incredible. And it works really well. This is my longest print to date. Now we better not shoot our eyes out. • @waltswoodworksand3dprinting did an incredible job at modeling this! Happily spent 10$ for the .stl! • @hatchbox3d

Just giving @thetypennington some DIY tips yesterday, no big deal.😎 • Deacon’s in the background, so over it.😂 • • Do you remember trading spaces and extreme makeover, home edition. I used to love those shows. • •

 Instagram Image by Ben Myers MBA - Myers Woodshop (@myerswoodshop) with caption : "*Update: He won!*
This is my buddy Coty.  He’s a woodworker and small business owner.  He runs @arganic_woodwork makin" at Arkansas - 2005273357378308315
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*Update: He won!* • This is my buddy Coty. He’s a woodworker and small business owner. He runs @arganic_woodwork making wooden things. He has a heart for foster children (and has a litter full of them). Some profits from his business go to foster children. • Our little town of Searcy, Arkansas has won the spot to be on a tv show on Hulu called @smallbusinessrevolution hosted by @amandakbrinkman and @thetypennington (yes, the guy from trading spaces and “move that bus!” 🚌 • Cody applied to be a contestant on the show. He had a tiny chance to win....lots of bigger, well known businesses applied (hundreds!). But there’s something special about his character that make him shine brighter than others. He loves the Lord, his family, and children. • Against the odds, He’s made it through many cuts. Here’s to hoping you win bro. You truly deserve it. • And this, @arganic_woodwork is my . You can find him on season 4 of the Hulu show later this year! • If your in and need some furniture and want quality while supporting a small business, a good man, and a good cause, hit him up. • •

I turned this stump into dimensional lumber with no experience. And I think it turned out really well! Check out that spalting! • Do you mill your own wood? How long do you wait to build something with it? • • @dewalttough@granberginternational

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Need a way to organize your shop batteries? Check out these sweet battery holders I 3D print. I got the @dewalttough 20v and flexvolt and the @milwaukeetool m18 and m12. • They sell for just $16 bucks a pair and free shipping on my etsy shop. • Link is in my bio!☝️ • •

You spin me right round, baby, right round. 🎵 •

Just sliced off the end of stump that’s been sitting in my yard for two years. Man, look at that spalting! Many mushrooms were growing on top. Excited to mill this thing up. • •

 Instagram Image by Ben Myers MBA - Myers Woodshop (@myerswoodshop) with caption : "🚨 Giveaway time 🚨
I hit 20k followers and wanted to sincerely say THANK YOU 🙏 for following along!
To celebrate 🎉 this" at Searcy, Arkansas - 2001253955603427803

🚨 Giveaway time 🚨 • I hit 20k followers and wanted to sincerely say THANK YOU 🙏 for following along! To celebrate 🎉 this milestone I’m giving away a colored pencil bowl! • I didn’t team up with any company to give something away. I wanted to give away something I actually made! It easy to give away stuff that you don’t pay for, but I paid for all the materials and poured my sweat and creativity into this bowl! I want it to go to someone who deserves it! • I wanted to give away what started it all for me, the Bowl! • To enter you gotta do the usual 3: 1) must be following me 2) like this post 3) comment below with someone who would love this bowl. (Feel free to tag them) • Comment all you want. If you’re an account that only does giveaways, you won’t win, I’ll pick someone else. I’ll pay for shipping to US and Canada. The winner must be from these two countries, sorry 😐. • Feel free to share/repost in your feed and stories, although they won’t count towards entries, you’ll just be my favorite person 😛. • This has nothing to do with Instagram. Winner will be chosen April 1st. I just want to give back a portion of the love given to me. • • •

I hope your weekend is full of color and ☀️ • It’s finally sunny, warm, and dry this weekend! “Go outside kids” 😂 • Am I a bad parent?😮 • • @novawoodworking

Need to organize your batteries? • I’m selling these on my etsy shop! • Here’s the @dewalttough battery holder in my shop. I can do many different brands. The dewalt is on my etsy shop. Link in bio☝️ Other brands will follow. Dm me if you need some! • Bookmark this post so your remember to get some! • •

I love my @lagunatools@supermaxtools drum sander. It’s the best tool I’ve ever purchased. • Do you have a drum sander? •

Slice and dice. 🌈 Colored pencil ✏️ bowl color reveal. • What would you make with this? • •

Here’s a custom @festool tracksaw cover plate I did for @hazeloakfarms logo! These are up on my etsy shop. If you want your logo added, select custom order! • •

👉SWIPE👉 Happy MARIO day (a bit late) The best part of being a tech nerd 🤓 is building cool stuff. • I purchased a raspberry pi 3b+ and got this sweet retro case. It now loaded with 6000+ nes/snes/genisis/sega cd/n64 games! Naturally the first game we played is Super MARIO 3 then Deacon saw Yoshi and screamed “dinosaur!” Fisher loves it too! • There’s so many cool games from when I was a kid. Mario, sonic, double dragon, battletoads. • What’s your favorite game from childhood? • •